Powerpoint Presentation Tips For Creating Info-Products

Note from Diane:As one of my goals for the current 100 Day Challenge is to create a new info-product featuring Facebook marketing training for small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to use Facebook business pages to increase sales, generate qualified leads and build their email list.

In order to “present” this information (and to provide myself with a structured and detailed approach) I have decided to create a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation to incorporate as part of the online class which will be a digital download product.

I have used Powerpoint before so it’s not completely new to me and as this type of presentation is going to be recorded using screen capture software, simplicity is what I’m after with a unique branded look.

So rather than dilly dally (that deadline is coming ever closer) you just need to roll up your sleeves and dive in.

Feature Article: Powerpoint Presentation Tips 

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Finding A Way To Create Something In Powerpoint

Microsoft Powerpoint is available as a part of a subscription to Office 365 (there is a free trial period so you try it out before you buy and you will find a TON of ready to use Powerpoint Templates and styles to download and use straight away.

A free alternative to Microsoft Powerpoint is via Open Office  where the Open Office Impress can be used to create presentations in exactly the same way as in Powerpoint. (no excuses!)

Another alternative is Google Docs Slide which can be used for exactly the same thing.

Outline All Your Content 

In order to make a Powerpoint presentation about the information you are going to include in your info-product presentation it’s a good idea to find a place where you can spread out lots of pieces of paper and  because this is probably one of the most important parts of the processes.

You will want to:-

Come up with your ideas

Make a BIG list of everything that you are going to include in your presentation (always think over deliver here)

Section out your content into 4-6 sub sections (depending on the length of the recording) *obviously my Facebook Marketing Power Hour is an hour long lol 🙂

Make sure the information flows through from start to finish as if you were presenting the information to a group of people. 

At this point also brainstorm how else you can enhance your product or service by including worksheets, bonus downloads or tip sheets.

Substance & Style! 

Delivering information on the internet isn’t new … there is a LOT of information out there. Your personal style and delivery matters more today than ever before. You need to set your standards as high as possible, create great information that helps people get a result (and the faster the better) so that they get to know that your information is valuable.

Powerpoint backgrounds are ideally 1024 x 678 pixels and to make them unique you can simply create your background in canva.com and add your logo in the corner, choose your colours or just go as bold as you like with your design.

Facebook marketing Power Hour 1

With info-products you need to prioritise delivering great content FIRST and FOREMOST so even though I know there are all sorts of whizz-bang animations available inside Powerpoint that allow you to bounce words in, fade them out, appear as a twinkling star and more, you are going to simply create your slides to record on your laptop using screen capture software. ( I use Camtasia )

So away you go, all you need is a few hours to get the whole thing mapped out & ready to record.


  1. To create structure to your info-product idea, start by creating a Powerpoint presentation of the content you are going to cover.
  2. Open Office have free software to create Powerpoint presentations (no excuses)
  3. Brainstorm ALL the content you are going to include in your info-product.
  4. Add substance an a unique style that will make what you create totally unique in a busy marketplace.
  5. Don’t get distracted by all the animation features, just focus on getting the content down and ready to record using screen capture software like Camtasia

To your online marketing success!

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