How To Set & Achieve Goals As Fast As Possible (Goal Setting Process)

How To Set & Achieve Goals As Fast As Possible (Goal Setting Process)

How To Set & Achieve Goals As Fast As Possible (A Goal Setting Process)

 Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. If you decide to participate in the 100 Day Challenge, I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I recommend the 100 Day Challenge only because I have had massively good experience with it (and still use it every year) . For more info feel free to read my disclosure page here.

How To Set & Achieve Goals Step 1 :Where To Start

Setting & Achieving your goals for the coming 12 months starts with brainstorming the top 5 goals you want to achieve.

You don’t have to wait until New Years Day to do this you can start as soon as you’ve read this blog post.

Think of 5 utterly amazing things you want to achieve in your life in the coming year and write them down.

Choose one goal as you priority goal.

Your priority goal is the ONE goal that when you achieve it will make at least 3 or 4 of your other goals happen almost by default.

(Clue! It is usually a financial or income goal)

This becomes your priority goal and should be the one you focus on.

100 Days from Now - 100 Day Challenge


You can achieve anything you want in life.

Whether it’s losing weight,

Buying a new home or car,

Running your first half-marathon,

Or starting your own million dollar business from your kitchen table.

All you need to do first is to sit down and plan out as many of the steps you need to take.

As you piece them together step-by-step you will automatically achieve your goal.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know or can’t see ALL the steps at the start,

The rest will appear along the way.

[click_to_tweet tweet="It doesn’t matter if you don’t know or can’t see ALL the steps at the start, The rest will appear along the way." quote="It doesn’t matter if you don’t know or can’t see ALL the steps at the start, The rest will appear along the way." theme="style4"]

Tweet that! 

As long as you have a starting point (POINT A)

And a goal in mind or destination (POINT B)

You just need to focus on the bit in the middle and make it happen.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get about setting & achieving goals is:-

“Can’t I just manifest things by using the Law of Attraction?”

Now obviously it is way more fun to dream big,

Create a beautiful vision board,

Visualize your goals every day,

Repeat positive affirmations,

And manifest it all simply by using the Law of Attraction,

(I do it all the time by the way.)

Ask – Believe – Receive right?

But is that really how it works?

Or do you need to create a plan,

Do lots of hard work,

And then see things start to develop around you?

Goal Setting And The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a universal law that is working all the time.

Whether you choose to believe it or not.

BUT it can’t simply JUST replace taking positive action steps every day towards achieving your priority goal.

For example you can’t simply manifest yourself a slimmer body.

You have to change your eating habits,

Take regular exercise and lift weights.

But when you are aligned and in the same vibration of having already achieved your goal you feel good about it.

Then the Universe will respond and deliver inspired ideas,

People, tools & resources to help you along the way.

That one thunderbolt idea can literally be the catalyst. It can spark a sequence of events that have the power to transform your life so pay attention to them!

But obviously you can’t just expect something to literally fall out of the sky and appear in front of you as if by magic.

(you are way too smart for that)

Making things happen and setting & achieving your goals is something that takes hard work,


Consistency and action of the right kind each and every day.

A vision board will act as a constant reminder of what your intentions are.

And remind you of why you need to keep going when you hit a bump in the road.

Review it daily to imprint those images into your subconscious mind now.

Visualize that dream life daily like playing it out like a movie in your mind.

Then when you’ve had all the fun of dreaming bigger,

Creating your vision board.

And setting your goals in concrete,

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and go to work on making it happen

How To Set & Achieve Goals Step 2 : Begin The Goal Setting Process

I’m not one for setting realistic goals for myself.

I like to SET AUDACIOUS GOALS and the bigger the better.

If goals do not excite you enough you won’t prioritize the time and effort needed to achieve them.

Big goals are just a set of little goals reached strung together.

So even if you set BIG GOALS break them down into small bite-sized chunks that build into your big goal piece by piece.

And they also need to stretch you.

There’s a beautiful quote that captures it:

"When you want something you've never had, you must do something you've never done. Set a goal."

[click_to_tweet tweet="'When you want something you've never had, you must do something you've never done. Set a goal.'" quote="'When you want something you've never had, you must do something you've never done. Set a goal.'" theme="style6"]

Tweet that!

For example:-

Let’s say you want to drop 50lbs of excess body fat.

Within the next 12 months.

That’s your goal made in concrete.

You create a vision board full of all the wonderful ways in which your life will be amazing after you reach your goal.

This is your visualization tool.

Now write down as many ideas as possible that you can think of that will help you achieve your goal.

Things like:-

  • Hire a personal trainer for 6 months.Research vegetarian lunch ideas.
  • Find nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinners to make it easy to make the right choices every day.
  • Research the benefits of eating vegan.
  • Research how many glasses of water is recommended daily.
  • Find an app for your smartphone to help you track your calorie burn and food every day.
  • Join a gym.
  • Find a jogging buddy.
  • Get new workout clothes.
  • Upgrade trainers.
  • Create a YouTube video playlists of workouts you can do anywhere.
  • Research cost of hand weights, treadmill or exercise bike for using at home.
  • Create a budget to buy hand weights or treadmill.
  • Create a gym playlist on your smartphone.
  • Plan new cycle route to work.
  • Get a fitbit or tracker to track daily steps.
  • Set up an Instagram account to photograph and track what you eat every day.

The more you can add to your master to-do list at this stage the better. .

