5 Ways To Instantly Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

5 Ways To Instantly Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

5 Ways To Instantly Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn now has an estimated 562 million members (9 million of which are in the UK).

And it is the world’s largest social media platform for professionals.

If you are looking to build your network locally and boost your business profile there really is none better for the job.

But when was the last time you looked at your LinkedIn profile?

Buckle up my friends because most of them have been gathering dust.

So here are a few ways to instantly improve and revitalize your LinkedIn profile.

1. Update Your LinkedIn Profile Picture

Let’s start with the your all important LinkedIn profile picture shall we?

Is it brightly lit and a head shot or something your best mate snapped across the dinner table in a restaurant with mood lighting?

First impressions count so make it a good one.

According to research, LinkedIn profiles with head shots get 14 times more profile views.

Adding a photo to your LinkedIn profile makes you 34 more times likely to receive a LinkedIn message.

And let’s face it we all love connecting with smiley happy people who look friendly and approachable.

People do business with people not logos.

If you are a corporate employee under the main logo banner of the company, that’s perfectly fine.

But as small business owner or work from home entrepreneur looking to build your network locally, a great LinkedIn profile picture can certainly help make that first contact all the easier.

Make sure you add in a new background image for your profile while you are refreshing your profile.

Add any wording details to the centre of your image as the crop LinkedIn applies restricts what is visible.

2. If You Get Lost Click The View Profile Link

"LinkedIn tips"

If you get lost on LinkedIn simply locate your LinkedIn profile and hit the “view profile” link to take you back to your profile.

The next section to populate or refresh which is your “Headline.”

With LinkedIn you want to be searched for and found for keywords and phrases that match your niche.

This is crucial to increasing and growing your network.

One of the main aims with using LinkedIn is to leverage the platform for professional gain.

But if your profile photo or headline look anything other than professional, you’ll be sending out the wrong impression and image.

By default LinkedIn populates your headline with your current job title.

But you’ll want to enhance that by sharing your expertise and promoting your core marketing message.

In your headline, tell people who you are, who you help and how you can make their work / life better.

3. Showcase Your Specialty

"linkedIn tips"

Showcase your specialty to stand out.

There are hundreds of millions of users on LinkedIn who will be competing within your niche.

If your headline just reads “Project Manager” or “Local Business Owner” or “Marketing Company” you are not really going to grab the attention of someone looking for a specialist in a certain area of business that could be you!

A better example might be :-

"Marketing Company based in Shropshire that specializes in social media management for coaches and consultants."

Or perhaps you help start-up businesses and would have a headline that speaks directly to them, for example:-

“Specialists in helping start-up business owners develop and grow their business online.”

4. Be Specific

Be as specific as possible and include relevant keywords.

An appealing headline that’s easy to read and understand is your primary goal on LinkedIn but you should include keywords within your description to help people actively searching for your skills find you easily.

It is best to focus on making keywords sound natural rather than stuff your description full of keywords that make no sense.

Try to think of 2-3 keywords that are most relevant to you and your business.

For example :-

"Search engine optimization specialists who help construction companies, electricians and plumbers in the Staffordshire area get page one visibility on Google."

How To Change Your Headline?

"linkedIn tips"

How to change your headline.

  1. Go to View Profile and click the pencil icon on the right hand side of your profile view under the cover image for your profile.
  2. Edit your Headline.
  3. Click save when done.
  4. You can add an enhancement (if it fits your profession and personality) from ★ Copy Paste Character ★ to help you stand out even more.
  5. You are limited to 120 characters for your headline (which is less that a Twitter tweet used to be)

5. Tell A Story In Your Description

In the first lines of your description, say Hello and introduce yourself!

Then proceed to tell people looking at your profile what you do.

The first few lines are visible before they have to click to read more so make then count.

It’s good practice (although not common) to tell a story in your description rather than simply fill it out as if it was a resume or CV.

(Yes people search and use LinkedIn for hiring people)

But as a small business owner or entrepreneur you are likely to be doing the hiring not the other way round. 😉

Stories connect people better than just a list of achievements.

And with 2,000 characters to play with you can write something compelling that will help people understand what you do, and how you can help them.

It also helps to build your brand.

Want a quick checklist to work through to sharpen your LinkedIn Profile? Here you go ...

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  1. Change your profile photo to a brightly lit, smiling head shot to gain more profile views.
  2. Create a new background image for your LinkedIn profile to match your branding.
  3. Make your headline keyword driven and descriptive of who you are, who you help and what you do.
  4. Use your description to make the most impact in the first few sentences and go on to tell a story of how you help people and the results they get from working with you.

To your online success!










Diane Cossie, Creative Online Marketing 

Local Business Social Media “Done For You” Business Building Packages

Local Business Social Media “Done For You” Business Building Packages

Local Business Social Media “Done For You” Business Building Packages

If You Are A Small Business Owner In The Shropshire Area Looking To Boost Your Business With Social Media,

We Can Help.

