What’s In Store Next Month (July 2015) Inside The Project Lifestyle Club

Note from Diane: On June 30th 2015 we will have reached the half-way point in 2015 and all those goals you set for yourself back in January should be not only under-way but half-way towards completion.

If you set a goal to save an extra £10,000 this year – by June 30th you should have £5000 in the bank.

If you decided to lose 30lbs of excess fat this year – you should have lost at least 15lbs by June 30th.

If you have set a goal to start your own business this year but are still stuck in the planning phase, waiting to get a website up and running and creating a second income the clock is ticking.

If you have found (like a lot of us) that you had some of life’s little hurdles thrown at you and some event / disaster / surprise has stopped you from making progress so far don’t worry, “it”happens.

What is important is how quickly you bounce back or get back in the saddle and carry on where you left off. (Pathways are always made in sand but never change the goal, they are made in concrete.)

One of the best exercises you can do at the half-way point in any year is to sit down in a quiet place and take stock of what you have achieved and then set yourself some goals to finish the year strong.

*On that note Gary Ryan Blair’s Next 100 Day Challenge begins on July 1st 2015 for that very reason. I highly recommend you give it a try.

As for the Project Lifestyle Club heading into its second month in July 2015 we have a topic for members as our Monthly Mastermind that is vital to any business and yet hardly ever talked about or explained fully.

It’s How To Set Up An Automated Sales Funnel for your business. 

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Feature Article: What’s In Store Next Month (July 2015) Inside The Project Lifestyle Club 

How To Create An Automated Sales Funnel (2)

How To Move Your Business Forward Fast!

Every business owner, big or small, online or offline is looking to :-

  1. Grow their busines(GET MORE LEADS)
  2. Increase their revenue (GET MORE SALES) 
  3. Get more customers  (INCREASE CONVERSIONS)
  4.  Generate more revenue (INCREASE PROFITS)

And the very first step to be able to do ALL of the above is to GENERATE MORE LEADS.

So if you have been studying the online business model you may well at this point become OBSESSED with TRAFFIC and I can honestly understand that because in the beginning I did too.

But here’s the part nobody explains very well (and this applies even if you have an “out of the box solution” that comes with pre-written autoresponders and landing pages that “convert”.

The REAL work is done INSIDE your sales funnel and yet you will find very few people talk about it or take the time to show you exactly how to set it all up so that it works 24/7 for you on complete autopilot.

So that’s what the July Mastermind class is all about inside the Project Lifestyle Club.

The Key Elements Of Your Sales Funnel 

  1. You will need a Lead Magnet 
  2. You will also need a Squeeze page or Opt In Page
  3. You will need an offer (sometimes called a funded proposal or tripwire offer)
  4. You will need a core product or “your best product or service” 
  5. You will need an autoresponder that follows up your potential customers automatically.

You will also need other products and services on the back-end but we are focusing on making sure in next month’s July Business Builder Blueprint  How To Set Up An Automated Sales Funnel For Your Business that you have ALL the elements you need in place BEFORE you start driving traffic and expecting sales to start rolling in.

It’s a very common problem for people with websites or e-commerce sites when they start to get annoyed at getting “lots of traffic” but not many sales.

 The Technical Side Of Business You Never See …

If you use WordPress as a platform and you have managed to grasp the basics yourself and you are currently using an autoresponder you will be well equipped for tackling all the slightly more technical aspects of setting up your first automated sales funnel.

When I first read the best-selling book by Tim Ferriss called the 4 Hour Work Week it was THIS page that fascinated me the most. 

At the time as a traditional offline business owner stuck in the day-to-day running of a family business time freedom was not only one of the biggest challenges, it was something I thought was never possible with that business model.

If you have spent ANY amount of time introducing your products and services one by one to people you meet or network with offline you must know it is a slow but steady way of reaching more people.

By simply recording a video about the same topic, uploading it to You Tube you have the potential for 10’s of thousand’s of people viewing it. If you use one of the latest marketing strategies and use Facebook videos then you will be guaranteed those views!

With all that opportunity and excitement you can easily miss out “the bit in the middle” as I call it and miss BUILDING your SALES FUNNEL first.


  1. We all want more leads but don’t waste your efforts by missing out setting up your sales funnel.
  2. Get the key elements in place first before driving traffic.
  3. It’s a common problem to start getting more traffic without sales increasing.
  4. Take advantage of the online sales funnel for your business and focus on increasing conversions.
  5. Get excited by all means but “focus on the bit in the middle” that people don’t really explain or tell you about.

To your online marketing success!

"Diane Cossie Creative Online Marketing "

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