How To Create A Facebook Content Plan For Any Small Business  

How To Create A Facebook Content Plan For Any Small Business  

How To Create A Facebook Content Plan For Any Small Business

Facebook is the #1 social media platform in the world for very good reason, it’s a hybrid of everything you need as a small business owner looking to leverage the vast advertising options and business tools that Facebook provides.

In return it just wants one simple thing.


The more of that you create, and the better it gets viewed, received, liked, shared or commented on, the better.

Now Here Comes The Tricky Bit

Building your business & your brand on Facebook is NOT about you.

It's not about your business.

It's not about your services, products or latest offers.

It's about YOUR target audience (that just happens to BE on Facebook every day) and what THEY LIKE.

And Here's The Even Trickier Bit

The way in which most small business owners view Facebook is usually either:-

a. It's a complete waste of time.

b. There is no measurable ROI (return on investment) 

Here's The Ultimate Challenge Bit

How you build a Facebook page that actually IS about your target market AND is geared up to driving high quality leads and sales for your business is a balance that is very rarely achieved by small business owners without a LOT of testing and measuring, winning and failing until you find a unique blend of:-

a. A balance of content that resonates with your target audience that you know will DELIGHT them in some way day after day, week after week.

b. Plus a balance of being able to deliver strong Direct Response Marketing Calls To Action that actively engage people in either directly with your offers or by recommending you to friends and family from the bond you have successfully built with them over time.

So How Exactly Do You Do That?

#1. Be Original

When it comes to Facebook post ideas originality will always make you stand out and when you develop your own brand and style nothing can be more effective in attracting more eyeballs to your Facebook page, more readers to your content and be actively growing your Facebook business page all at the same time.

If you haven’t grasped Facebook pages for your business just yet, don’t worry there is a lot to learn but when you start thinking about it as part of your overall business strategy you’ll soon find it becomes fun and easy to do.

Running out of ideas or things to say on Facebook is a common fear that can really hold you back from starting your Facebook business page and then staying consistent with it.

The ones that stay consistent with it are usually the ones that grow their business via social media.

Here are some easy ways to make Facebook post ideas simple, easy and fun to do.

#2 Decide On Which Type Of Facebook Posts You Are Going To Focus On Creating 

**Remember these will be posts your target market will LIKE.

There are over 28 types of Facebook Post Ideas listed inside my free Social Media Posting Strategy Cheatsheet ranging from motivational quotes and text status updates to case studies and webinars and pretty much everything in between.


"social media cheatsheet"



If you are a solopreneur or small business owner one thing’s for certain you can’t do them all.

The best way to start getting more likes, shares and comments on your Facebook page updates is to narrow your focus and do some really well.

(If you also have an INSTRAGRAM account you’ll quickly notice the difference that a higher organic reach than Facebook gives you when it comes to feedback on your beautiful creations).

It’s better to do 2 brilliant focused updates per day than 10 random updates that will inevitably be of less quality or relevance and will potentially do you more harm than good.

Start by deciding on a mix of Facebook post ideas that you are going to create for example:-

  • Motivational quotes (shareable valuable content)
  • Engaging posts (asking questions, fill in the blanks, did you know facts etc)
  • Expert tips (custom made expert tips with your brand, image or logo)
  • Promotional offers (special offers, discounts and bundles for your products and services)
  • Blog content (your latest articles, plus old blog posts with recent Opt In Offers included)
  • Video content (Facebook Live videos, webinars or workshops)

Then commit to creating them in your brand and your style.

 #3 Make Them Original And On Brand 

You do not have to make all your Facebook post ideas “on brand” to be effective but  you will want to create everything with your styling, your branding, your face or your logo on somewhere.

Whether you use certain colours on your website or you use the same image you use on your Facebook profile you really want to put a little time and effort into creating Facebook post ideas that are totally unique.

The people who are standing out online right now are the ones using their own words as tips, quotes and though leadership style sayings.

Use to create Social Media updates like this for your business. Brand yourself as “the go-to expert in your niche” as the saying goes, how you do anything is how you do everything and to stand out online you need to take that extra step that others aren’t willing to do.

