Sales Funnel Pro Service

At Last! Someone To Talk To Over A Cup Of Coffee About Digital Marketing And Social Media For Busy Small Business Owners.

At Last! Someone To Talk To Over A Cup Of Coffee About Digital Marketing And Social Media For Busy Small Business Owners.

Let’s Create A Sales Funnel For Your Business Shall We?

Helpful Advice, Guidance And Strategic Input Into Developing An Online Sales Funnel for Your Business (In Plain English)

Introducing My Exclusive Sales & Marketing Funnel Pro Service

Are you a small business owner who is frozen to the spot wondering how on earth to use all these amazing digital marketing tools & social media platforms for your business?

It’s all jolly confusing isn’t it?

I know you’re busy and have a million things going on in your business every day as it is (I’ve been there & worn the T-shirt) so the LAST thing you need is more “things to do” right?

I know EXACTLY what that is like because I ran a traditional small business for 15 years.

I could hardly grab a cup of coffee without the phone ringing, or another urgent problem cropping up that needed my attention, it’s no wonder I didn’t get the things I wanted to get done .. done.

But all that changed when I learned how to navigate my way round the world of digital marketing and social media.

I’m what you call a Digital Marketing Strategist who loves nothing better than helping small business owners just like you wake up to a steady stream of highly targeted leads in your inbox every day.

It’s bliss!

Let me take the stress away from you sat there trying to figure the whole process out.

Would You Like Someone To Talk To About All This Digital Marketing Stuff, Help You Piece it All Together & Help You Set Up Your Digital Sales Funnel?

Setting up an online Sales & Marketing funnel for your business is not something most small business owners are equipped to do (and that often means outsourcing the whole task to a website company) .

The only problem is website designers, well, they design websites not sales & marketing funnels.

Digital marketers design online sales & marketing funnels.

*We also do a pretty good job at website designing too)

The basics of a Super Heroes Sales Funnel (or getting your Digital Ducks in a row as I like to call it) to maximize lead generation online for your business looks something like the funnel on the left.


It runs 24/7/365 days of the year and there is NO offline equiavalent of what this powerhouse can do for your business.

“A strategic digital sales & marketing funnel can transform any small business today

The Key Elements To A Strategic Digital Sales & Marketing Funnel Are:-


Of your time should be spent marketing

1. Your Branding – It’s An Essential Part Of Building A Successful Business Online

2. Products And Services – What Are You Selling? Who To? & Why?

3. A Lead Magnet – That Helps You Build Your Email List & Client Base

4. A Thank-You Page – To Deliver Your Lead Magnet In Style & Potentially Help Cover Your Advertising Costs.

5. Email Follow Ups & A Weekly Newsletter To Continue To Build A Relationship With Your Potential Customers & Increase Sales Over Time

6. Ongoing All Out Action To Keep Your Marketing Jar Overflowing – Your Own Powerhouse Marketing Suite Of Activities That Drive Traffic Through Your Online Marketing Funnel

And once you know what all your “digital ducks” are, you have to work out which one goes where and how they all work together (that’s all that techincal stuff that you hate by the way).

And that can take months or even YEARS if you have never done anything like this before.

What a waste of your time, effort & resources!

How Would You Like Me To Design The Whole Thing For You?

Yep! You Read That Right. I’ll Design It For You, Set The Whole Thing Up, Brand It For Your Business, Create The Newsletter Templates & Follow Up Email Sequence And Take Every Technical & Design Headache Away, Leaving You To Manage Your Business!

Digital Marketing Is Easy When You Speak To The Right Person

I’ve created over 1,000 blog posts within the last few years that have generated 1,000’s of leads for various businesses in many different niche markets.

I’ve also created Facebook pages that have cumulatively received over 40,000 “Likes” and enjoy lots of engagement, shares and comments but most importantly BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with people which help drive leads and increase conversions.

Leading with relationship driven marketing today is the ESSENTIAL ingredient that most small business owners miss and social media is the perfect way to do it.

We have developed online marketing funnels, blogs and social media pages that have generated sales in excess of £1,700,000 to date.

Imagine what the right content and the right online marketing funnel can do for your business. 

The Cost Of This Smart Investment?


£3,995  £2997

(including VAT @ 20%) 

Here’s What You’ll Get

A Simple 5-7 Modern WordPress Website (Or Equivalent Refresh Of Existing One)

If you haven’t upgraded your website in the last 2 years it is sure to be looking not only a little dated but it’s probably also completely out of date with your latest products, services and branding.

Take this opportunity to give it a whole new fresh approach to the modern day digital world we all live in. (WORTH £797 When Purchased Separately)


  • That’s a Simple 5-7 Page Mobile Friendly WordPress Website Designed For Your Business
  • Links To Your Social Media Accounts
  • Free Domain Name (For 1st Year) *chargeable at £25.00 per year including VAT thereafter on an annual basis. (due one month before renewal date) or transfer to you to manage.
  • Free Business Hosting & SSL Certificate (For 1st Year) *chargeable at £300.00 per year including VAT thereafter on an annual basis. (due one month before renewal date) or transfer to you to manage.
  • Copy Writing Assistance With Your Content
  • 1 Hour Per Month Updates Included *additional updates chargeable on a reasonable £30.00 including VAT @ 20% per hour basis

Facebook Business Page Set-Up Plus 3 Months of Facebook Page Updates

Facebook business pages are an extension of your website today. With over 2 billion people using Facebook every day it’s the number one social media platform in the world yet most small business owners have no idea how to make it work for them.

And that’s where I come in. Just think of me as your Facebook Super-Hero swooping in to save you from months and months of frustration when it comes to creating your first 3 months social media updates! (Worth £750 when purchased separately) 


  • That’s a Professional Facebook Business Page For Your Business *Includes Facebook Cover Image
  • A Profile Photo Or Logo Representing You Or You Business (Client To Supply)
  • An “Our Story” Page, About Section & Website Link
  • 3 Months Of Facebook Page Updates Relating To Your Business 2-3 Times Per Week Included!

10 Point Free Report To Use As A Lead Magnet (Plus All The Technical Wizardry To Set It Up!)

Communicating with prospective new customers and clients is essential to any business and the best way to say “Hello!” to people who visit your website if by offering a valuable Lead Magnet in exchange for their contact details.

We’ve used this strategy for years very successfully so we’ll create one for you and your business, set it all up digitally to deliver it 24/7 on autopilot while you sit back and build your email list with it.

*All I need from you is 10 of your best tips for your ideal client & away we’ll do the rest! (Worth £497 when bought separately)


Thank You Page Plus Mailchimp Set-Up And Templates

Once you have started to generate leads (with your handy-dandy Free Report we made for you) you will need a way to deliver it to your new subscriber.

This is configuring leadpages with your Mailchimp account and creating a Thank-You page plus follow up emails! 

We’ll handle this for you.

And then you will want to manage, grow and nurture the relationship with the people on your list. 

Whatever you do – do NOT try & sell, sell, sell like you see big names doing, that’s not going to work for a small business likes yours or mine.

We’ll set up a Newsletter template for you & an initial 4-part email automated sequence to help you build a relationship with your subscriber list. 

So many small business owners (and even big business owners) get this wrong or worse, simply don’t bother.

Email is not “dead” nor is it likely to ever be in the forseeable future.

An email subscriber list is one of your most valuable assets and should be an active part of your overall business building strategy.

There is no offline equivalent to what an autoresponder or email service can do.

It’s an essential part of a sales and marketing funnel that can potentially turns subscribers into paying customers and life-long clients!

(Worth £997 when purchased separately) 


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