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Introducing Our Facebook Super-Hero Social Media Done For You Packages – First Class Facebook Page Management At No-Frills Prices

Facebook Super-Hero Service

If You Are Struggling To Maintain Your Facebook Business Page On A Regular Basis, Let One Of Super-Heroes Take On The Job For You!

Managing your Facebook business page can become a massive drain on your time & energy.

I know exactly how time consuming and draining it is to keep your Facebook Business Page up to date.

It’s a chore that fills most small business owners with fear, dread or both.

A Few Days Can Flash By And Suddenly It’s Time For Another Update!

There you are facing the ALL of day’s must-do tasks, the phone is ringing, you’ve got a meeting in 30 minutes AND staring at your Facebook page wondering what to post is the last thing you want to be thinking about right?

I’ve Been Where You Are Right Now & Boy Was I Struggling!

Back in the day I had two Facebook pages with about 53 likes and 162 likes respectively and was spending way too much of my time posting content and images to social media every day for very little in return.

Not even a few likes, comments or shares! (Other than from friends and family, thanks guys!)

It seemed the most ridiculous waste of time ever!!!

You never really learn social media as it constantly flows like a river with all sorts of twists and turns. 

The Best Results Come From Having Years Of Facebook Experience Under Your Super-Hero Belt

And that’s where we come in.

We’re Facebook Super Heroes and we can help you!

  • We’ll manage your Facebook page for you every month.
  • We’ll create and manage images for your business that are on brand and on point.
  • We’ll help you create an engaged Facebook page and give you helpful tips on how to grow your audience and build your brand on Facebook each and every month.

“It’s ALL about engagement, the more shares you get the more people you reach!”

Here’s What Included In Our Facebook Super-Hero Package

  • 2-3 Relevant Updates Per Week Posted To Your Facebook Business Page On Your Behalf.
  • Monthly Support To Help You Manage Your Latest Events Or Promotions.
  • Free Facebook Page Audit & Maintainence To Keep Your Facebook Page Presence Fresh, Relevant & Up To Date.
  • Month To Month Reports, Tips & Suggestions To Help You Grow Your Audience On Facebook.

Just £ 250.00 per month

That’s Including VAT @ 20% in case your were wondering

Eliminate Years Of Trial & Error And Get Your Facebook Page Presence Sorted Within The Next 30 Days!

With our Facebook Super-Heroes working for you 24/7 every month, you can eliminate years of trial and error, save yourself oodles of time and money and go from zero to super-hero status within the next 30 days when you hire yourself a Facebook Super-Hero to manage your Facebook Business Page.

It’s like having your own Facebook page manager working 100% for you on your business without the hassle of employing anyone and you can select exactly how long you need to use the service!

We have no intention of trying to tie you in to long term contracts, we work on a month by month basis.

*Facebook Super-Heroes Are Hired One Month In Advance And Then Every 30 Days For As Long As You Need Us.

If You Are Ready To Hire Your Very Own Facebook Super-Hero Simply Enter Your Details Below & We’ll Be Back To You ASAP

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