 #4. Divide Them Into Three Category Types,

Is It Useful?

Is It Engaging?

And Is There A Call To Action?

The smarter you get about using your own blogs, quotes and videos as your main content on Facebook and across all your social media platforms the easier it will be to create content that has multiple functions.

A video that becomes a podcast that becomes a blog is just one piece of original content re-purposed.

In the main there are only 3 types of content you need to focus on when you are creating your Facebook post ideas.

  1. Useful content like Podcasts, Blogs, Video Tips, Training, Tutorials, Webinars etc

  2. Engaging content such as Facebook Lives, asking questions and answering FAQ’s.

  3. Promotional / Calls to action such as special discounts, offers and Holiday specials.

How many Facebook page updates you do every day will depend on your time commitment and your niche but best practice for most Facebook business pages is typically 1-3 posts per day every day.

Consistency is king!

This is an overview of the types of Facebook post ideas to focus on with the “is it useful” content bucket being the most important.

Think about mixing up your Facebook post ideas to create a variety of updates like this:-

  • Monday – motivational quote + text status update + video tip

  • Tuesday – Blog post + expert tip + question

  • Wednesday – Personal update + call to action + free webinar / training 

 #4| Let A Top Brand Or Facebook Page Show You The Way

Find and follow some of the top Facebook pages in your niche as your page and study everything they do.

Facebook business pages allow you to do this in a simple way inside your page INSIGHTS and it can give you a great overview on how you are doing in terms of page likes, posts and engagement.

Engagement is what you after on your page and Facebook wants that for it’s end users too so it pays to pay attention to people who are extremely good at it!

(Hence my mentor for learning all about social media for business was indeed Sandi Krakowski – her engagement is insane!) 

If you are still sitting on the fence with Facebook business pages for your business and how many updates you should or should not be doing, what type of content gets the most engagement, whether or not you should grow your page likes one thing is for 100% certain, if Facebook business pages “didn’t work” not one of the these entrepreneurs or brands would be using them!

Not only does following other Facebook business pages give you an incredible insight into what others are doing by regularly visiting their pages and leaving comments can really boost your own brand awareness too.

To do this effectively post everything as your page not as an individual.

 #5| Look At Your Page Insights Every Week To Check What's Working

Every week look at your own page insights and make adjustments to your strategy.

If things are in the red focus on why that might be and work on that area of your business. One simple switch can make all the difference for example one switch I recently made was to ask more questions to increase engagement.

As you can see I am still working on growing my reach and increasing engagement (just like Sandi taught me).

  • Look at the content that gets the most engagement on the FB pages you watch and figure out why.
  • Is it original content?
  • Is it inspiring?
  • Is it a video?
  • Is it a certain design or colour?

Then ask yourself how you can do something like that for YOUR business?

* Word to the wise never just COPY what they do, it doesn’t work that way, what they are doing is being themselves and inspiring people in their own way.

For example Sandi uses religion a lot, if that isn’t you don’t bring it in to your business.

Or another example would be The Female Entrepreneur Association, which focuses on branding in Carrie’s inimitable style and delivering inspiring updates aimed at female entrepreneurs. If that isn’t your target market it’s not really going to help you build your audience or your business.

 #6 | Bonus Tip! 

When you set up FB pages to follow like this you can click on the page name from your insights and find out which were the to posts this week on any of the pages!.

This one was the top one this week for the Female Entrepreneur Association proving once again that positive messages are one of the reasons we ALL love Facebook whether you are an entrepreneur or not.

Compared to the doom and gloom of the Newspapers, TV News and everyday life Facebook is a breath of fresh air when you follow pages like this!

The key thing here is to “be on brand” as much as possible, stay on the positive and inspiring side of life and above all BE ORIGINAL which is easy when you just be yourself.


  • Plan your social media content for the week (or month) ahead. Be strategic with it.
  • Make your updates original, on brand and focus on engagement.
  • Divide everything you do into 3 content buckets, Useful, Engaging or a Call To Action.
  • Watch other Facebook pages as your page and study the insights. Learn from top influencers in your niche, invest in them, their programs and watch what they do.
  • *Also follow Facebook pages managed by top companies, such as Starbucks, Dove, Nike & Red Bull. See what's popular & integrate it into your page content mix. 
  • Every week make it a habit to tap into your Facebook page insights to see if you are making progress.