To set & achieve goals quickly and effectively planning is a key step in the goal setting process.

So many people skip this step so don’t let that be you!

My guess is you are a #projectlifestyle seeker just like me and that instantly makes you an achiever.

How To Set & Achieve Goals Step 3 : Write Everything Down

Whenever you set & achieve goals you enter into a constantly evolving goals setting process that is going to be organic.

Every action you take has the power to either take you one step towards.

Or further away from your goals.

As you start to take daily action steps towards achieving your goals you begin to change everything about the future version of yourself.

Your business.

Or your life so each step is as important as the next.

My business mentor once told me a story that I’ve always remembered about achieving goals.

He said,

“Imagine you are going to be climbing a mountain.

You are standing at the bottom of the mountain looking up to the highest point.

And you have a ruck-sack full of all different shapes and sizes of rocks on your back.

Every time you take a step up the mountain you can throw out a rock.

The question is which one of those rocks will get you to the top of the mountain the fastest?

The answer is .. any one of them."

So my friends, you have my permission to stop beating yourself up.

When all you could manage in a day was one small step forwards.

One small step forwards everyday,

Will eventually move you from the bottom of the mountain to the top.

The real secret to setting & achieving your goals is to start and don’t stop.

But unless you have a goal setting process in place,

It's tricky to manage.

And you will start deviating or getting distracted along the way.

Which is likely to delay you from reaching your goals.

A to B is the quickest route to setting & achieving your goals.

But finding the best way to stay on track is the secret sauce.

How To Set & Achieve Goals Step 4 : Set Yourself Up With A Daily Action Step List

I’ve been a fan of Gary Ryan Blair’s 100 Day Challenge for years.

It’s a complete goal setting process.

It's designed to help you set & achieve your goals fast.

One of it’s many features is the ability to focus in your Daily Action To-Do List.

These are your priority action steps each day.

You should aim to take between 1 and 5 steps further towards your goal each and every day.

If your goal is a side-hustle of any kind,

(for example starting or building a new business in part-time hours around your day job) ..

Then you might want to aim at 1-2 steps per day.

If you are able to focus more of your time on your goals then aim for a maximum of 5 and then plan the next day.

Within Gary Ryan’s Blair 100 Day Challenge program you will find an easy way to do this.

Simply watch the daily video,

Or listen to the audio.

Commit to what you are going to do that day.

And either email your daily action steps to yourself or print it out & cross them off as you go.

Every video is only a few minutes long.

But they will challenge you to think more successfully and create a winning mindset.)

I've been a huge fan of everything to do with personal development over the years.

Yet I found the daily videos one of the most rewarding aspects of the 100 Day Challenge.

Gary Ryan Blair’s ability to frame each component part of the 100 Day Challenge with an inspiring or thought provoking story,

Is something that will stay with you long after you complete the 100 Day Challenge )

You can watch one of the videos from the 100 Day Challenge below.

This one is all about. …. EXCELLENCE

(this will be your new standard once you complete the Challenge) 

Excellence is a Choice Video - 100 Day Challenge

Creating a daily habit of managing your task list is an essential part of setting & achieving your goals.

Add new steps and ideas to the Master To-Do List you created in step #2 and then select your daily tasks from that list.

Obviously some tasks will take a shorter time than others.

It is good practice to create an approximate time it will take to carry out each daily task next to the task itself.

You will then want to prioritize the most important one.

This book is utterly brilliant by the way if you have any tendencies to procrastinate :-

You’ll quickly discover that taking action on your goals brings you good energy.

This allows you to feel in a good vibration,

And make the whole process of setting & achieving your goals even easier.

How To Set & Achieve Goals Step 5 : Do Whatever You Can To Keep Visualizing Achieving Your Goals

One of the best techniques for managing your time and staying focused came from a course I took several years ago.

But it’s still as good today as it was back then.

Work in time blocks during your day.

It's one of the best ways to manage all your business orientated tasks without overwhelm.

As a business owner you already know there are many “hats to wear”. “Balls to juggle” or “plates to spin”.

You might be a solopreneur where you are literally every department of your business.

You are sales, Marketing, Business development,

Production, Customer services, Social media manager and more.

So managing your time effectively is an important part of achieving everything you need to do.

As the great saying goes, we all have the same 24 hours in the day it’s just how you manage your time.

Tip! For combining block management, your visualization tools and your smart phone try this:-

  • Use blocks of time of 40-45 minutes as your standard.
  • Allocate focused time blocks to your tasks to complete for the day.
  • Set your smartphone for 45 minute reminder / alarm.
  • Work solidly for that focused time.
  • After 45 minutes get up.
  • Take in some exercise.
  • And carry out your visualization of reaching your goals for the next 15 minutes.
  • Rinse & repeat the steps above for maximum productivity.
  • Spend time focused on productive tasks.
  • Adjust as necessary for the available hours you have dedicated to achieving your goals.

The 15 minutes break you take every 45 minutes will help feed your mind and body.

This will keep you in an optimum performance state where you will ultimately achieve more and faster.

How To Set & Achieve Goals Step 6 : Write Your Goals As If You Have Already Achieved Them

To achieve your goals in the fastest time possible you will need to create a paradigm shift in your thinking.

I think Bob Proctor is the best in the world at explaining this,

So I’ve added his video on it right here so you can watch & listen for yourself.

Whether you are just starting out,

Or have been trying to achieve an elusive goal of yours for some time,

It is impossible to think the same and expect a different result.

