How To Create Great Looking Branded Post Updates With Pagemodo

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Note from Diane: Pagemodo is a popular Facebook pages application that helps you design everything for your Facebook page from your Facebook cover to your posts, status updates and competitions to Facebook custom apps for Pinterest or a HTML page of your own design.

When it comes to producing daily updates and content in today’s fast paced business world software usually comes to the rescue!

Whether it is to schedule updates for the days ahead (while you are travelling) or making light work of making a simple quote look totally amazing, we wouldn’t be anywhere near as efficient or creative without it.

Pagemodo has an absolutely brilliant post designer (that is every bit as good as but perhaps even quicker and easier to use as you are often redesigning or rewording an already stunning post design) so here is a quick “How To ” when it comes to creating unique, branded eye-catching post updates.

Feature Article: How To Create Great Looking Branded Post Updates With Pagemodo

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1. Sign Up For Your Pagemodo Account And Open The Dashboard 

Head over to Pagemodo and take them up on their generous offer of a free trial. (absolutely no risk, try it out to see how good it is before you decide which pricing package suits you and your business.)

Open up the DASHBOARD inside Pagemodo and select POST DESIGN 

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(*It seems to me that it has been “new” for quite some time now) but select Post Design anyway and then THEMES. 

You will then see as you scroll down dozens and dozens of pre-designed posts, quotes, offers and images for a whole variety of businesses (it does not matter whether you are in health & fitness, baking cakes or selling furniture …. they have something there for you.)

2. Select A Photo You Want To Edit …. 

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I tend to use the ones that have a message that I can edit like the one above where the image adds impact to what the card “says.”

To edit the message on the card in this case simply click on the wording on the card … 

"pagemodo post designer"

And then replace the wording on the card with your own message in the ENTER TEXT box that appears at the top of the designer area.

You can change the style, size and colour of the font if you wish and advanced features allow you to change the alignment, and BOLD, ITALIC or UNDERLINE and you can also add a new layer with an image or text overlay if you want to but for most of the time I use this particular tool for speed.

**Productivity tip** I like to spend an hour creating 30 images in one sitting. That way you can update your social media page in minutes!

3. Next Use The Add Text Feature To Add Your

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**Branding Tip** Always add your somewhere on ANY design you create (if it gets shared on Facebook – so does your page URL)

Try and match the image to the message, so if it is a card telling someone to read it and pay attention, put out a message that commands that it is read and carries an important message.

Once you have finished your image (and I highly recommend you never spend more than 5 minutes creating a Facebook image post update you can select to DOWNLOAD it (*recommended) or PUBLISH it and use Pagemodo’s post scheduling options to set a day and time in the future for publishing.

(**Word to the wise, I have used the Post Scheduler in the past and found perhaps 1 in 10 of the scheduled posts has failed. Whereas I have found the Facebook post schedule function to be much more reliable. So I would recommend you download the image and schedule it using the Facebook page scheduler and photo upload function.)

The only down side to that is you lose the data collected by Pagemodo for that image, but as this is something you are potentially going to be doing daily and is not a promotion or offer I think it is better to use the Facebook scheduler for reliability.

4. Saving Your Designs Makes For Easy (And Fast) New Images

Once you find the designs that match your branding and the ones that you use over and over again Pagemodo makes it super simple to edit your favourite designs in minutes once they are saved as YOUR DESIGNS.

"pagemodo  post designer"

Seriously what could be simpler than this?

You can quickly create an entire library of beautifully branded images that you can use over and over again, that help brand you and share your message on all social media platforms.

As social media is a DAILY activity, your library can build up fast!

They are also useful if you produce Newsletters or marketing materials for your business too.

Is Pagemodo worth a few dollars a month? 

Yes, to me absolutely!


  1. Pagemodo is a Facebook post scheduler, post designer, cover designer and custom tab designer that integrates easily with your Facebook pages to create a “mini website on your Facebook page.
  2. Custom tabs are nowhere near as visible as they were, but who knows what will be the next design change for your Facebook page?
  3. Using the Pagemodo post designer is a great way to quickly and easily create branded images that can be a special offer, quote or message to your customer base.
  4. You do not need any design skills to create the images, you simply edit one of the dozens of ready made designs.
  5. Always include your on your images somewhere for branding and extra likes if your image is shared.
  6. Download your image or schedule it within Pagemodo’s post scheduler to the page of your choice.
  7. Re-edit your favourite designs for fast, effective post updates that are unique to you!

To your online marketing success!

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