To your online marketing success!










Diane Cossie, Creative Online Marketing 

P.S. While you're here, why not download a copy of my Free Social Media Cheatsheet! It will help

"Free Social Media Cheatsheet"


5 Easy Pinterest Marketing Tips For Increasing Organic Traffic

5 Easy Pinterest Marketing Tips For Increasing Organic Traffic

5 Pinterest Marketing Tips For Driving More Traffic To Your Website

Pinterest marketing should be something you “do” for your business as part of your marketing mix because it’s potential to drive traffic to your website is HUGE!

[click_to_tweet tweet=”More than 70% of people use Pinterest to get inspiration on what to buy (compared to just 17% on Facebook). Source: Bizrate” quote=”More than 70% of people use Pinterest to get inspiration on what to buy (compared to just 17% on Facebook). Source: Bizrate” theme=”style4″]

When I first discovered Pinterest I couldn’t believe it’s brilliance in terms of an end user (I mean who doesn’t love collecting outfits & décor ideas or creating virtual Vision Boards right?)

Since discovering Pinterest I have found it incredibly useful as inspiration for content ideas and to find ideas for social media updates.

But I was still oblivious to it’s amazing potential to drive perpetual traffic to my websites until one of the blog posts I created for Contemporary Log Living started showing Pinterest shares in the thousands.

This article has over 29,000 Pinterest Shares and counting!

 The Essentials of Creating A Cosy Guest Room

Suddenly I wanted to know everything I could to develop a Pinterest Marketing strategy for my business ventures and for my clients.

Pinterest takes time to work (like a search engine) and there is a TON of preparation work to create a solid foundation but when you start to build momentum with Pinterest it will reward you with perpetual traffic over and over again.

If you are looking for a new traffic source for your business in 2019 and beyond here’s 5 quick-start Pinterest marketing tips to help you get started.

Tip #1 : Get Good At Giving People What They Are Looking For

Pinterest recently posted from their Newsroom that it is now helping 250 million people find inspirationPinterest describes itself as a VISUAL DISCOVERY ENGINE and that's a lovely way to introduce it's unique combination of search engine capabilities (like Google) with ideas & inspiration in visual content.

Imagine you have a Facebook or Instagram page aimed at female entrepreneurs and you are looking to inspire them with an empowering quote. You might start searching on Google images where you will find a lot of popular empowering quotes for women. 

You can also see sub-categories of the search term above the images such as "empowerment" and "self-motivation."

Now wouldn't it be a great idea if you could save the images you want to use to a digital Pinboard ....

"Pinterest marketing tips "

Well, that's EXACTLY what Pinterest lets you do!

You can create a free account, create a board called Empowering Quotes for Women and start saving all your searches to that board.

How handy-dandy is that!

But it gets better ...

If you enter the same keyword phrase into Pinterest you will see all the empowering quotes other people have already pinned and you can start saving them to your new board too!

**Tip! Make a note of the sub-categories on Pinterest for all your keywords (and blog posts) for popular searches in the future.

"Pinterest marketing tips "

With 2 million people posting to Pinterest every day  (source Hootsuite) and an incredible total of 100 BILLION pins in total now hosted on Pinterest it makes complete sense to think about how you as a small business owner can make use of it for your business doesn't it?

So let's dive in a little deeper shall we?


Tip #2 : Convert Or Set Your Pinterest Account As A Business Account

In marketing terms data mining is where you find the gold so do yourself a huge favour and switch your Pinterest account to a business account. 

"Pinterest Marketing Tips"



It's simple and free to do:- here's the how=to part from Pinterest:-

To Create a new business profile

  1. If you have a personal profile, go to to log out
  2. Go to
  3. Fill in your email address, password and business name then select a business type
  4. Click Create account

Or To Convert a personal profile to a business one

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to
  3. Fill in your business name and website, then select a business type
  4. Click Create account

If you get stuck Pinterest have some great help available which you can access by clicking here.