With Our Local Business Social Media Packages!

Local businesses are the back bone of every small town’s High Street.

I live in Shifnal in Shropshire and there are several local businesses in Shifnal that have been in the town for over 35 years including the popular Indian Restaurant Spice of Shifnal.

It also has the immensely successful Heaven Skincare (think ABEETOXIN® by Deborah Mitchell) just off the High Street,

Close to one of the most popular coffee shops in the area called No.5.

Serving up great coffee & cakes and free wi-fi in a great warm & friendly atmosphere.

With the population of Shifnal set to at least double within the next 2 years,

(thanks to the huge number of new homes being built in various parts of Shifnal)

you would think that local business owners would be rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of an increase in business by default.

It would seem more people = more paying customers right?

Well, with the increasing demise of  large High Street chain stores like ToysRUs & John Lewis (reporting zero half-year profits this year),

Plus the changes in the way we prefer to shop online acting as proof that there seems to be is a little more to it than that.

So what can local business owners do to help entice new customers to their restaurants, pubs, dry-cleaners, butchers, hair & beauty salons and coffee shops?

Well that’s where our Local Business Social Media Packages & Facebook business pages come in.

They are like little “worker bees” attracting honey to the honey pot, when you know how to craft a few enticing updates and reach more of your local target market.

So Why Are Facebook Business Pages So Good For Local Businesses I Hear You Ask?

"Local Business Social Media Packages"

Facebook business pages are currently the number one way in which you can guarantee to reach more of your target market locally.

The success lies in the way Facebook is set up to be able to target audiences by interest and location

(Nothing compares to it’s pinpoint accuracy when it comes to targeting, not even Google Adwords comes close by the way).

And what that allows you to do is search for people who live within a radius you determine around your exact location.

For example:-

If you have a restaurant in Shifnal,

you can create an offer for people who live within a 20 mile radius of Shifnal only.

Can you imagine how powerful that is?

Good, because I’ve seen it in action and I can tell you, it works like a charm.

Why The Facebook Boost Post Option Isn't Your Best Bet

When you are a busy small business owner you already have a million things to do every day.

So spending time on Facebook isn’t exactly top of your priority list.

I totally get that.

But time & time again I meet small business owners who try things like the Facebook boost button,

(on the front end)

With little or no results and they swear never to try it again.

And with a few Facebook likes every now and again on their pages or a few comments from your Mum and her best friend,

(after a quick text message to her)

you end up with a Facebook page gathering dust and gaining no momentum

And no new customers for your business.

Why Consistency With Facebook Matters As Much As Opening Your Shop Every Day

For the vast majority of small business owners,

(who are the marketing, admin, sales, PR, accountant, employer and general housekeeping too)

There is no marketing department to call upon for that brilliant new monthly campaign you have an idea for.

And there certainly isn’t anyone who has experience with social media to speak to about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIN or Instagram.

And yet the real secret sauce with social media is consistency.

Consistency builds implied trust.

But with most small businesses operating a stop-start approach momentum never seems to build it anything of any value.

Why Most Small Business Owners Fail To Make An Impact With Their Facebook Page

"Local business social media packages"

The other key component to building a successful Facebook business page for any business is to focus on building engagement.

Or rapport.

Invest some time and effort into actively growing your Facebook page with targeted Facebook like campaigns.

A successful page grows your brand by building a community around the content you create.

And that means the content simply has to be more about your customer and less about your company.

Yes, that sounds counter-intuitive,

Because it’s the opposite of what most of us do with our personal profiles.

But that’s why most small business owners fail to make their Facebook business page a roaring success.

Here Are Some Tips For You To Try This Week

  • Create an offer or promotion especially for Fridays only (or a particular time of day or day of the week).
  • Use a coupon code or redeemable download offer on your Facebook page for new customers to book an appointment / redeem in store or use at your restaurant.
  • (By the way you can make social media updates like the ones above super simple with our Ready-Made Social Media Update Bundles)
  • Ask customers to join your mailing list when they buy something from your store.
  • A regular Newsletter with exclusive subscriber only offers works as well today as ever before.
  • Take some photos of people in your store / salon / restaurant / office showing people using your products & services.
  • Smiling people enjoying something others aren’t experiencing is pretty irresistible in this social media “keeping up the virtual Jones world!”


  1. Facebook business pages have the potential to literally fill your restaurant or appointment diary every week.
  2. It is hands down the most cost-effective way to advertise your business online right now.
  3. Focus 80% of your updates on your customers not your company to win more customers each and every week.
  4. They have the potential to refer you and your business to their friends and family as an added bonus!
  5. If you want to take the fast-track to social media for your business, check out our exclusive local business Social Media Packages, starting with our Excel Package today to get started making Facebook work harder for you as early as next week.
  6. Or try our new Facebook Super-Hero Service if you are just starting out & want an easy way to get started with Facebook for your business.

To your local business marketing success!









Diane Cossie, Creative Online Marketing