7 Useful Tips For Upping Your Local Business Online Marketing

7 Useful Tips For Upping Your Local Business Online Marketing

7 Useful Tips From Digital Marketing Experts For Upping Your Local Business Online Marketing

Local businesses should be seeing the benefits of thousands of new home owners on their doorstep, but are they reaching them?

I live in Shifnal in Shropshire and like a lot of small towns around the UK there are a lot of new homes being built in Shifnal by companies like Taylor Wimpey, Redrow,  Barratt’s and Bovis just to name a few.

They are all in the process of building phases of houses that will effectively double the population of Shifnal over the next few years by doubling the amount of homes in the town.

Is this over development? You might ask.

Not at all when the Government’s target for new homes needs to be met.

It’s build as many homes as possible whenever you can and as fast as you can.

Shifnal is a lovely place to live with quite an exceptionally high number of pubs, bars and restaurants all within walking distance of most of the people living in the town.

So if you are a local business looking to capitalize on attracting a percentage of those potential new customers to your business what wonders of digital  and social media marketing can assist you?

Local Business Online Marketing Tip #1. Facebook business pages are a must to attract busy peoples attention to your business.

With the targeting options within the Facebook advertising platform,

(see our recent article about Local Business Services by clicking here)

and the ease in which you can get local people attracted to your Facebook page,

it's number one in our book for getting in front of a new target audience on your doorstep.

Building a Facebook page locally is not all about the number of followers,

a few thousand fans of your page (plus their friends)

will usually be more than enough to gain a percentage of new customers on a regular basis.

Treating them like a little extended community of your business will reap rewards over & over again.

Especially if you offer fans of your Facebook page special "fan only" coupons, discounts or events.

Local Business Online Marketing Tip #2. You Can Help Fill Gaps In Your Appointment Book Or Make Better Use Of Slow Days & Times


With targeted Facebook advertising

(which is extremely low cost by the way)

you can target areas by location,

audience or demographic

and make tailor-made offers specifically for times of the day or week that are generally slow for your business.

If you never see a soul on a Thursday afternoon, or nobody visits your store on a Monday morning, brainstorm a special offer to entice them in.

Remember a local market is either within walking distance of your shop, office or restaurant or just a few minutes away by car. 

You have to make it irresistible and easy for them to help support you and your business.

Local Business Online Marketing Tip #3. Use Email Newsletters To Stay In Touch With Your Local Customer Base

If someone books a table at your restaurant and you take a name and contact number, ask them for an email address.

And if they would like to hear about your subscriber only discounts and offers via a weekly Newsletter?

When I built ContemporaryLogLiving.com  I quickly introduced a weekly Newsletter.

This kept everybody on the subscriber list aware of our latest models, shows, offers and blog posts.

It was key to building the business so quickly.

If you haven't got time for a weekly Newsletter, make it a monthly one instead like one of my clients whose business thrives on it a that level.

Local Business Online Marketing Tip #4. Think Outside The Box And Spot Trends You Can Easily Compete With At Local Level

If you are a pub or restaurant owner perhaps you could test out the growing trend of dry bar nights, one night a month.

There is a huge growing trend for healthy drinking and eating habits in the UK right now.

A trend that most traditional pubs and restaurants are simply not catering for.

Original source

Not everybody drinks today and the generation least likely to drink?

The 18-24 year olds.

They follow a TON of health & fitness conscious Facebook pages, YouTube Channels and Instagram pages.

And that means trouble ahead for pubs, restaurants and bars who don't spot trend and don't adapt.

Remember when smoking became anti-social in the UK?

It's likely that drinking alcohol in the future might share the same fate.

Not necessarily as quickly or as widely,

But there is growing evidence that more and more people will opt for non-alcoholic beverages like Echo Falls Tea Infused Sparkling "Wine" which is a great dupe for Prosecco.

Local Business Online Marketing  Tip#5. Take On Gousto & Hello Fresh For Easy Cook Meals At Home

If you are a food retailer, restaurant or take-away have you thought of offering a box or meals to go option for busy people to collect on their way home from work?

Box delivery giants like Gousto or Hello Fresh supply boxes of ingredients delivered to the door for people to cook at home.

They are big business.

And yet restaurants have the perfect opportunity to offer a select & collect menu.

That could make use of quiet kitchen times and attract local customers to try their food without even booking a table.

Chances are once they try your yummy food, they'll be booking a table with at least two of their friends as a by product.

All you have to do is add in a little incentive when they book a table.

Local Business Online Marketing Tip #6. Make Full Use Of Flying The British Flag!

With Brexit on the horizon next year the UK are the British public poised to buy British by default?

Local producers like Apley Farm Shop in Shropshire showing just what can be done to attract a loyal customer base.

They have everything from a butchers shop to fresh bread and organic vegetables to a play barn, coffee shop, maze, events, an animal farm.

And a cookery club!

Brainstorming ideas for your business can be fun & profitable.

There is already a growing trend to try and shun supermarkets in favour of buying local.

But you have to make it easy for people.

Boxes of butchers selections and veggie boxes are already popular with Greenfields leading the way locally in my area.

Their Christmas Turkey & veggie box is a family tradition in my house! So easy.

What can you create that is already popular online that will attract more people to buy local?

You don’t have to compete with the online giants in vast numbers to win.

Local Business Online Marketing Tip #7. Put Service First.

Strange things happen when large companies make a lot of money ..

Shockingly bad service becomes "the norm."

With only Next displaying a welcome through the doors on the High Street it isn't difficult to excel at customer service today to win new customers.

Local businesses have always thrived on becoming part of the community.

Service is absolutely shocking in most larger stores.

And if you travel a lot (like I do) you will know that the chances of getting any kind of reasonable service at a service station these days is extremely rare.

It's a bonus if they speak or smile.

And as for coffee on the go?

Surely you could easily compete with  Starbucks or Costa for what is at best not very good coffee and quite awful tea at ridiculous prices.

My guess is yes and quite easily.

A test and measure Facebook campaign will soon tell you whether anything will work in advance.

Before you make any kind of considerable investment and that's exactly what we can help you do.


  1. Local business is poised to benefit from Brexit by default. The UK have voted out and want to support British business, they just don’t know you exist or what you do.
  2. Facebook pages are one of the most effective investments you can make now to make sure you attract more local customers to you now and in the future
  3. Look at trends right now and ask yourself what your business can do to compete for a share of the market locally.
  4. We offer a free social media and website audit consultation to help you see your digital potential aimed at increasing local business.
  5. If you have no idea where to start with social media or digital marketing for your local business, try our Excel Package 3 for the price of 2 offer **Limited Packages Available**

To your local business marketing success!