Tip #3 : Make Use Of Keywords In Your Profile And Verify Your Website

"Pinterest Marketing Tips"

With Pinterest being a visual search engine, it's all about the keywords.

So think very much like you would with your LinkedIN profile when it comes to your Pinterest profile.

Scatter keyword terms and phrases that people are searching for in your bio and verify your website.

If you have a WordPress website this process is made super-easy with a great little WordPress plug-in called Verify Ownership

Check your Pinterest statistics every month to make sure you are making progress and bring a smile to your face when you check your Google Analytics and see that Pinterest traffic source grow and grow over time.

Don't expect overnight miracles here, just like with Google search engine traffic takes time.


Tip #4 : Create Compelling Board Descriptions 

"Pinterest Marketing Tips"


I hope you are now feeling really suited & booted about your new Pinterest business account ownership because treating Pinterest with the respect it deserves will repay you from now on time after time after time IF you do a few smart things to help you grow your following and create boards pins that attract plenty of attention.

Pinterest is an online space for people who love to PLAN things.

It might be a new diet or exercise plan, a new outfit or make-up tip, or a product or service they want to try in the future.

It's a place where people dream big and feel inspired and it's also one of the best places online to see what people are intending to spend money on.

So use Pinterest to SHARE ideas & inspiration about your products and services by creating a BOARD all about you and your business and PIN regularly to it.

With Contemporary Log Living we are planning on using Pinterest a LOT in 2019 so we've created a board for the website and made sure the description is a friendly one.

**Note that hashtags are GREAT for Pinterest too! 

If you have been on Pinterest for a while as a user, spend some time writing descriptions for your boards and include some hashtags to help your boards get found on Pinterest.

Tip #5 : Post Your Own Content And Write Good Pin Descriptions

"Pinterest Marketing Tips"

One of the easiest and best ways to create great PINS for your website is with the awesome Social Warfare WordPress Plug-In.

This little plug-in is hands-down THE best $29 I have spent in 2018 (it's sooo good I'll be doing an entire blog post about it later this month).

One of the tricky "bits" of people pinning content from your website is making sure the original source details point back to your website!

Most people are going to visit a website, see an image and SAVE without looking at the description of the pin.

But we're going to play it smart here and write a great PIN description using the awesome Social Warfare WordPress Plug-In. Because it allows us to do 2 simply amazingly good things:-


"Pinterest marketing tips"


This allows you to craft a description that will end up beside your image on Pinterest whenever someone decides to PIN something from your website.

And as if that wasn't great in itself, they also allow you to ...

2. Add A Pinterest Image And Description (But Not In The Post) - It "appears" when you Save or Pin It to Pinterest! 


How FAB!

This is a God send - thank you Social Warfare WordPress Plug-In.!  ??

Happy Pinning!


  1. Pinterest is a visual search engine with a demographic of people looking to plan future purchases.
  2. Set up or convert your Pinterest account to a business account to get access to all your "Pinteresting" stats.
  3. Make use of keywords in your profile and Board descriptions.
  4. Use Hashtags in your PIN & Board desriptions,
  5. Splurge on getting yourself Social Warfare WordPress Plug-In. For total awesome Pinning!


To your online marketing success!

Diane Cossie, Creative Online Marketing 


How To Create A Facebook Page Video Cover (How To Tutorial)

How To Create A Facebook Page Video Cover (How To Tutorial)

How To Create A Facebook Page Video Cover (Step-By-Step How To Tutorial)

Would you love a trendy new Facebook video cover for your Facebook business page? 

I know I did but I was perplexed by things like how to make a video the size of the Facebook page cover, what to put in it and what to make it with so when I finally accomplished the task I thought it might be useful to others.

I conquered the task with the brilliant video editing software ANIMOTO.

I have been using Animoto for quite some time but when I found out how easy it to use their new ANIMOTO for short marketing videos I quickly found a way to make a great little video for both my You Tube Trailer and with a few edits my Facebook business page that I absolutely love up and running in less than half an hour.

