How About I Spend An Hour With You & Help You Understand How You Can Drive Pinterest Traffic To Your Website?

For Just £45 I'll Show You How To Set Up Your Pinterest Account For Business And Reveal The Secrets To Oodles Of Pinterest Traffic To Your Blog, Website Or Store

Pinterest Is Probably The Most Misunderstood Platform In The Social Media Space

First Things First, Pinterest Is NOT A Social Media Platform, It's A Search Engine.

And when you start using it for business like a search engine .. something magical happens.

If you give me 60 minutes of your time, I’ll give you a overview to Pinterest For Your Business.

This is a one to one service for any small business owner or home based entrepreneur in the Shropshire area (or within a 50 mile radius of Shropshire) who would value spending an hour with me to work out exactly how to maximize the Pinterest potential for their business.

I know that your time is precious so I'll leave you with a Pinterest Checklist plus actionable steps and the best tool to manage your Pinterest with in just a few minutes per day.

Here's What You Can Expect In Your Pinterest Power Hour

  • Overview Of Your Bio And Keywords
  • How To Arrange Your Boards And Board Descriptions
  • How To Change Board Names And Improve Board Descriptions
  • How To Pin Images From Your Website To Your Boards.And Videos From YouTube
  • How To Manage Your Pinterest Strategy With The Best Pinterest Management Scheduling Tool
  • A Full Hour Dedicated To You, Your Business And Your Pinterest Strategy Going Forwards

I Nearly Fell Off My Chair When One Of My Blog Posts Went Past 20,000 Repins!

I have been creating blogs for years now but something took me by surprise when I created The Essentials Of Creating A Cosy Guest Room

It suddenly started to grow week by week into perpetual and consistent traffic to the Contemporary Log Living website.

The concept is one I use all the time, curated posts. But what happened was extraordinary.

Thanks to PINTEREST it went viral and has now reached the dizzy heights of 29,000+ re-pins (none of which have been promoted in anyway whatsoever).

How & why did it do so well?

Well that's something for you & I to discuss as part of our PINTEREST Power Hour 😉

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