By reprogramming your subconscious mind in the right way you can "trick" it into believing you have already achieved your goals.

And that you are already the person you need to become in the future right now.

Sounds a little “woo woo” huh?

One of the easiest ways to trick your subconscious mind is to start writing your goals out as if you have already achieved them.

For example:-

Instead of writing “I will earn an extra $100,000 in the next 12 months”


I am so happy & grateful now that ..

I am earning an extra $100,000 a year working part-time hours building my business.

Instead of writing “I will lose 50lbs of excess body fat within the next 12 months”


I am so happy & grateful now that I am in the best shape of my life.

And enjoying all the benefits of healthy eating and daily workouts.

How To Set & Achieve Goals Step 7: Ask Yourself “How Can I Achieve This Goal?”

This is one of the phenomenal tips from Brian Tracy about setting & achieving your goals.

And it’s also one of the most counter intuitive things you could possibly do.

Which is to ask yourself how you are going to achieve your goal?

Now you are probably reading this & thinking,

“Well Diane if I knew how to do the thing in the first place I’d have done it by now!?!”

But what if it makes the difference between reaching those big audacious goals or not it’s definitely worth a try isn’t it?

The secret according to Brian Tracy is to ask yourself the question and then write down 20 answers to the question.

I’ve found this only works with absolutely zero distractions (or people) around you.

(yes, even the cat)

So look at the priority goal you have set yourself and ask yourself how can this goal be achieved?

For example:- If you were to ask yourself this question:-

"How could I create $1,000 in passive income each and every month?"

You might come up with answers such as:-

  • I could create a new ecourse that sells for $97,and sell 10 of them per month on my website.
  • I could write a great affiliate blog post and promote it on Pinterest or Facebook.
  • I could increase the price of my current best selling product by $10.

Your mind is an amazing resource to tap into.

Whether you think you know the answer to something or not.

Chances are you will instinctively come up with something that will be exactly the right thing to do next.

Or you may find yourself waking up in the middle of the night with the most brilliant idea.

So make sure you have a pen and paper by your bedside once you start asking yourself how you can achieve your goals.

Lightning bolts of brilliance frequently come to you during the night.

Because that's when your subconscious mind is working on solving problems.

How To Set & Achieve Goals Step 8 : Review, Track & Adjust Your Progress Weekly

Once you make the decision to turn your can’ts into cans and your dreams into plans you will want to monitor how you are doing.

And measure your progress along the way.

Inside the Gary Ryan Blair’s 100 Day Challenge dashboard is something he calls his After Action Review worksheet.

Or AAR for short.

It’s been proven that people who take action quickly on their ideas are more likely to achieve their goals.

And achieving goals can become totally predictable.

When you put all these steps into place as you plan out how to set & achieve your goals.

At the end of every week review how much progress towards your priority goal you have actually made.

It's a necessary step in the goal setting process.

This benefits you in several ways:-

  • You will see that are making progress and feel good about it.
  • You will also see where further improvements can be made and make any necessary adjustments.
  • You can eliminate ineffective strategies.
  • Stop everything that simply isn't working.
  • You can brainstorm new ideas based on your progress and efforts so far.
  • And add them to your Master To-Do List for prioritizing during your time managed blocks.

Once you become involved within the goal setting process you begin to create an organic framework of constant and never ending improvement.

This is often referred to as personal development.

Within Gary Ryan Blair’s 100 Day Challenge program you become part of that organic framework of members who are united in the pursuit of excellence.

You can’t help yourself!

It’s a mindset challenge that will put you to the test in new ways you would never have thought possible.

Give yourself the best chance possible of achieving your goals,

With a goal setting system designed to help you achieve more in the next 100 Days than most people do in a lifetime.

In Summary

  • Setting & Achieving your goals for the coming 12 months starts with brainstorming.
  • Set your top 5 goals you want to achieve within the next 12 months.
  • Big goals are just a set of little goals reached strung together.
  • Whenever you set & achieve goals you enter into a constantly evolving goals setting process that is going to be organic.
  • If your goal is a side-hustle of any kind (for example starting or building a new business in part-time hours around your day job) then you might want to aim at 1-2 steps per day.
  • Working in time blocks during your day is one of the best ways to manage all your business orientated tasks without overwhelm.
  • One of the easiest ways to trick your subconscious mind is to start writing your goals out as if you have already achieved them.
  • Ask yourself how you are going to achieve your goal?
  • At the end of every week review how much progress towards your priority goal you have actually made.

For a world class one of a kind program designed specifically to help you set & achieve every goals you set yourself in the fastest possible time check out Gary Ryan Blair’s 100 Day Challenge today.

(Remember quick action takers become the highest achievers)

Quantum Leap - 100 Day Challenge

To your goal setting success!










Diane Cossie, Creative Online Marketing 

How To Get More Followers On Twitter (Best Way Guaranteed)

How To Get More Followers On Twitter (Best Way Guaranteed)

How To Get Followers On Twitter (Best Way Guaranteed)

Free Social Media Training Tip For Small Business Owners

How to get followers on Twitter? How to use Twitter for small business and how to get more followers on Twitter are the two most frequently asked questions I get from local small business owners to me and entrepreneurs who book my popular free consultations in the Shropshire area of the UK.

It seems Twitter still holds a fascination for most small business owners today when it comes to increasing their reach, making great connections, building their network and building their brand using social media.