 Step 1. Start With A Storyboard In Mind & Select Your Content 


In an ideal world you want your Facebook Business page video to tell the story of your page visually in less than 90 seconds.

Just like every great editing task like that you’ll probably start with too much and then edit it done for sharpness and clarity.

If you are anything like me, you’ve already got a TON of images lurking in your downloads and documents that will be perfect for your Facebook Video Cover or you can simply create new ones with our favourite graphic designing tool CANVA.COM

ANIMOTO will tell you how long your video will be overall as you add text, images and video on the storyboard.

As you can see I have 11 x images, 2 short live videos and a logo at the end which total a Storyboard of 1 minute 17 seconds (less than the 90 seconds allowed).

So your first task is to find 10 images that you want to include in your storyboard plus your logo for the end of the video if that is applicable for you and your brand.

*BONUS tip!* Find a royalty free image that has the Facebook “LIKE” button on or something to prompt the page like (which you are going to include in your Facebook Video Cover text overlays)

*SUPER BONUS tip!” Use 2 -3 video clips of yourself doing your “thing.” Animoto allows you to crop the video length to suit the overall length of your video. 

Don’t be overly promotional with your video, it’s a “scene setter” for the type of content your page will be generating on a regular basis going forward.

Step 2. Upload Your Content Then Drag & Drop Into Blocks To Create Your Facebook Video Cover

Animoto currently allows you to add certain types of content in “blocks” they provide. These are the blocks of content that will feature your images, video and logo.

Select the best block for your choice of content and upload.

If you hover over your image block you will see a “SEE MORE” option under each block of content. This allows you to add TEXT and resize the image as required.

Select the “T” option to add your text.

The top line of the text will automatically be bigger than the second line (like a headline and sub headline) but you can easily resize either to fit the frame as required.

*Super important tips!

Use the MARKETING VIDEO creation option within ANIMOTO not the standard create video as only the marketing video will allow you to centre the text. This will be very important when your video goes to Facebook as your Facebook video cover because Facebook will resize it and you will not see any text if it is too high or too low.

*Use the enhance legibility option for text that will be easily read. 

This will automatically add a transparent black background to white writing. This is very important to tell your story visually in words as most people will watch the video without sound. Statistics show that 85% of all videos on Facebook are watched without the sound on.

  Step 3. Crop Your Video To Act As A Mini Trailer For Your Content 

Creating mini trailers for your products and services, eclasses and content is a great habit to get into and allows you to put more visual content on social media in short snippets that people tend to like right now. Upload 2-3 of your mini videos to ANIMOTO and then hit the SEE MORE feature to start editing the video clip.

Then select the SCISSORS icon to cut the video to the right length.

For best effect think of a “cliff hanger effect” of saying just enough but in a slightly intriguing way.

Making sure people can see and hear you is a great way of connecting with people and demonstrate that your Facebook page is going to be delivering valuable content to your FB page followers.

 Step 4. Content You May Want To Include In Your Facebook Video Cover 

Your Facebook Video Cover is an ideal way to introduce what your Facebook page is all about.

Add to your video:-

  • Who you are (I’m _____)
  • What your brand is (I’m _____ and I’m the founder / author / creator of __________)
  • What you are going to be sharing with your audience (I’m going to teach you _________)
  • How often they can expect fresh new content from you.
  • Reiterate what your FB page and brand is all about. (benefit driven)
  • A Facebook “LIKE” image to ask for the page LIKE.
  • Add in a unique piece of content that is totally yours and yours only. (eg a method / formula)
  • Reiterate your uniqueness with benefit driven images & text.
  • Big up yourself a little bit (this is your chance to shine).
  • Ask for the page LIKE & add your website URL.

Remember this is something you need to be dedicated to fulfilling as part of building your brand and your business online. It takes commitment to keep a Facebook page flowing each and every day.

 How To Create A Facebook Page Video Cover (How To Tutorial) Step 5. Bonus Tip! Adding Music

ANIMOTO has quite a library of music to add to your video and by pure chance the one that was pre-selected to my Facebook Video Cover was exactly as I would have wanted. But you can easily select a different tune by selecting the MUSIC ICON on the left hand side of the video editing area.

