The Art Of Positive Thinking

"positive thinking"

         Note from Diane: Positive thinking is an emotive subject for people who think positive thinking is “away with the fairies” or “not living in the real world” or assuming that bad luck, bad situations or bad things must never happen to a positive thinker and that’s why they stay positive all the time.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Everyone you meet has a story to tell, that’s what makes the indomitable human spirit so incredibly amazing. It’s so strong! 

It’s the same spirit that shines when people meet you.

They are drawn to it.

It emits energy that people respond to, they usually find it inspiring.

So why on earth would you be a pessimist? It’s a road to constant misery, feeling bad and inevitably attracting more of what you don’t want.

If you want to change your outlook on life adopt positive thinking as your new mantra.

Here are a few ways positive thinking can help you this week

Feature Article : The Art Of Positive Thinking 

"positive thinking"

1. Choose To Be Happy Now

I highly recommend a morning routine that involves opening the curtains on a new morning and saying “Thank You!”

Starting your day in a calm way is the first step to staying positive throughout the day.

Write down your intentions for that day, what you are going to focus on and what goals you are going to work on this week.

When you fuel your mind with positive thoughts and focus on creating a plan for your day you will approach your day with total confidence and carry out your tasks with ease.

Happiness is not a by product of anything, anywhere or anyone,

It’s a choice within you right now.

I choose to be happy, even my ring tone is “Happy” by Pharell Williams!

2. Positive Thinking Is Juice For A Focused Mind

When you start your day with a positive mindset it IS going to go better.

If you’ve ever seen the Rhonda Byrne movie The Secret, there is a scene when someone stumbles out of bed, isn’t prepared for the day, makes their way to bathroom, gets toothpaste on their clean shirt, gets stuck in traffic and ends up late for work.

I know what you are going to say, “But I don’t have time to do that first thing in the morning every day!”

I travel A LOT and it has made me seek out solutions to that problem too.

And I have a six year old Grandson who lives with me so I know the demands young children create on you too.

BUT when you make yourself a priority FIRST everything else will fall into place and you will be calmer, happier and more focused on getting everything done that day and go to bed feeling accomplished instead of stressed and exhausted.

Managing your time and creating time out every day to focus helps frame your mind to think positively throughout the day.

Run your day, don’t let it run you!

3. Make Daily Journal Entries A Habit

When I travel I have two companions with me (both from the same series of Daily Greatness journals and books)

The first one is my Daily Greatness Business Planner (which is the only thing I’ve ever stuck to when it comes to planning what needs to be done every day in my business) and the other is the utterly brilliant Daily Greatness Journal. (save 5% off yours by using this code) which is my new BFF

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I’ve had a billion note books (well dozens) in my time, tried every online journal software going and never found anything as good as this.

If you are really hell bent on creating lasting changes in your life, reaching your goals, creating an attitude of gratitude, holding yourself accountable and putting positive thinking on steroids this is the one for you!

Positive thinking becomes a way of life when you put it into practise and I love nothing more than to help some of that positive energy rub off on people I meet, it’s my way of spreading a little bit of joy into someone’s day.

And yes I do have “off days” (about 5 a year) and no of course I’m not positive about bad news, I’m a human with a heart.

But in general when you adopt positive thinking as your outlook on life, you’ll typically expect more good things to come your way than bad.


  • 1. Happiness is a choice within you all day every day.
  • 2. Positive thinking is all about adopting a positive “can do” attitude aimed at helping other people’s day just go that little bit better.
  • 3 Positive thinking is the fuel to keeping you focused.
  • 4. A positive thought is 1,000 times more powerful than a negative one.

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