Twitter is still the best platform in the social media space for PR, News and the ability to use the @mention feature that can literally put you in front of anyone on a daily basis.

It’s also a conversation tool preferred by celebrities who can simply share an update directly from their smart phone making it immensely personal and cutting edge.

Twitter is still the #1 tool on the web for the latest News from around the world and it’s still a brilliant social media platform for small business owners and entrepreneurs who use it effectively to get more targeted followers on Twitter.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Twitter is still the #1 tool on the web for the latest News from around the world” quote=”Twitter is still the #1 tool on the web for the latest News from around the world” theme=”style1″]

Tweet that! 

1. Start By Finding The Top Influencers In Your Niche

If you have been in your niche for a few years, the chances are you will know quite a few of the top influencers but I guarantee you will not know them all.

The easiest way to find out who the top influencers are in your niche is to use:-

This brilliant site will help you in many ways but for now let’s focus on how to get followers on Twitter with the emphasis on QUALITY over quantity. You ideally need to attract like minded followers and especially active followers to help establish good connections and build your network.

  1. Sign up for a free account at
  2. Enter a keyword or search term in the top right hand side of the page.

*NB make a note of all the related topics that show up in the RELATED TOPICS area directly beneath the search box for future use and to use to cross reference other influencers

2. Next Select The Influencers Tab

To find the top influencers in your niche select the INFLUENCERS tab from the menu and start following any of the influencers you are not already following.

Start by following 10 per day until you have followed all of the ones you resonate with.

This is the easiest way to start following the right connections and learning from people who are at the top of their game in your niche.

One of the benefits of social media is that you can literally see and follow everything top people in your niche "do" so that you can start to piece together your own social media strategy for your business by following a great example and then making it your own.

The focus is on connections and growing your network.

3. Daily Activities On A Consistent Basis Is The #1 Best Way Get More Followers On Twitter

"more followers Twitter"

The best way to grow your Twitter following and get more Twitter followers is to do something every day.

Twitter is going to restrict you on how many people you can follow each day but by following 20 -30 like-minded people every day you can build your following by 1,000 new followers a month.

I personally follow the original Twitter etiquette of if someone follows you, then follow back (with the obvious exceptions of weird, odd, naked or psycho looking Twitter profiles) but I certainly would recommend that Twitter is all about connectivity so connect!

Other daily activities you should be focused on making part of your daily networking routine include:-

  • Follow 10 influencer Twitter accounts.
  • Like 10 Tweets on Twitter every day.
  • Review and respond to all messages, comments and direct messages (where appropriate)
  • Actively seek out great content to share.
  • Recommend people using the #FF or #FollowFriday Twitter trend.
  • Thank people for RT's, mentions or shares.
  • Study and make note of which hashtags are used most often by people in your niche.
  • If you are growing a network locally search by location to connect with people in your local network too.
  • Post great original content.
  • Use the @mention function to attract influencers attention to something you shared that may mention them in a positive way or quote them. An RT from one of them can be very influential to you too.

4. The Best Tip I've Ever Seen About How To Get More Followers On Twitter

Obviously people are not going to follow you back if you never post anything or if what you post is not attractive to your ideal clients, customers or potential connections but in general one of the best tips I've ever used for building a Twitter following is to:-

Follow at least 20-30 people today who are already following one of the top influencers in your niche. 

For example one of the stand out heroine's in my niche is the beautiful and very talented Ali Brown.

I've been following her for years but the principle is the same in any niche.

  1. Go to your top influencers Twitter profile.
  2. Select the "Followers" tab.
  3. Carefully start adding 20-30 people from the Followers of your top influencers Twitter profile.
  4. For best results go to each profile and make sure they are active on Twitter.
  5. Chances are they will follow you back (which is where your social media strategy comes into play.)

5. Bonus Tip!

If you use Hootsuite to manage Twitter (and if you don't use it yet, you should, it's brilliant!).

You can create a Twitter List for all your top influencers within your Twitter account.

Then simply add a new stream to your Hootsuite dashboard for all the updates from your top influencers list and voila you have a handy way to follow what they are all doing on a day to day basis to grow their Twitter fan base and their brand.

Summary On How To Get More Followers On Twitter

  • Growing your Twitter following the right way is a daily essential task as you grow your social media presence.
  • Twitter will restrict how many people you can add every day as an anti-spam measure. (Good on you Twitter!)
  • Use http://www.rightrelevance.comto find top infleuncers in your niche this is super important to get more followers on Twitter.
  • Follow as many as you need to and for a bonus tip create a list on Twitter and add the stream from that list in Hootsuite to learn from and engage with.
  • Look to build your following naturally at around 20-30 people a day. It's about connections first not numbers or vanity metrics that won't help you build your brand in the long run.

To your online marketing success!










Diane Cossie, Creative Online Marketing Ltd

How To Create A Motivational Quote For Facebook Using Canva

How To Create A Motivational Quote For Facebook Using Canva

How To Create A Motivational Quote For Facebook Using Canva

Whether you use Facebook as a user or as a business, motivational quotes still outperform most images for likes, comments & shares. We live in a world where the News fills us with dread, and we are constantly being bombarded with marketing messages, adverts, offers and the latest celebrity & politician’s shenanigans so when we scroll the Facebook Newsfeed every day we anticipate some kind of positivity please! is a brilliant free online graphic designing tool that is simple to use and very effective at creating your own Motivational Quote of the Day for your Facebook profile or page.

