Introducing Our Small Business Smart Start-Up Packages

Our Exclusive Start-Up Packages Include:  A Domain Name, Hosting & An SSL Certficate (1 year), A Simple, Beautfully Designed Website & A Managed Designated Facebook Business Page!
Just £997.00 Including Vat @ 20%

Small Business Smart Start-Up Package

Are You Excited About Growing Your Business Online This Year? 

You are? Great! Here’s how we can help you refresh or kick-start your business this year and beyond with our unique website & social media combined approach

So you have a business idea 💡 (that’s great by the way) and you know that in today’s world you need a website!

Think of it as your online “High Street” store from now on because that’s exactly what it is.

And you probably know that you also need a social media presence on the largest social media platform in the world (that would be Facebook) that’s super-easy to manage?

I mean nobody wants to actually spend their lives permanently attached to their smart phones now do they?

(Well maybe some people DO but for the rest of us LIFE IS NOW PRESS PLAY!)

Business Has Shifted To The Online World And It ISn’t Going Back Anytime Soon

We’ve all seen a major shift in consumer spending over the last decade from the High Street to the online world that has left the High Street stores wondering what happened?

We LOVE to see what our friends and families are up to on Facebook every day and if we can support local businesses and events in our area, we love to do that too!

To Find Out About Anything And Everything Today We Turn To Google And Facebook 

And how do we find out about what’s going on today?

It’s either Google or Facebook.

How can we find a local business that sells what we want?

It’s Google or Facebook.

How do we find the best deals, special offers & coupons?

It’s Google or Facebook.

How do we book our next holiday?

It’s Google or Facebook.

We research, seek out reviews and find out what other people would recommend or like on Google & Facebook before we make a purchase today.

It’s the new consumer driven social media economy and love it or loathe it, it’s here to stay.

And as a modern day business owner you need both a website presence AND a social media presence to be found!

“Facebook is the perfect hybrid social media platform, that’s why it’s the #1 in the world “

A Fresh Approach To Business Today Involves Both A Website & Social Media Presence To Win New Customers And Retain Existing Ones

And if you’ve already gone to the expense of having a website created once many moons ago and it’s not mobile friendly any more it’s not going to showing up on Google (unless it’s on page 53 where nobody is going to be looking for it anyway.)

And then there is the ever increasing pressure to “be” on social media every day.

And to be honest with you, the whole thing becomes overwhelming and turns into one big massive headache for a lot of small business owners.

Wouldn’t you want a more hands-free website and social media presence so you can focus on what you do best?

So here at Creative Online Marketing we like to make things EASY, SIMPLE & AFFORDABLE for you to create or refresh your online presence this year & beyond with our Small Business Smart Start-Up Packages.

We’ll Design A Simple, Modern & Mobile Friendly 5-7 Page Website For Your Business

So you can get yourself “out there” and start putting your plans into action as early as next month.

Here’s What Included In Your Website Start-Up Package 

  • A Simple 5-7 Page Mobile Friendly WordPress Website Designed For Your Business
  • Links To Your Social Media Accounts
  • Free Domain Name, Hosting & SSL Certificate (For 1st Year) *ongoing costs apply after 12 months or transfered to you.
  • Copy Writing Assistance With Your Content
  • 1 Hour Per Month Updates & Tweaks Included *additional updates chargeable on a reasonable per hour basis

Some Examples Of Websites We’ve Created For Small Business Owners Just Like You!

Creative Online Marketing Limited

A simple 5-7 page website is all you need to kick-start your business online today. Here are some examples of some of the websites we have created.

Contemporary Log Living

Contemporary Log Living was a website we launched in 2011 which quickly grew into a £1,000,000 turnover business. 

Evolution International Ltd

Evolution International offer online Health & Safety Consultancy Services and have a whole host of valuable online training courses helping small business owners train their staff online.

Marie Speight Consulting Ltd

Marie Speight Consulting Ltd offers HR Management, Development & Training and Consultancy Services. Based in Shropshire she needed a start-up website for launching her consultancy business.

And How About We Create You A Facebook Page For Your Business So You Can Add A Social Media Presence For Your Business At The Same Time?

Facebook is the world’s number one social media platform and (in my opinion of course) one of the best business tools available to any small business owner looking to connect with potential & existing customers who spend time on Facebook.

A Facebook business page can add a whole new friendly and innovative way to attract people to your business and what you have to offer.

With a variety of business friendly tools and features available, we can help you set yourself up with a Facebook presence for your business as part of our Small Business Smart Start-Up Packages.

  • A Professional Facebook Business Page For Your Business
  • A Profile Photo Or Logo Representing You Or You Business (Client To Supply)
  • An “Our Story” Page, About Section & Website Link
  • 3 Months Of Facebook Page Updates Relating To Your Business 2-3 Times Per Week Included! (Worth £750 when bought as a total package)

You’ll Qualify For One Of Our Facebook Super-Heroes To Update Your Facebook Page 2-3 Times Per Week For The First 3 Months When You Order A Simple Website + Facebook Page As A Package!

(Worth £750.00*)
**If ordered as a separate stand alone package

Start-Up Or Refresh Your Business The Easy Way

In most people’s eyes I’m what you would consider a Facebook Business Page specialist.

I’ve been in the trenches now for over 6 years and have experience building brands for small business owners just like you with a Facebook / Website combination.

There is a lot more to it than meets the eye and creating fresh content each and every week is a challenge for any small business owner.

That’s why we’re including 3 months of Facebook page updates for your business for FREE with every Small Business Smart Start-Up Package.

With us doing all the heavy lifting for your business with a new or refreshed website, a professional Facebook page with 2-3 designated updates every week to get you going, you can focus on all those other important tasks in your business like finding new customers.

To get in touch, use the form below & I’ll be back to you as soon as possible.

What’s The Cost I Hear You Ask?

Order Your Small Business Smart Start-Up Package

Everything’s Included!

Just A Smart £997.00 Including Vat @ 20% Investment In Your Business & Away You Go!

We offer a very friendly, personal & professional service that we think you’ll find budget friendly too.

If you are interested in ordering our Small Business Smart Start-Up Package we simply require 50% on order and 50% on completion of the work.

All payments can be made online once we’ve discussed everything with you & you want to proceed. With the wonders of online communication we’ll get you up & running typically within 3-4 weeks from the get-go.

I look forward to being of service to you!

Diane Cossie, Creative Online Marketing 

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