8 Gorgeous Female Entrepreneur Home Office Ideas

8 Gorgeous Female Entrepreneur Home Office Ideas

Get Inspired By These 8 Gorgeous Female Entrepreneur Home Office Ideas

Gorgeous female entrepreneur home office ideas are everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram these days.

You can’t go past the first few images on your Newsfeeds before you see yet another pretty home or home office that simply inspires you to head out to your nearest Hobbycraft or IKEA determined to get super organised and make your work place a better place to be.

It is often said that your environment is a reflection of your mind and working in a clean, well organised home office space and with anything and everything today available in your favourite branding colours, spending a little bit of time organising your home office space will help boost your energy and creativity to help you make your new role as a female entrepreneur a breeze.

Finding inspiration today is only a few clicks away so I thought I’d share some of my favourite finds for creating the most gorgeous female entrepreneur home office ever!

8 Gorgeous Female Entrepreneur Home Office Ideas That You’ll Want To Copy

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Female Entrepreneur Home Office Idea #1 :

Make Your Home Office A More Gorgeous Space To Work In

When you walk into your home office space it should make you smile, feel relaxed and ready to start your work for the day. This female entrepreneur home office idea incorporates both pretty accessories and a perfect desk area with a light reflecting surface to keep the light bouncing around the room.

Some carefully chosen accessories in your brand colours will help you look and feel like the CEO of your own company that you are.

Working from home perks include no dull office desks or battleship grey bland decor. Pep up your office space to feel energised.

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Female Entrepreneur Home Office Idea #2 :

Add A Cabinet Behind You For Added Storage And Mood Lighting

One of the best investments you can make for your female entrepreneur home office space is an accent office chair. If it’s in one of your brand colours then all the better. Rugs do help protect the flooring underneath from chairs with castors and by adding the storage cabinet to the back wall you not only add extra storage but you can add lamps for mood lighting too.

Another one of the advantages of being a home based entrepreneur is that you can say goodbye to the industrial overhead strip lighting associated with office blocks and enjoy creating a more relaxing and ambient office to work in using lamps.

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Female Entrepreneur Home Office Idea #3 :

Find A Space You Love In Your Home And Claim It As Your Office Space

With a simple alcove space you can easily recreate this lovely home office idea. By adding some wood paneling to the wall, the flooring carries out to create the illusion of more space and by adding the open shelving you can display some of your favourite accessories or quotes in frames that are totally on brand for you.

Female entrepreneur office ideas that are feminine & pretty are perfect for a room of their own but if your home office space is in the main part of your home, blending in your space to your home in this way is the perfect way to have a designated space that you can enjoy that also looks very much part of your home too.

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Female Entrepreneur Home Office Idea #4:

If Space Isn’t An Issue Consider Creating The Perfect Work / Life Balance Home Office

Another huge advantage to being a female entrepreneur working from home is the ability to manage a better work / life balance. That is not to say it is easy because temptations are around you all day, every day that aren’t usually there when you have a strict 9 to 5 at the office job.

One of the first things to take control of is using that commute time to your advantage with a home / office treadmill.

It is all too easy to stack up home office hours that involve spending a ton of time sat behind your desk at your computer, and that isn’t healthy. So if your home office space allows, get a treadmill near your desk and take regular walking breaks on it.

Exercise will clear your mind and give you an energy boost whenever you need it.

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Female Entrepreneur Home Office Idea #5:

Whatever The Size Of Your Home Office Space Think Storage, Storage, Storage.

This home office idea makes brilliant use of all available space and has a ton of built in storage solutions. Even in the digital business world you are going to need storage for your files, books, pens, paper, accessories, chargers and client details just as you would if your office was on the High Street.

By carefully planning your space to include cupboards and drawers that suit the size of files (or even come complete with filing drawers) you will also have a beautiful uncluttered office space to start your day.

A great idea is to keep a mini office cleaning kit in one of your office cupboards so that you end each day with a quick wipe down of all your surfaces to help it stay sparkling, clean and inviting.

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Female Entrepreneur Home Office Idea #6 :

Accessorize Your Office With These Amazing Ideas

Rose gold is a very popular colour choice for us female entrepreneurs and thankfully you can easily get all sorts of office accessories in rose gold and other colours to make sure your home office space is as coordinated as your favourite outfit.

Find accessories like these on Amazon for the best deals.

Surrounding yourself with little things that inspire you to keep your office space totally gorgeous and on brand will help you feel like you are running your business with flair and styling all of your own.

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Female Entrepreneur Home Office Idea #7:

Top Up Your Stationery With Coloured Envelopes, Notebooks And More

In the UK we have a store called Hobbycraft that is a bit of a goldmine for all those scrap-booking and craft items you love to add to your day planners to make then unique. Hobbycraft stores are usually found on retail parks and can be a bit of an Aladdins cave for finding pens, pencils, notebooks, desk accessories and craft items in your favourite colours.

Great marketing today is all about making the effort to make a great first impression (like coloured envelopes for your next client quotations, or sending Thank You notes to your customers) so head to your nearest store to find out what they have that you can use.

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Female Entrepreneur Home Office Idea #8:

And What Would We Do Without IKEA?

I hope you are feeling inspired by now to create the home office of your dreams!

And it would not be complete without a trip to IKEA for brilliant shelving and storage solutions at bargain prices. (you can pick up a pink tool kit for yourself to put everything together on Amazon too)

Streamline all your files with white folders or document holders to keep your space clean and organised both inside all your drawers and out.

IKEA have some amazing drawer dividers for a few pounds that make light work of organizing your drawer space and head to your local Staples or office supply store to find folders in a wide choice of colours to suit your brand.

And of course if you haven’t got time to go to the office stores, they can easily come to you. Ryman are great.

Also try AmazonEbay & Etsy for inspiration and unique accessories to create your perfect female entrepreneur work from home office.


  1. Your environment matters more than you think. A tidy office is a reflection of a tidy mind.
  2. Make the most of working from home with pretty office spaces, great lighting and a comfy chair.
  3. Create the ultimate work / life balance with a treadmill near or in your office.
  4. Take regular exercise to boost your energy and stimulate your creativity.
  5. Shop for all kinds of desk accessories and storage to help create a stunning place to work on your project lifestyle business..

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