Here’s how to create a motivational quote for Facebook using Canva.


Here’s Exactly How To Create A Motivational Quote For Facebook Using Canva

"how to create a motivational quote for Facebook"


In this blog post I’m going to show you a Canva tutorial about creating a unique tip of the day or branded motivational quote for social media.

Running an online business can quickly become a daunting task when it comes to creating content and images as and when you need them.

Especially since social media came along and demanded fresh DAILY content too!


So what’s a solopreneur to do?

Outsource or learn a new skill.

No challenge there really, it had to be learn a new skill

 (because it will pay you back over and over again.)

And you could easily spend your entire monthly marketing budget outsourcing the task at or buying royalty free images from Shutterstock.

Before came along images were one of my BIGGEST challenges.

Even though I’m pretty good at art and interior design, creating what I thought would look good online with the tools available before Canva was not exactly easy.

Now I get great comments about my Instagram page and I don’t try to reinvent the wheel with every image I create.

I found that by creating a BRAND MOOD BOARD suddenly everything started to click into place and become easier and easier to do.

Plus the images started to look good too!

There is a video above, or follow the instructions below, either way, you'll soon be creating social media updates like a pro!


 Creating A Unique Quote, Tip, Word or Thought for the Day with my Canva Tutorial.

One of the benefits of using Canva is that it opens the doors to unleashing your inner creativity in multiple ways to help you do everything from designing your own logo, blog headers, flyers, Facebook ads, Twitter posts, Ebooks, PDF’s, social media updates, plus a ton of other tasks you would usually have to outsource to a graphic designer.

With that said, not everybody can do Canva in quite the same way as someone who has an artistic flair or “an eye” for an eye catching design when they see it.

It’s a bit like decorating a house or creating a garden, some people can just visualize everything and exactly how it is going to look and others can’t.

But I don’t want you to throw your arms up in the air and decide that you are just one of those people who simply cannot create anything at the first hurdle,

(I was firmly in the CAN’T visualize it camp when I started)

But I carried on & practiced creating images because having unique content is key to a successful online business.

It recently also became more rare than a few years ago …

In a recent article about Facebook stories from the BufferApp a problem scenario with regards to changes in Facebook’s user behaviour it high-lighted the following trend:-

The fuel that has fired Facebook’s extraordinary growth so far is user-generated content.

However, the sharing of original, user-generated content such as status’ and images declined 21% between mid-2015 and mid-2016. At the same time, sharing of news articles and other outside links increased, The Information, a tech news site, reported.

For Facebook, this is a big problem.

Many of its users are no longer creating their own content, instead they are sharing links and information from other websites.

So how do you set yourself apart from your competitors AND give Facebook more of what it wants AND build your brand all at the same time?

Canva Tutorial Part 1. Start With Thinking About What Serves Your Audience?

You should spend a little time planning ahead and writing notes about who your audience is on social media.

Are they likely to be small business owners?

Yoga fanatics?

Football fans?


Or interior design lovers?

The more you can really think about who your ideal potential customers ARE the better.

Then you'll find it much easier to create content FOR them.

For example if you are in the health and fitness industry you might want to think about creating a motivational quote for the day to inspire people to keep up the good work.

"creative content club"

You want your audience to feel inspired by what you create for them every day.

Or you might want to create a Daily Tip or quick recipe idea on how to stay on track ..

Everyone loves a feel good way to start their day, which is we all love Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!

The vast majority of Facebook users share other people’s content.

Your goal as an entrepreneur is to become is the CREATOR of something unique to you, your business and your brand that people WANT to share on Facebook.

The difference may seem subtle (ie you are sharing great content) BUT the difference to your brand and your business will be immeasurable.

If you are planning on inspiring other people, building your brand and deciding on your “voice” within your online marketing mix then these simple, quick and easy to create daily updates are super simple with Canva.

Canva Tutorial Part 2. Next Decide On Your Branding

If you are brand new to your business and you are putting your branding together with all the great advice out there nowadays, lucky you!

To make it all just that little bit easier, a great place to start is by creating a BRAND MOOD BOARD.

Once you have your colours, fonts, brand keywords, textures and style nailed, everything you design will look more professional and “pulled together.”

Start by choosing 3 colours and think of at least one texture, you can find out more about branding your business by reading my recent post about brand mood boards by clicking here.

And if you are using Instagram, extra bonus tip is to use wording on a white background because they really “pop” and stand out like this …

For a fantastic example of putting all of this into action be sure to follow Foundr magazine, their blend of content & updates is fabulous!


Canva Tutorial Part 3. Decide On Your Royalty Free Image Sources And Bookmark Them

I happen to LOVE Bigstockphoto for images, I think their selection is excellent and they have a flexible reasonably priced Credit plan to buy images as and when you need them.

Another great resource is within Canva itself at an incredibly low priced $1.00 per image or choose from an abundance of free ones on offer there too.

Two of the best free image resources online are:-


*Bonus tip! 

Use the filter options in CANVA to make use of images you love more than once by changing their colour ..

One like this one …


Became … this when I used one of the filter options in CANVA & started planning my branding in more detail


Canva Tutorial Part 4. Find Inspiration Everywhere!

Start A PINTEREST board for Motivational Quotes and start collecting.

