Our ELEVATE PACKAGE Is A Quantum Leap For Your Business When It Comes To Digital Marketing & Social Media For Your Business

The Elevate Package Is Specifically Designed To Replicate Having A Digital Marketing Department Of Your Own Without The Hassle Of Employing Anyone!

If you are looking for an out-the-box solution to having a great social media presence, a thriving blog delivering great value to your customers, a growing email list and a sophisticated advertising strategy to grow your business online, then our ELEVATE PACKAGE could be just what you are looking for.

It combines all the benefits of our start-up EXCEL PACKAGE designed to build momentum for your business with social media AND our SUCCEED PACKAGE which is designed to take your business to the next level but with our ELEVATE PACKAGE you can count on us to help you build a Perpetual Online Marketing Funnel for your business, including the all the essential elements to make it work like clockwork.

Our clients saw a significant change in their businesses for the better once we introduced:-

  • A WordPress blog and regular blogging.
  • Engagement driven social media.
  • Designated landing pages to grow their email subscribers.
  • A downloadable brochure / Opt In Offer with automated follow up emails.
  • A Monthly Newsletter.
  • Facebook advertising campaigns.
  • Google Pay Per Click Advertising.

All these essential components combine to create a Perpetual Online Marketing Funnel for your business that will generate leads for your business every day before breakfast.

It’s an investment in your business that is likely to pay you back in a relatively short amount of time.

In most businesses, more leads = more clients, and more clients = more profit.

So the initial drive in gaining growth for your business will be to increase lead generation and unless you’ve been hiding away on some remote desert island for the last few years, the search engines and social media are the best ways to do exactly that.

And the best part about it all is that we’ll be working with you every step of the way to make sure it is all set-up and working like a charm.

***We’ll recommend the best tools to use for your business, some of which may require a small outlay per month if you haven’t got everything you need to make full use of this service.

Plus just like with the EXCEL PACKAGE & SUCCEED PACKAGEs I'm throwing in a half-day Digital Marketing Consultancy Service for free (worth £175 + vat) plus support just so you know this is going to become a hands-on service where I have a vested interest in helping your business succeed.

Here's What Included In Our Elevate Package

  • Free social media & website audit.
  • 2-3 branded / curated or original & relevant updates across your social media platforms per day, plus general management of your social media presence - no stress for you, we'll take care of it!
  • 1-2 LinkedIn Posts per week (client to provide relevant blog, event or PR related News for this)
  • 1 x half day Digital Marketing Consultancy per month (worth £175 + vat) included!
  • Facebook Page Like Ads Campaigns to a budget of up to £200 per month included with this package (Guaranteed to grow your audience)
  • 1 x SEO ready high quality blog post, plus images for Social Media and promotion
  • 1 x 4 part-email campaign follow up to your current Opt In Offer included
  • Facebook Boost Post campaigns x 2 per month (up to a value of £50 per month)
  • Targeted Facebook lead generation campaign for latest Opt In Offer / Brochure / Download (up to a value of £250 per month)
  • Google PPC ads campaigns for lead generation (up to a value of £500 per month)
  • Assist with setting up a Perpetual Online Marketing Funnel for your business (including creating an Opt In Offer, Landing Page, Autoresponder set-up and training, 4 x part automated email follow up series)
  • 1-2 Short videos marketing your products and message on Social Media

*Includes Setting Up & Running A Perpetual Online Marketing Funnel For Your Business!

 Your ELEVATE PACKAGE includes setting up a Perpetual Online Marketing Funnel for your business. 

We'll advise you about the best tools to use (*additional low cost purchases may be required), how to set-up your Opt In Offer, provide you with a designated landing page to start building your email list, set-up your autoresponder to deliver your Opt In Offer on auto-pilot and create a 4-part email series to follow up and introduce your products and services to your prospective new customers.

We call it getting your Digital Ducks in a Row!

It’s like having your own digital media team working 100% on your business without the hassle of employing anyone and you can select exactly how long you need to use the service!

We have no intention of trying to tie you in to long term contracts, we work on a month by month basis.

Plus! You Will Get Our Social Media Momentum Building Excel Package Benefits Included

 Your ELEVATE PACKAGE includes our Social Media Done For You service that will be working for you 24/7 every month.

You can eliminate years of trial and error, save yourself time and money spent on ineffective solutions and help you piggy-back our proven formulas that simply flat out work!

Plus! We Guarantee To Grow Your Facebook Page Following, Drive More Traffic To Your Website & Start Building Your Email List For You!

The ELEVATE PACKAGE is attractively priced for this unique results orientated service at just £3597 +vat per month.

*this includes your next-level advertising budget of up to £500 per month guaranteed to grow your Facebook following faster and more effectively, drive more traffic to your website and start building and growing your email list!

*Plus a further advertising and marketing budget of a further £500 per month to use on Google Adwords campaigns and setting up your Perpetual Online Marketing Funnel. 

You'll find out pretty darn quickly that I'm utterly passionate about social media and digital marketing, and my experience and results speak for themselves.

 **We recommend a minimum of 3 months to see a visible difference in your business and don't expect miracles. It's about steady growth month on month but we work on a flexible month to month basis, so you are 100% in control. 

We Literally Do Your Social Media, Facebook & Google Pay Per Click Adverts For You!

**Please note these services are NOT available separately, they are combined to give you the best possible results and value in the shortest amount of time.

Remember WE WILL DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH .. leaving you time to just sit back, relax and watch as we take over your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ & LinkedIn accounts and then we'll put our unique Facebook Trident Strategy & Google Pay Per Click ads to work on generating traffic, likes and leads saving you a ton of wasted time and money trying to figure everything out for yourself.

And to make sure you really get the most value out of the ELEVATE PACKAGE we're going to set you up with a Perpetual Online Marketing funnel that works like a charm 24/7/365.

If You Are Ready To Elevate Your Business With Digital & Social Media Marketing Get In Touch With Us Today To Book Your Free Social Media Audit!

*Our results speak for themselves! Growing your business on social media in 2018 and beyond means putting your focus on engagement. We can help you do exactly that from the get-go.

This is a recurring item . You can select to pay by credit or debit card or via Paypal or by online banking. (details available on request)

As this service is all about working with you on a month to month basis, we will update you each month with a full report on your progress.

We will also make suggestions based on the data gathered on how we feel we can help your business grow and benefit from digital marketing and social media in your business as part of our Free Half-Day Digital Marketing Consultancy Service plus support included in the Elevate Package price.

We look forward to being of service to you in the near future.

P.S. Feel free to check out our Project Lifestyle Club Courses and membership program for incredibly helpful step-by-step online courses plus our signature Project Lifestyle Club Creative Content Club


  • "Diane is a fantastic digital marketing strategist with an extensive knowledge in social media and content marketing. We have had a great experience working with her and would definitely recommend her services to others!"
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  • These are some of the comments local business owners made about some of our Facebook training. "Thank you so much Diane. I have learned so much and will reveiew everything a few times. You are a gem for helping us out!" Donna G.J. "Thanks Diane. Really enjoying learning all these tools and LOVE creating my own posts." Sandra O. "This is a brilliant tip! I just created my page. Need to change the name and it is on. Irena B."
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