If you want a great resource for royalty free music to select from head over to AUDIO JUNGLE

It’s where you will find a massive choice of jingles, sound effects, intros and outros for all your video making.

When your video is ready, simply use the PREVIEW VIDEO option followed by the PRODUCE OPTION when you have completed your project. You will then be able to download it to desktop and then upload it as your new Facebook Video Cover. 


  1. Plan out your storyboard to tell “the story of your page”, who you are, what you will be sharing and what value your page will be bringing to your followers every week.
  2. Use 2-3 short live video snippets to make your video “real” and about you and your brand. It will bring the whole thing to life.
  3. Upload a mixture of images, videos and your logo to the editing area and put them in order to “tell your story.”
  4. Make your video short, concise and engaging.
  5. Ask for the page LIKE in a subtle way and use the MARKETING VIDEO option from ANIMOTO to centre your text. Your video must tell your story in words as most people will watch it without audio.

To your online marketing success!

Diane Cossie, Creative Online Marketing 


3 Social Media Mistakes Small Business Owners Should Avoid

3 Social Media Mistakes Small Business Owners Should Avoid

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Most Small Business Owners Make With Social Media

As small business owners we are busy with a captial “B” and likely to be making these 3 simple social media mistakes without even realizing it. Here’s what they are and more importantly how to fix them.

Do you suffer from the “What to post, When & With What?” issue?

It might be tripping you up with your  Social Media efforts.

Creating fresh content every day for our businesses is hard.

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you probably don’t have a marketing team brainstorming and creating your content for you, or holding regular marketing meetings to assess what’s working and what isn’t.

Chances are if you are running a side-hustle, or just starting up your business, you will be responsible for everything and everyone in your business.

That means you need to be the Managing Director or CEO, sales & marketing department,

branding and admin, book keeper and accountant, content and product creator

and you’ll  answer the telephone and keep your clients happy all at the same time.

It’s a bit like juggling plates.

Once you have one spinning beautifully another ones starts to wobble a bit, and one or two usually end up smashed on the floor every now and again, as everything gets on top of you.

And you simply run out of hours in the day.

And that can create those awful feelings of doom and despair.

When everything seems overwhelming, and you start to feel stressed out and totally lost.

So I’m guessing the last thing you need to hear is that you also need to be your social media manager right?

Want some help?

Great .. then read on.


Biggest Mistake #1 Is Lack Of Consistency

You will start out posting frequently.

When everything is free-flowing and easy to do.

But suddenly all those content ideas start drying upnobody seems to be seeing your content, let alone liking, commenting, or sharing it.

And those little self-doubts and worries in your head become giant monsters that start telling you

“you are just not good at this, give up!”

The stop – start approach doesn’t work.

Because you just haven’t given it enough time.

The only way you will ever “find your groove” as I call on social media is to start and don’t stop.

It might sound radical but it works!

I started in 2012 and haven’t stopped.

The good news is that I’ve found some pretty darn nifty tools and resources along the way that have saved me hours every week.

(You can find out more about how I manage social media, the tools I recommend plus all sorts of short-cuts, tips & strategies as a member of The Project Lifestyle Club.) 

Biggest Mistake #2 Lack Of Variety Of Post Types

 You can choose whether to believe me or not but simple text status updates still work.

Yes, I know video is all the rage. But once you have consumed a few dozen funny cat or dog videos, a dozen or more Kids on “Your Country” Has Talent videos, suddenly that hilarious Polar Bear falling over video or woman sitting in her car with a Star Wars mask on all start to wear a little bit thin, I don’t know about you but surely there is more to life than that!

Variety is the spice of life.

And small business Facebook pages can easily make people hit the hide post button.

(it’s the Facebook version of snooze)

If your updates don’t catch the eye, or tug at the heart, or make someone’s day, in quite the same way as someone bungee jumping of a bridge that’s over 1,000 feet in the air, it's game over. Mix it up with variety of posts.

And be as unique and useful as possible to stand out.

You don’t have to stray too far out of your niche or be ridiculous.

You just have to create amazing stand-out thought provoking content.

