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Welcome To Creative Online Marketing Your One-Stop-Shop For Social Media & Digital Marketing Services For Busy Small Business Owners

Let's explore what we can help you with if you are a small business looking for help with social media, digital marketing and content creation ...


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If you are confused about social media, frustrated with digital marketing and don't have a clue where to start with Facebook Ads, we can help!

We are a Digital & Social Media Marketing Company based in Shropshire with a proven track record of helping small business owners just like you build Facebook business pages and perpetual online marketing funnels that increase leads, build engagement and create raving fans for your business and your brand.

If you are a small business owner looking for some friendly help with Digital Marketing and Social Media management for your business, then we are a great place to start.

All this social media stuff is mighty confusing isn't it?

I mean on the one hand, the internet is quite simply the most genius & fastest way ever for a small business owner to get their products and services directly in front of their target audiencegrow their brand and leverage it's incredible reach to an audience of billions (and that's just Facebook by the way).

How blinking exciting is that!

But .. on the other hand, finding the best way to manage your digital and social media marketing without going completely insane, wasting weeks, months or even years of your time trying to figure it all out by yourself can quickly turn into the biggest and most frustrating headache of all time.

How on earth do you manage it?

And make it work for you and your business?

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If You Prefer "Done For You Services" You'll Love Our Social Media & Digital Marketing Packages

If the DIY approach simply isn't for you ... don't throw in the towel just yet!

Just be prepared to think a little differently and check out our done-for-you packages.

We'll get you sorted, streamlined and up and running across the social media platforms within the next 30 days and if you don't like the results we'll get for you, no worries we're not going to tie you in to anything more than a month by month management contract.

Heck we even throw in a half-day Digital Marketing Consultancy session for free with our simple Social Media & Digital Marketing Packages.

Simply select the right one for you based on where your business is now and where you want to be within the next 3-6 months and we'll help you do everything else.


Or You Can Hire My Ideas, Business Savvy & Expertise On A One-To-One Monthly Consultancy Basis

Digital Marketing Is Easy When You Speak To The Right Person

I've created over 1,000 blog posts in the last few years that have helped generate 1,000's of qualified leads for various businesses in different niche markets.

I've also created Facebook pages that have cumulatively over 45,000 "Likes" and enjoy lots of engagement, shares and comments but most importantly BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with people which help drive leads and increase conversions.

Leading with relationship driven inbound marketing today is the ESSENTIAL ingredient that most small business owners miss and social media is the perfect way to do it.

We have developed online marketing funnels, blogs and social media pages that have generated sales in excess of £1,700,000 to date.

Imagine what the right content and the right online marketing funnel and social media presence can do for your business. 

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Busy? No Worries, Learn New Strategies When It Suits You With Our Online Courses And Member's Club

Not all small business owners have access to us locally (we're based in Shropshire) so we have some great online courses and clubs you can access 24/7 wherever you happen to be.

If you want some insider help with blogging, social media, Canva tutorials and more, check out our latest online courses for first-class help at no-frills prices.

We're always adding new courses, so check back here often or subscribe to our weekly Newsletter for all the latest updates and subscriber only discounts.

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“I love working with Di! She really gets marketing, but more importantly, she understands business. Over the past two years, everything that Di has done for iHUS has increased our bottom-line. 

With little internal support, Di has built a loyal and engaged Facebook audience for our consumer business. Plus, her content strategy and online marketing – particularly her blogging – has skyrocketed our organic SEO and inbound enquiry levels. 

Di’s positive, well-informed and has become a key advisor to our business. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Pat Mc Mahon
Pat Mc Mahon Commercial Manager, IHUS Projects Ltd

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