20 Big Rewards With YouTube Marketing

"Youtube Marketing Tips"

Note from Diane: The power of You Tube as marketing tool is not to be underestimated, in fact as an entrepreneur or small business owner today creating short videos and posting them directly to Facebook is just about the smartest thing you can do right now for increasing exposure to your brand almost immediately.

You Tube is an extremely popular site for both viewers and creators of the incredible mix of motivational and funny videos, TV show clips, movie trailers, TV episodes, music and information that if you haven’t considered it’s remarkable power before for your business, you will find it a highly effective lead generation method especially if you combine it with your Facebook page.

While there are many other video sites such as Vimeo (which has some great features if you want to produce training videos) but the one factor that sets You Tube apart is that it is a community in addition to a video platform. With millions of people having You Tube accounts the potential to extend your audience is extremely large.

Feature Article: 20 Big Rewards With YouTube Marketing

"Youtube Marketing Tips"

Why You Tube? A Quick Jaw Dropping Reminder …

  • Videos that you post can help raise brand awareness by 74%
  • Users who watch a video are more likely to visit the related website
  • Half of all users say they have watched a business-related video on at least one day of the week.
  • 12% of those who watch a video advertisement end up purchasing the product / service
  • You Tube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google if you optimise your videos with search terms it’s likely they will end p in the search results
  • Facebook currently LOVES video content uploaded directly to your Facebook page!

10 Best Features For Business Use

1. Global Reach

You Tube is accessed from countries all over  the world and presents you with a unique opportunity that only the internet has allowed us to do as entrepreneurs or small business owners and that is to be able to reach a global audience and potentially build your brand on a scale that could only ever be reached via television before.

2. Uploading Short Videos

We live in an ever increasingly busy world where people want small bite-size pieces of information to take in, implement or be motivated by and put into action.

If it is in written format (for example a Facebook status update) it should be short and valuable, if it’s a video (even if it’s a 1 minute video) you’ll be amazed what information can be created and presented in such a short space of time. Instagram’s growth is proof of the short video popularity.

3. Ability To Upload Longer Videos

You Tube also allows you to upload long videos (15 minutes or more). To upload longer videos you will first need to verify your account by confirming your identity on your phone. ( Just follow the steps under your settings). Businesses may want to post videos of seminars, trainings and events.

4. Use A Call To Action At The End Of Your Video

If you are going to have a You Tube Channel and you are going to be using video in your marketing mix, then a general rule you should incorporate at the end of your video is a call to action. It can be asking viewers to leave a comment or you can ask them to visit your website or Facebook page for more information or a special offer.

5. Full Customization Options For Your Channel

Your You Tube channel should reflect your business and your brand. Make sure that the images and the message they see and hear are the same as visiting your website or your Facebook page and other social media platforms. Providing value and great content is important but you also need to think about keeping your audience interested in some way so that they will come back for more. (No pressure!)

6. Using Creative Titles

When it comes to creating your videos for You Tube your titles are everything. It pays to start a swipe file of headlines that grab attention as this will often determine whether or not someone will watch your video or not.

  • Bad example: Here’s my dog playing
  • Better example: Poodle Performing Amazing Tricks With Ball Video

 **A lot of people search for the word video at the end of their search so it might pay to include it at the end of the title**

7. Fill Out Your Google+ Profile

Since your You Tube account is going to be directly linked to your Google+ profile in some cases (unless you have several You Tube accounts in which case this may not be that easy) but you should populate your Google+ profile and use it as many business professionals use it as a social media platform.

8. Share Videos On Facebook 

If you own a business today you are more than likely to have a Facebook business page too (we can help you set one up if you haven’t, find out more by clicking here.) You can either sync your You Tube channel with your Facebook page or you upload your videos directly to Facebook (which as I have said a few times is extremely effective right now . try it!). You can also add a You Tube tab to your Facebook page if you are going to make video marketing a strong part of your marketing mix in 2015 and beyond.

9. How To And Tutorial Videos Are A Great Place To Start

While a lot of people like to read a solution to a problem or find out how to do something many others feel more confident in doing something when they are able to see it step-by-step on a video. (In some of my previous You Tube Channels the How To’s were always the most popular, plus you really will be helping people get a result which they will typically thank you for!)