Or something that makes people smile, feel good.

Or think “I didn’t know that” or “I’ll try that!”

Biggest Mistake #3  Too Much Of All About You & Not Enough About Them

Hands up if you are guilty of posting your new or latest product on your Facebook page?

Followed by another one

and another one

and another one!

Here’s an example from one of my client’s competitors. which is Zedbox on Facebook.

Their website and product is fantastic.

But with Facebook they are doing what most small business owners do on Facebook and share images of what they sell.

There’s nothing wrong with that unless that’s ALL you do:-

It’s the equivalent of talking about me, me, me & me again.

Now Compare It To One Of The Facebook Pages I Managed For My Client And You’ll See The Difference Immediately

On the IHUS Facebook page we share information about the products and services, but we also find and share information and images about other things that target audience might be interested in, including some behind the scenes photos of the IHUS team on a charity bike ride.

Which page would you be most likely to follow?

The best way to create social updates is to create them for what might be interesting to your audience.

Not just your latest this or your latest that.

It’s the OPPOSITE of what we tend to do on our personal profile and that makes it pretty alien territory for new small business Facebook page owners.

You, my friend you have to think about your Facebook business page like a living magazine.

I call it unleashing the Miranda Priestley in you.

If you want to learn more about thinking differently when it comes to creating content for your business grab yourself a copy of my Blog Planning Kit. I've included How To Make An Editorial Calendar for your business with it, plus video tutorials that walk you through the whole thing so you don't have to sit there looking to "fill in the blanks" all by yourself.

 Bonus Tip! 

Why Facebook Zero Is Actually A Reflection Of Your Facebook Business Pages 

The Facebook algorithm change in 2018 has got a lot of small business owners in a total flap.

With the organic reach on Facebook potentially going down to what some people are calling Facebook Zero.

But before you get on your high horse about it, let’s think about it from Facebook’s perspective.

Facebook is my out and out favourite social media platform.

The amount of tools and potential reach it provides you as a small business owner today for free is incredible.

In the days of global reach you have immense opportunity to leverage everything Facebook has created.

And it’s happy to let you do so, via it’s advertising options.

But you also have increased competition.

And if you thought your niche was as yet untouched, do a few Google searches and you’ll be literally shocked at what you’ll find.

Social media is a much more mature platform nowadays and it isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

But trying to take in all social media platforms at once is like trying to drink water from a fire-hydrant.

A quick update here or there, sent out to all social media platforms in a blast like fashion simply isn’t going to cut it any more.

We are all becoming slightly immune to the same old quotes, we’ve all seen too many of them

 (unless you are completely new to Facebook that is).

So when something fresh and original comes our way that sounds smart, is not too “salesy” and is actually useful, we are all ears and eyes.

If Facebook recently uncovered that it’s users were not paying any attention to Facebook pages in their Newsfeeds, that is a reflection of US not them.

It’s a pull your socks up, take notice and do something about it notice in giant red letters.

So what’s the solution?

Treat Facebook marketing with the utmost respect,

Be as original and useful to your audience as possible and it will serve you well.


  1. Biggest mistake number one is lack of consistency. Start and don’t stop.
  2. Second biggest mistake is lack of variety in your post types.
  3. Third biggest mistake is too much about you and not enough about them.
  4.  Take a short-cut to a strong blogging business plan with my Blog Planning Kitit will help!
  5. If you want a sure-fire way to creating a Facebook Marketing Plan for your business, check out the Social Media Training Session inside the Project Lifestyle Club

To your online marketing success!

Diane Cossie

5 Ways To Instantly Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

5 Ways To Instantly Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

5 Ways To Instantly Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn now has an estimated 562 million members (9 million of which are in the UK).

And it is the world’s largest social media platform for professionals.

If you are looking to build your network locally and boost your business profile there really is none better for the job.

But when was the last time you looked at your LinkedIn profile?

Buckle up my friends because most of them have been gathering dust.

So here are a few ways to instantly improve and revitalize your LinkedIn profile.

1. Update Your LinkedIn Profile Picture

Let’s start with the your all important LinkedIn profile picture shall we?

