I’m Going To Make You So Proud (Note To Self) #coachmedaily

"Note to self"

         Note from Diane: Why making a “Note To Self” a daily habit can make your results soar.

Are you proud of yourself?

I know I am. I’ve done lots and lots of wonderful things, traveled to amazing places all over the world, met some simply fantastic people, run my own business, have a loving family and a Grandson that fills me with joy and do I feel proud of myself?

Hell yes!

Does that mean that the road has been smooth and all plain sailing, nope, but that fuels and shapes your character.

When you get knocked down seven times and you stand up eight your tenacity is shining through.

So get out a notebook, your smart phone or a piece of paper and a pen and start writing ..

I’m going to make you so proud (Note to self) and get started today really thinking about who you are and what you have done to date.

Feature Article : I’m Going To Make You So Proud (Note To Self) #coachmedaily

"Note to self"

1. Think Back To Everything You Have Accomplished to Date  

Do you remember the day you started to walk, fell down, and got up again?

Did you give up on the whole idea of walking? I’m guessing not because you kept on trying and trying until finally those wobbles became more steady and you started to walk all by yourself you clever thing :0 )

Building your business is pretty much the same thing, you WILL need a helping hand from people along the way as you are learning but if you keep going, putting one step in front of the others things really will start to happen.

And when they do – make a note.

In fact make a journal.

In fact get 5% off a great Business Journal like the Daily Greatness Journal today and start filling it in.

Make making a Note To Self a daily practise.

2. Start To Feel Proud Of Yourself Even If It Feels Weird

When I wrote my first eBook back in 2006, I had to ask my daughter to attach the PDF to an email every time someone bought a copy such were my ridiculously bad digital marketing skills.

Now I can pretty much run circles around a lot of people with all the online marketing skills I have built up along the way.

Feeling proud of yourself is not bragging, it’s a pat on the back to yourself from yourself whenever you achieve something great.

We spend up so much of our energy seeking to please others, and in the process you might ignore your own achievements or get into that other terribly bad habit of comparing yourself to others.

You know what, I bet if you took the next 10 minutes to sit down and write down everything you have learned, received praise or recognition for, a thank you for, an award for you would start to feel very differently about yourself.

That feeling differently by the way is feeling proud of yourself.

3. Make The Next 90 Days A Personal Mission To Aspire 

Once you have done a little self-exploring and discovered that you are in actual fact already an amazing person, make yourself a 90 Day plan of action to take everything you know now and put it to good use to reinvent your business and your life.

Reinvention is rejuvenation, that wonderful feeling when everything is fresh, exciting and new all over again.

BUT because you have already gone through the art of self-reflection in a positive way (instead of criticizing yourself for what you haven’t achieved), you have focused on what you HAVE achieved with your new “Note To Self” approach; so you will be starting out feeling strong, accomplished, equipped with skills and ready to do more in the next 90 Days than you ever thought you were capable of.

Remember when you are proud of yourself, you will have the same effect on your children. Put your oxygen mask on first then you can help others. 


  • 1. Hey if you made it this far, you should be proud of yourself. Start talking kindly to yourself and watch miracles happen.
  • 2. Starting your business is like learning to walk. You’ll wobble, fall down and need help, after that you’ll be up and running!
  • 3 Reinvention is rejuvenation but only when it comes from a positive stand point.
  • 4. Make the Note To Self a daily habit. Reaffirm your good points often.
  • 5. Commit to a 90 Day all out action plan, get busy in every available hour possible and make it happen.

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