Use Pinterest to search for terms like:-

Motivational quotes about life

Empowering quotes

Success mindset quotes

Fitness quotes

Inspirational quotes

Female entrepreneur quotes

Oprah quotes

The list is endless.


Pick up a book from your bookshelf and find something inspiring to share from it.

Or think of something you’ve said to a friend, family member or client that they found helpful

The more gold nuggets you seek out the easier they are to find.

After several years now of regurgitating “famous quotes” it’s the uniquely created ones with words of your own that will ultimately help you stand out.

It’s a very strange feeling “bigging up yourself” I say feel the fear and do it anyway because you have to become your number one cheerleader so that you can lead and inspire others and help them turn their can’ts into their cans and their drams into plans.

[click_to_tweet tweet="As the Managing Director or CEO of your company it's up to YOU to be out there building your brand" quote="As the Managing Director or CEO of your company it's up to YOU to be out there building your brand" theme="style3"]

Tweet that! 


You’ll find everything to do with images so much easier the more you do of them.

And when you decide on YOUR BRANDING it will all become 100% clear how to create everything in your business so that you develop a style all of your own.


  1. Spend a little time really thinking about how you can create something unique for your audience.
  2. Sharing tons of “other people’s stuff” as your entire social media strategy is not going to get you where you want to be.
  3. A daily tip, thought, prayer, affirmation or quote is an easy way to get started creating unique branded content for your business.
  4. CANVA is an online place where I typically spend part of my every working day.
  5. Creating new content every day gives you an arsenal of updates when it’s time to go on vacation
  6. For more Canva tutorials & everything to do with effective content marketing, check out the Project Lifestyle Club today!


To your online marketing success!










Diane Cossie, Creative Online Marketing 

8 Gorgeous Female Entrepreneur Home Office Ideas

8 Gorgeous Female Entrepreneur Home Office Ideas

Get Inspired By These 8 Gorgeous Female Entrepreneur Home Office Ideas

Gorgeous female entrepreneur home office ideas are everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram these days.

You can’t go past the first few images on your Newsfeeds before you see yet another pretty home or home office that simply inspires you to head out to your nearest Hobbycraft or IKEA determined to get super organised and make your work place a better place to be.

It is often said that your environment is a reflection of your mind and working in a clean, well organised home office space and with anything and everything today available in your favourite branding colours, spending a little bit of time organising your home office space will help boost your energy and creativity to help you make your new role as a female entrepreneur a breeze.

Finding inspiration today is only a few clicks away so I thought I’d share some of my favourite finds for creating the most gorgeous female entrepreneur home office ever!

8 Gorgeous Female Entrepreneur Home Office Ideas That You’ll Want To Copy

"Female Entrepreneur Home Office Ideas"


Original Source

Female Entrepreneur Home Office Idea #1 :

Make Your Home Office A More Gorgeous Space To Work In

When you walk into your home office space it should make you smile, feel relaxed and ready to start your work for the day. This female entrepreneur home office idea incorporates both pretty accessories and a perfect desk area with a light reflecting surface to keep the light bouncing around the room.

Some carefully chosen accessories in your brand colours will help you look and feel like the CEO of your own company that you are.

Working from home perks include no dull office desks or battleship grey bland decor. Pep up your office space to feel energised.

"Female Entrepreneur Home Office Ideas"


Original Source 

Female Entrepreneur Home Office Idea #2 :

Add A Cabinet Behind You For Added Storage And Mood Lighting

One of the best investments you can make for your female entrepreneur home office space is an accent office chair. If it’s in one of your brand colours then all the better. Rugs do help protect the flooring underneath from chairs with castors and by adding the storage cabinet to the back wall you not only add extra storage but you can add lamps for mood lighting too.

Another one of the advantages of being a home based entrepreneur is that you can say goodbye to the industrial overhead strip lighting associated with office blocks and enjoy creating a more relaxing and ambient office to work in using lamps.

"Female Entrepreneur Home Office Ideas"


Original Source

Female Entrepreneur Home Office Idea #3 :

Find A Space You Love In Your Home And Claim It As Your Office Space

With a simple alcove space you can easily recreate this lovely home office idea. By adding some wood paneling to the wall, the flooring carries out to create the illusion of more space and by adding the open shelving you can display some of your favourite accessories or quotes in frames that are totally on brand for you.

Female entrepreneur office ideas that are feminine & pretty are perfect for a room of their own but if your home office space is in the main part of your home, blending in your space to your home in this way is the perfect way to have a designated space that you can enjoy that also looks very much part of your home too.

"Female Entrepreneur Home Office Ideas"


Original Source

Female Entrepreneur Home Office Idea #4:

If Space Isn’t An Issue Consider Creating The Perfect Work / Life Balance Home Office

Another huge advantage to being a female entrepreneur working from home is the ability to manage a better work / life balance. That is not to say it is easy because temptations are around you all day, every day that aren’t usually there when you have a strict 9 to 5 at the office job.

One of the first things to take control of is using that commute time to your advantage with a home / office treadmill.

It is all too easy to stack up home office hours that involve spending a ton of time sat behind your desk at your computer, and that isn’t healthy. So if your home office space allows, get a treadmill near your desk and take regular walking breaks on it.

Exercise will clear your mind and give you an energy boost whenever you need it.

"Female Entrepreneur Home Office Ideas"



Original Source

Female Entrepreneur Home Office Idea #5:

Whatever The Size Of Your Home Office Space Think Storage, Storage, Storage.