Is it brightly lit and a head shot or something your best mate snapped across the dinner table in a restaurant with mood lighting?

First impressions count so make it a good one.

According to research, LinkedIn profiles with head shots get 14 times more profile views.

Adding a photo to your LinkedIn profile makes you 34 more times likely to receive a LinkedIn message.

And let’s face it we all love connecting with smiley happy people who look friendly and approachable.

People do business with people not logos.

If you are a corporate employee under the main logo banner of the company, that’s perfectly fine.

But as small business owner or work from home entrepreneur looking to build your network locally, a great LinkedIn profile picture can certainly help make that first contact all the easier.

Make sure you add in a new background image for your profile while you are refreshing your profile.

Add any wording details to the centre of your image as the crop LinkedIn applies restricts what is visible.

2. If You Get Lost Click The View Profile Link

"LinkedIn tips"

If you get lost on LinkedIn simply locate your LinkedIn profile and hit the “view profile” link to take you back to your profile.

The next section to populate or refresh which is your “Headline.”

With LinkedIn you want to be searched for and found for keywords and phrases that match your niche.

This is crucial to increasing and growing your network.

One of the main aims with using LinkedIn is to leverage the platform for professional gain.

But if your profile photo or headline look anything other than professional, you’ll be sending out the wrong impression and image.

By default LinkedIn populates your headline with your current job title.

But you’ll want to enhance that by sharing your expertise and promoting your core marketing message.

In your headline, tell people who you are, who you help and how you can make their work / life better.

3. Showcase Your Specialty

"linkedIn tips"

Showcase your specialty to stand out.

There are hundreds of millions of users on LinkedIn who will be competing within your niche.

If your headline just reads “Project Manager” or “Local Business Owner” or “Marketing Company” you are not really going to grab the attention of someone looking for a specialist in a certain area of business that could be you!

A better example might be :-

"Marketing Company based in Shropshire that specializes in social media management for coaches and consultants."

Or perhaps you help start-up businesses and would have a headline that speaks directly to them, for example:-

“Specialists in helping start-up business owners develop and grow their business online.”

4. Be Specific

Be as specific as possible and include relevant keywords.

An appealing headline that’s easy to read and understand is your primary goal on LinkedIn but you should include keywords within your description to help people actively searching for your skills find you easily.

It is best to focus on making keywords sound natural rather than stuff your description full of keywords that make no sense.

Try to think of 2-3 keywords that are most relevant to you and your business.

For example :-

"Search engine optimization specialists who help construction companies, electricians and plumbers in the Staffordshire area get page one visibility on Google."

How To Change Your Headline?

"linkedIn tips"

How to change your headline.

  1. Go to View Profile and click the pencil icon on the right hand side of your profile view under the cover image for your profile.
  2. Edit your Headline.
  3. Click save when done.
  4. You can add an enhancement (if it fits your profession and personality) from ★ Copy Paste Character ★ to help you stand out even more.
  5. You are limited to 120 characters for your headline (which is less that a Twitter tweet used to be)

5. Tell A Story In Your Description

In the first lines of your description, say Hello and introduce yourself!

Then proceed to tell people looking at your profile what you do.

The first few lines are visible before they have to click to read more so make then count.

It’s good practice (although not common) to tell a story in your description rather than simply fill it out as if it was a resume or CV.

(Yes people search and use LinkedIn for hiring people)

But as a small business owner or entrepreneur you are likely to be doing the hiring not the other way round. 😉

Stories connect people better than just a list of achievements.

And with 2,000 characters to play with you can write something compelling that will help people understand what you do, and how you can help them.

It also helps to build your brand.

Want a quick checklist to work through to sharpen your LinkedIn Profile? Here you go ...

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  1. Change your profile photo to a brightly lit, smiling head shot to gain more profile views.
  2. Create a new background image for your LinkedIn profile to match your branding.
  3. Make your headline keyword driven and descriptive of who you are, who you help and what you do.
  4. Use your description to make the most impact in the first few sentences and go on to tell a story of how you help people and the results they get from working with you.

To your online success!










Diane Cossie, Creative Online Marketing