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How To Create A Brand Mood Board For Your Business

Creating a brand mood board for your business can really help you build a better brand, and create every image for your blogs, social media and products so much easier and faster. Read through the blog below for extra tips or watch the video for a walk-through of the whole process.

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So What Exactly Is A Brand Mood Board?

And why is it helpful to small business owners looking to make more of a splash on social media?

"brand mood board"

Online branding is something small business owners are learning about.

When I first started working with what became my first company back in 1990,

Small business owners were 10 times more likely to just open up a shop and get something going.

That wasn’t much thought about anything other than a logo, a letterhead and some business cards.

It was simple.

And your nearest competitor was another shop in another part of your town.

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We had NO internet,

NO social media,

NO way of knowing “how to grow your brand”

unless it was in a book,

& absolutely NO hours spent wondering what your mission was or any other current must-haves …

 We just set up shop and got going.

Focusing on good customer service.

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But in today’s trend-setting world,

Your brand and your branding should ideally all match.

Your fonts should be consistent.

And your brand and social media updates should look Pinnable or Instagram worthy at all times.



It can all seem pretty daunting.

And if you don’t know where to start,

(like me a few months ago)

I’ll give you some helpful links,

plus share some great tools with you,

and the easiest way to go about it right here.

So read on to find out how to create a brand mood board for your business.

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Small Business Brand Mood Boards Made Easy

Select 3 Colours That Will Form The Basis Of Your Brand

"brand mood board"

3 colours will become your brand colour palette.

3 colours will give you a whole variety of options.

When it comes to design, think of your branding like you were wearing an outfit.

Or decorating a room.

You probably wouldn’t wear more than two colours plus an accent colour.

And you probably wouldn’t decorate a room like a rainbow.

Hence 3 is great (and easy) way to start.

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Before I carried out my social media audit last year, I was following the feminine driven blush & rose gold trend just to be “on trend” rather than in tune with my personal brand.

That’s a mistake right there, yes I’m a girl who likes pretty things but I’ve always loved white / black & gold so I ran with that.

Choose colours that resonate with YOU.

And your company.

In a style that you can live with for quite some time.

And make sure that the 3 brand colours you choose are readily available.

(you’ll see why a little later)

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Stick with at least one tried and tested colour and understand it’s meaning.

You will be drawn to colours that you love,

you can’t help it,

but there are psychological factors at play here, that you might want to think about before you decide on your brand colours:-

Colours that attract customers to buy?

Red is the colour of power.

When you want to be viewed as trustworthy and cool, blue is the colour for you. …

Vying for the attention of a young female demographic?

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Colours that might unfluence people?


Red – Creates a sense of urgency. (Fast food is often red)

Blue – The preferred colour for men.

Green – Associated with health, tranquility, power, and nature.

Purple – Commonly associated with royalty, wisdom, and respect. (Also one of the most preferred colours for women)

Orange & Yellow – Cheerful colours that promote optimism.

Don’t over think it.

And don’t choose a colour just because it’s supposed to attract money (it isn’t as simple as that)

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Choose 2 main colours,

Plus an accent colour that brings everything to life

Use Pinterest to help give you some ideas by searching for Brand Mood Board Ideas like this:-

"brand mood board"


Canva have created an awesome blog post all about colours, which you can read by clicking here.

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Brand Mood Boards Made Easy:

 Next Start Collecting Royalty Free Images In Your Main Colours

3 of my favourite sources of royalty free images are:-

1. Bigstock Photo(it’s a paid for service, but the variety and selection is huge.)

TIP!** You can buy credit packs which work out to be really good value if you only download the smallest sized images for 1 credit each.

2. Unsplashis a fantastic free resource packed with amazing free images that you can use in creative ways.

3. is not only my favourite graphic designing tool, but it has a huge library of free images you can use too.

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By building up your library of images in your brand colours,

You will also have a media pack style image library to use as backgrounds.

Use them for your blog post title images,

your social media updates,

the events you run

plus a whole host of other image related branding options.

Bonus Tip! Search for images by COLOUR for best results.

“images with white desktop background”

or “desktop scene with blue”

work better than just an item that matches your quote.

You can never have enough of these and you will find you use them over & over again.

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Brand Mood Boards Made Easy:

Now Think About Adding Textures

One of the key things that makes your website and branding really “pop” or stand out is using textures.

Just like adding a shaggy rug or scatter cushion to your plain carpet or sofa,

Some texture will lift everything on your website to a whole new level.

Head back to your royalty free images,

and start searching for “wallpaper”

or “backgrounds”

in one of your main colours.

You’ll be looking for high quality textured images like this for inspiration:-

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Brand Mood Boards Made Easy:

Next Up Define Your Brand Keywords

Choosing your brand keywords can help you attract your ideal clients easily.

Your brand should be based on the same core values you uphold as a human being,

And if you honour them within your business,

they will help you attract the exact type of client you want to work with.

Here are some examples to start you thinking about what keywords will define you, your business and your brand:-












Good humour



Spirit of adventure










Service to others

Choose 5 that resonate with you, your brand and your mission.

The clearer you get to answering, “Why you are in business” the better.

And by defining your brand around your core values,  you will write better copy, headlines, and everything else to do with your marketing.

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Brand Mood Boards Made Easy:

Design Your Logo

Start with a Pinterest search for “logo design inspiration”

or “logo personal branding”

and you’ll see a TON of results all aimed at helping you get your logo pulled together

(and fast).

I have seen people get so hung up on a logo that six months has gone by in their business while they are still in design mode. 

Don’t let that be you!

You are the Managing Director of your business and that makes you a decision maker.

Do it the easy way by creating 4 using Canva’s Logo Creator Tool 

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Use your Pinterest search to guide you on your design ….

Remember your brand colour palette here,

don’t deviate or start all over again

just because you see a nice logo or two 😉

you need to focus purely on the overall design and fonts.

Contrasting fonts look great together, like SCRIPT and SIMPLE.

Check out this awesome online resource that allows you to play around with all sorts of fonts that contrast with each other.

Just make sure style does not make the wording illegible, especially if using a script font.

You can also use CANVA to guide you when it comes to creating logos

as they have hundreds of examples you can choose from and edit to your brand colours.

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Brand Mood Boards Made Easy:

Find A Quote You Love That Motivates You

What’s that one quote that just resonates with you?

The one that you look at when everything is going pear-shaped and it just makes you feel 100 times more determined than ever before.

To make that break-through you’ve been promising yourself?

My guess is you already have one.

But if you haven’t, head over to Pinterest or Google and find one.

Then add it to your collection of branded goodies.

And get ready to piece the whole thing together,as you finally gather everything up and create your brand mood board.

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Brand Mood Boards Made Easy:

Assemble Your Business Brand Mood Board

Once you have made your final choices on everything, head back to and choose the A4 template from the documents section.

 (that way you can frame it easily and hang it on your office wall).

Next select a grid with lots of options to add images of various sizes.


Then simply add all your images,

textures, fonts, logos, keywords and that one amazingly motivational quote into the boxes just like you were creating a vision board.

When you are next at IKEA, pick up a picture frame and hang your brand mood board on a wall in your office.

Somewhere can see it all the time.

It will help you design everything from your social media updates to your new business card and more.

Take a deep breath and relax!!  You’ve done it!

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  1. Select 3 colours that will form the basis of your brand.
  2. Start collecting image backgrounds in your new colours, you will not run out of uses for them.
  3. Now add some textures & define your brand keywords.
  4. Design your logo (as quickly as possible) and find a special quote that will keep you motivated.
  5. Head over to Canva and create an A4 sized vision for your business.

To your online marketing success!










Diane Cossie