This home office idea makes brilliant use of all available space and has a ton of built in storage solutions. Even in the digital business world you are going to need storage for your files, books, pens, paper, accessories, chargers and client details just as you would if your office was on the High Street.

By carefully planning your space to include cupboards and drawers that suit the size of files (or even come complete with filing drawers) you will also have a beautiful uncluttered office space to start your day.

A great idea is to keep a mini office cleaning kit in one of your office cupboards so that you end each day with a quick wipe down of all your surfaces to help it stay sparkling, clean and inviting.

"Female Entrepreneur Home Office Ideas"


Original source

Female Entrepreneur Home Office Idea #6 :

Accessorize Your Office With These Amazing Ideas

Rose gold is a very popular colour choice for us female entrepreneurs and thankfully you can easily get all sorts of office accessories in rose gold and other colours to make sure your home office space is as coordinated as your favourite outfit.

Find accessories like these on Amazon for the best deals.

Surrounding yourself with little things that inspire you to keep your office space totally gorgeous and on brand will help you feel like you are running your business with flair and styling all of your own.

"Female Entrepreneur Home Office Ideas"


Original Source

Female Entrepreneur Home Office Idea #7:

Top Up Your Stationery With Coloured Envelopes, Notebooks And More

In the UK we have a store called Hobbycraft that is a bit of a goldmine for all those scrap-booking and craft items you love to add to your day planners to make then unique. Hobbycraft stores are usually found on retail parks and can be a bit of an Aladdins cave for finding pens, pencils, notebooks, desk accessories and craft items in your favourite colours.

Great marketing today is all about making the effort to make a great first impression (like coloured envelopes for your next client quotations, or sending Thank You notes to your customers) so head to your nearest store to find out what they have that you can use.

"Female Entrepreneur Home Office Ideas"


Original Source

Female Entrepreneur Home Office Idea #8:

And What Would We Do Without IKEA?

I hope you are feeling inspired by now to create the home office of your dreams!

And it would not be complete without a trip to IKEA for brilliant shelving and storage solutions at bargain prices. (you can pick up a pink tool kit for yourself to put everything together on Amazon too)

Streamline all your files with white folders or document holders to keep your space clean and organised both inside all your drawers and out.

IKEA have some amazing drawer dividers for a few pounds that make light work of organizing your drawer space and head to your local Staples or office supply store to find folders in a wide choice of colours to suit your brand.

And of course if you haven’t got time to go to the office stores, they can easily come to you. Ryman are great.

Also try AmazonEbay & Etsy for inspiration and unique accessories to create your perfect female entrepreneur work from home office.


  1. Your environment matters more than you think. A tidy office is a reflection of a tidy mind.
  2. Make the most of working from home with pretty office spaces, great lighting and a comfy chair.
  3. Create the ultimate work / life balance with a treadmill near or in your office.
  4. Take regular exercise to boost your energy and stimulate your creativity.
  5. Shop for all kinds of desk accessories and storage to help create a stunning place to work on your project lifestyle business..

To your online marketing success!










Diane Cossie

How To Create A Brand Mood Board For Your Business

How To Create A Brand Mood Board For Your Business

How To Create A Brand Mood Board For Your Business

Creating a brand mood board for your business can really help you build a better brand, and create every image for your blogs, social media and products so much easier and faster. Read through the blog below for extra tips or watch the video for a walk-through of the whole process.

So What Exactly Is A Brand Mood Board?

And why is it helpful to small business owners looking to make more of a splash on social media?

"brand mood board"

Online branding is something small business owners are learning about.

When I first started working with what became my first company back in 1990,

Small business owners were 10 times more likely to just open up a shop and get something going.

That wasn’t much thought about anything other than a logo, a letterhead and some business cards.

It was simple.

And your nearest competitor was another shop in another part of your town.

We had NO internet,

NO social media,

NO way of knowing “how to grow your brand”

unless it was in a book,

& absolutely NO hours spent wondering what your mission was or any other current must-haves …

 We just set up shop and got going.

Focusing on good customer service.

But in today’s trend-setting world,

Your brand and your branding should ideally all match.

Your fonts should be consistent.

And your brand and social media updates should look Pinnable or Instagram worthy at all times.



It can all seem pretty daunting.

And if you don’t know where to start,

(like me a few months ago)

I’ll give you some helpful links,

plus share some great tools with you,

and the easiest way to go about it right here.

So read on to find out how to create a brand mood board for your business.

Small Business Brand Mood Boards Made Easy

Select 3 Colours That Will Form The Basis Of Your Brand

"brand mood board"

3 colours will become your brand colour palette.

3 colours will give you a whole variety of options.

When it comes to design, think of your branding like you were wearing an outfit.

Or decorating a room.

You probably wouldn’t wear more than two colours plus an accent colour.

And you probably wouldn’t decorate a room like a rainbow.

Hence 3 is great (and easy) way to start.

Before I carried out my social media audit last year, I was following the feminine driven blush & rose gold trend just to be “on trend” rather than in tune with my personal brand.

That’s a mistake right there, yes I’m a girl who likes pretty things but I’ve always loved white / black & gold so I ran with that.

Choose colours that resonate with YOU.

And your company.

In a style that you can live with for quite some time.

And make sure that the 3 brand colours you choose are readily available.

(you’ll see why a little later)

Stick with at least one tried and tested colour and understand it’s meaning.