10. Upload Straight From Your Computer Or Smart Phone With Ease

Gone are the days when you had to record a video, convert it to an MP4 and THEN upload it, today you can simply upload it straight to You Tube from your smart phone or your laptop. You will never have to worry about file format, bandwidth limits or length of video, You Tube has it covered.

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It’s also a great marketing tool for your business! In marketing, building your brand is one of the most important things you can do and You Tube will be one of best free marketing you could ever wish for. To whet your video whistle here are a few ideas to get your channel up and running (I’ll be doing the same so if you want to connect with me on You Tube here’s a link to my channel!)

1. Make Sure You Use The In-video Programming Function

This function allows you to to add a small picture of your logo in the corner of all your videos. You can do this by going to your channel settings dashboard. You should then see the in-video programming option where you can upload your logo or image. This will stay on the video throughout the time it is playing and will be a great way to help with brand identity.

2. Track Analytics

You Tube also make it super easy to track analytics on your video, simply go to the video and click the button that says analytics and you’ll see how many views it got, how many minutes viewers spent watching it and how many subscribers you got or were engaged with the video. You will also a map of which countries your viewers live in and how many are male or female. Finally this page will also tell you how the viewers found your video.

3. It’s The Most Inexpensive Marketing Tool Ever!

Marketing is an expense all business owners have and it can be very expensive with offline magazine adverts ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars or pounds and TV commercials running at tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

You Tube is FREE. Plus it’s the easiest way to reach the largest growing audience right now who are using their smart phones and tablets to watch more videos than ever before.

4. Give Away Free Lessons, Tutorials And Information To Attract More Customers

You Tube is a great platform to deliver free content of great value to potential new customers. Creating How-To style videos on your laptop (I use Camtasia by Techsmith) and uploading it to You Tube is one way to build implied trust with your audience which opens the door for a business relationship of a referral.

5. Utilize Keywords

Keywords are what will bring your audience to your videos, whether they are typing them on Google or on You Tube itself. Your keyword research should be aligned with what your targeted audience are looking for such as “How To “____” or “____” Tips Video.

You will want to enhance your headline with a description that provides more information about the content of the video and lastly you will want to add tags to boost its chances of being found for search terms.

6. Pick A Good Thumbnail

Every You Tube video has an accompanying thumb nail image. The thumb nail image acts as a preview for the video and is what appears next to the video on your channel and in searches. You can set your thumbnail when you upload your video, make the best choice or make your own at the beginning of the video.

7, Link To Your Website In The Description

Make sure when you use your call to action at the end of your video that there is a link to your website where people can find out more information about you and your business. If you go under your channel settings you can set your uploads to automatically include links to your website in every description.

8. Link To Your Website Using Annotations

Alternatively you can add a link at any point of your video using annotations. If you are really slick about it and you mention it in the video you can make the annotation appear right after you say the words. *Not everybody reads the video description. Try not to overuse them as some people find them annoying.

9. Demonstrate Your Products

If you have ever had a retail store you will know that you say the same thing over and over again about a certain product or service to every customer that comes through the door. YouTube allows you to do the same thing 24/7/365 by just recording it once and uploading it to your channel. You may find that people will ask questions about the product after watching the video providing you with the opportunity to respond in the comments below.

10. Embed Your Videos In Your Business Blog

Another great feature of You Tube is that you can embed videos, this means that you add a short piece of code that You Tube provides you with and add the video to your business blog posts and pages.

(This of course is not that straight forward if you have to hire your website designer every time you want to make a change which is why we encourage you to switch to WordPress and learn how t o take control of your website development yourself)

This can help you get more views and spread your brand and your message virally.

So there you have it, a ton of tips for making You Tube marketing an integral part of your marketing strategy and once you get over the “oooooh I hate what I look and sound like on video” part you’ll find it valuable and fun!


  1. YouTube is probably the most amazing free marketing resources for business owners available today.
  2. Plan your video content as you would a blog post or article.
  3. Integrate your video marketing into your marketing mix and commit to it .. it’s Free!
  4. Remember to include a call to action at the end and a link to your website in the description.
  5. Upload videos directly to your Facebook page for added exposure.

To your online marketing success!

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