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3 Instagram Marketing Tips For Improving Organic Growth In 2019

In this blog post I’m going to cover:-

  • Why Instagram? & where it fits in your overall business or brand building strategy.
  • How to make the best use of your BIO and your BIO link.
  • Why creating THEMES for your Instagram page will keep things interesting for people visiting your page & encourage connections, comments & followers.

1. First up – why Instagram?

As a small business owner I could see (and enjoy) using Instagram! It’s fair to say I’ve bought more apps from Instagram than any other social media platform it seems to instinctively know what is in my head.

Penny drop moment right there – let’s not skip that important point.

Intuitively Instagram is showing me posts related to what I’ve been interested in.

Hmmmmm – interesting!

Instagram was always such a problem for me as a busy small business owner when posting everything via my iPhone was the opposite of how I wanted to spend my time.

But with a little research, Instagram and it’s real magic got me hooked.

  • 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram per day. Facebook owns Instagram so you can expect ongoing changes, features and benefits for businesses going forward.
  • You’ll find Instagram engagement is significantly higher than any other social media platform and the users are also considered to be buyers. (especially of APPS!)
  • It’s a tricky platform for small business owners to use as uploads to the platform are typically via your smart phone.
  • 60% of users say that they have learned about a product or service on the platform.” Instagram in essence, a social media channel, that plays a part in your overall social media & traffic generation strategy.
  • It’s quite fickle (and tricky) to grow a following initially as people LOVE to build a following for themselves, AND you have to post via your phone AND you only get one link in your bio to work with.

As some of the best Facebook features start to appear on Instagram and vice versa going forwards and Instagram’s natural affinity with YouTube in particular it’s time to shine on “The Gram.”

Instagram For Business & Why It’s So Powerful

  • It allows you to be candid & share behind the scenes updates.
  • Creating Instagram stories keeps you at the top of the screen.
  • It helps develop a deeper connection with your brand.
  • Hashtags allow you to amplify everything you do. Use them!
  • Not many small business owners use Instagram and even less local businesses or traditional businesses
  • It’s the perfect platform for short videos and apps & works well with YouTube.
  • It’s VERY visual so you will need to spend time create IMAGES & CONTENT (but that’s part of business today & shouldn’t put you off!)

Where Instagram Sits In Your Sales & Marketing Funnel

Don’t get caught up in all the hype about which platform is better than the others, ALL Social Media platforms are great for driving traffic to your website and they ALL have their own unique pros & cons.

INSTAGRAM is a potential traffic source for your business and just like ALL social media platforms it’s a place where people can get to know you, like you, trust you & follow you.

Your website is on the very busy new High Street called the internet 😉

Visitors to your website are like people coming into your store.

The more visitors you get into your store, & the better your sales & marketing funnel is, the more customers you are likely to get.

Instagram visitors are considered buyers & that makes them extremely valuable visitors to your website!

2. How To Make The Best Use of Your BIO and Your BIO link

Something that I know I didn’t think about when I first started digging into Instagram was that the “Your Name” field shows up in search.

So make sure you add what you do in the NAME FIELD. (EG:- DIANE – Digital Marketing Coach

If you have your own HASHTAG – put it in your bio (where it’s clickable) that way people can stream for the type of content you produce and gauge whether they want to Follow you or not as the case may be.

Use icons to enhance the bullet point look & add in a Signature Course or program you have to offer.

EG: ❤☀👀☕ etc

There should BE A CALL TO ACTION in your bio link that leads someone to taking the FIRST STEP to getting to know you, like you & trust you  (eg a LEAD MAGNET or Free Training / and if you can make it a Unique Promotion for Instagram Users then that would be a super good strategy to test & measure.

Add any Social Proof / Awards / Media you have …

And remember you have 150 characters available in your INSTAGRAM BIO so make them count.

For more than one link in your bio check out the wonderful LINKTREE and grab yourself a free account to experiment with more than one option in your bio.

3. Create 5-6 Themes & Rotate Them

We are ALL in publishing today!

Making images in your branded colours is just one of the joys of an online business and you won’t get very far without them.

CANVA,com is simply awesome. My images and my branding were in the dark ages before it come along, I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Creating images isn’t hard work (a night shift at the hospital in comparison IS) so no matter how you feel about your design skills, Canva is a free tool that will help you. And yes they have free tutorials too.

Instagram is 100% VISUAL. It’s a must-do.

So now that you have embraced that concept fully, to add variety and interest to your Instagram page and content think about your MAIN area of EXPERTISE (this should be linked to “what you are selling”).

Now write down 5 related themes you can create (or find & use) that would be tips, videos, articles, memes, quotes, images etc that would be interesting to your Instagram audience.

Eg: For Contemporary Log Living we use:- Self-Building / Home Designs, Annexes, Studios, B&B, Guest Lodges, Interior Design, Home Organisation.

Thinking & planning these out in advance saves you time & makes your INSTAGRAM page more appealing & interesting to gain more followers organically.

Ninja Tip! Follow influencers in your niche & spy on what type of content they share & what is most popular with their followers.


  • Instagram is Facebook’s new Facebook according to Mari Smith at last year’s Social Media Summit and that is good news for small business owners.
  • Once you discover all the tools and best practices for Instagram you quickly realise that there is no need to be glued to your smart phone all day to use it effectively.
  • Make the most of your BIO for improved organic reach my adding in keywords to your name field.
  • Create THEMES to keep your content mix varied and easier to manage.
  • Use the link in your bio strategically to build your email list as well as deliver Instagram specific value.
  • Most small business owners are NOT using Instagram and that is an opportunity right there my friend to eat up with a spoon.

To your online marketing success!