You will be drawn to colours that you love,

you can’t help it,

but there are psychological factors at play here, that you might want to think about before you decide on your brand colours:-

Colours that attract customers to buy?

Red is the colour of power.

When you want to be viewed as trustworthy and cool, blue is the colour for you. …

Vying for the attention of a young female demographic?

Colours that might unfluence people?


Red – Creates a sense of urgency. (Fast food is often red)

Blue – The preferred colour for men.

Green – Associated with health, tranquility, power, and nature.

Purple – Commonly associated with royalty, wisdom, and respect. (Also one of the most preferred colours for women)

Orange & Yellow – Cheerful colours that promote optimism.

Don’t over think it.

And don’t choose a colour just because it’s supposed to attract money (it isn’t as simple as that)

Choose 2 main colours,

Plus an accent colour that brings everything to life

Use Pinterest to help give you some ideas by searching for Brand Mood Board Ideas like this:-

"brand mood board"


Canva have created an awesome blog post all about colours, which you can read by clicking here.

Brand Mood Boards Made Easy:

 Next Start Collecting Royalty Free Images In Your Main Colours

3 of my favourite sources of royalty free images are:-

1. Bigstock Photo(it’s a paid for service, but the variety and selection is huge.)

TIP!** You can buy credit packs which work out to be really good value if you only download the smallest sized images for 1 credit each.

2. Unsplashis a fantastic free resource packed with amazing free images that you can use in creative ways.

3. is not only my favourite graphic designing tool, but it has a huge library of free images you can use too.

By building up your library of images in your brand colours,

You will also have a media pack style image library to use as backgrounds.

Use them for your blog post title images,

your social media updates,

the events you run

plus a whole host of other image related branding options.

Bonus Tip! Search for images by COLOUR for best results.

“images with white desktop background”

or “desktop scene with blue”

work better than just an item that matches your quote.

You can never have enough of these and you will find you use them over & over again.

Brand Mood Boards Made Easy:

Now Think About Adding Textures

One of the key things that makes your website and branding really “pop” or stand out is using textures.

Just like adding a shaggy rug or scatter cushion to your plain carpet or sofa,

Some texture will lift everything on your website to a whole new level.

Head back to your royalty free images,

and start searching for “wallpaper”

or “backgrounds”

in one of your main colours.

You’ll be looking for high quality textured images like this for inspiration:-


Brand Mood Boards Made Easy:

Next Up Define Your Brand Keywords

Choosing your brand keywords can help you attract your ideal clients easily.

Your brand should be based on the same core values you uphold as a human being,

And if you honour them within your business,

they will help you attract the exact type of client you want to work with.

Here are some examples to start you thinking about what keywords will define you, your business and your brand:-












Good humour



Spirit of adventure










Service to others

Choose 5 that resonate with you, your brand and your mission.

The clearer you get to answering, “Why you are in business” the better.

And by defining your brand around your core values,  you will write better copy, headlines, and everything else to do with your marketing.

Brand Mood Boards Made Easy:

Design Your Logo

Start with a Pinterest search for “logo design inspiration”

or “logo personal branding”

and you’ll see a TON of results all aimed at helping you get your logo pulled together

(and fast).

I have seen people get so hung up on a logo that six months has gone by in their business while they are still in design mode. 

Don’t let that be you!

You are the Managing Director of your business and that makes you a decision maker.

Do it the easy way by creating 4 using Canva’s Logo Creator Tool 

Use your Pinterest search to guide you on your design ….

Remember your brand colour palette here,

don’t deviate or start all over again

just because you see a nice logo or two 😉

you need to focus purely on the overall design and fonts.

Contrasting fonts look great together, like SCRIPT and SIMPLE.

Check out this awesome online resource that allows you to play around with all sorts of fonts that contrast with each other.

Just make sure style does not make the wording illegible, especially if using a script font.

You can also use CANVA to guide you when it comes to creating logos

as they have hundreds of examples you can choose from and edit to your brand colours.

Brand Mood Boards Made Easy:

Find A Quote You Love That Motivates You

What’s that one quote that just resonates with you?

The one that you look at when everything is going pear-shaped and it just makes you feel 100 times more determined than ever before.

To make that break-through you’ve been promising yourself?

My guess is you already have one.

But if you haven’t, head over to Pinterest or Google and find one.

Then add it to your collection of branded goodies.

And get ready to piece the whole thing together,as you finally gather everything up and create your brand mood board.

Brand Mood Boards Made Easy:

Assemble Your Business Brand Mood Board

Once you have made your final choices on everything, head back to and choose the A4 template from the documents section.

 (that way you can frame it easily and hang it on your office wall).

Next select a grid with lots of options to add images of various sizes.


Then simply add all your images,

textures, fonts, logos, keywords and that one amazingly motivational quote into the boxes just like you were creating a vision board.

When you are next at IKEA, pick up a picture frame and hang your brand mood board on a wall in your office.

Somewhere can see it all the time.

It will help you design everything from your social media updates to your new business card and more.

Take a deep breath and relax!!  You’ve done it!


  1. Select 3 colours that will form the basis of your brand.
  2. Start collecting image backgrounds in your new colours, you will not run out of uses for them.
  3. Now add some textures & define your brand keywords.
  4. Design your logo (as quickly as possible) and find a special quote that will keep you motivated.
  5. Head over to Canva and create an A4 sized vision for your business.

To your online marketing success!










Diane Cossie