Introducing The Creative Content Club

" Creative Content Club"

Note from Diane: If you find creating Motivational Quotes and images for your Facebook page a chore rather than a pleasure, the Creative Content Club is going to be right up your street as a solution to that very problem.

There seems to be a never ending debate (and conflicting advice) about how frequently to post updates on social media (especially Facebook). So I thought I’d share a little of the philosophy behind why I believe more is better and I’m going to throw in a few real-life examples of how we grew a Facebook page to dizzy heights of engagement posting twice a day.

Before I go into that in more detail please take a moment right now to sit down and appreciate just how amazingly LUCKY we all are today for having such amazing marketing tools like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube, LinkedIn, Twitter and more available to us for FREE!

I am like … pinch me I must be dreaming it’s so damn good.

So with mini rant over .. here’s my take on why more is better and for those that want a little help with getting the number of posts per day up in the easiest and most affordable way possible, you can also check out the Creative Content Club too.

Feature Article : Introducing The Creative Content Club

" Creative Content Club"

1. How Often Should You Post Updates On Facebook?

The answer is not straight forward, as it will depend on:-

Your niche.

The time and skill set you have.

We have built highly successful pages (that generate leads and sales for our business ventures) with just 2 updates per day in the home and garden niche.

(you can visit our Contemporary Log Living page by clicking here to see how we go about it.)

But here’s the thing, we haven’t missed many days in over 4 years of posting updates every single day.

Posting regular updates every day to your Facebook page and other social media profiles builds implied trust over time. The worst thing you can do is start and then stop, then start again and then stop. A page that has not been updated for a while is a red flag to people looking to follow or “LIKE” a page.

You also have to allow for a percentage of your posts to be promotional and a percentage to be entertaining or engaging. If you are posting once a day you are going to struggle to strike the right balance between the two.

Start with 2-4 per day and you’ll find it easier.

2. You Should Be Posting With A Strategy In Mind

You can spend a large amount of time and energy posting “something / anything” on Facebook and see absolutely no return whatsoever and throw your hands up in the air and wonder why bother?

The key thing to remember is that Facebook and other social media platforms are a way for you to:-

Build your business by building your email list – yes – BUT social media is a RELATIONSHIP platform not and ADVERTISING platform.

3 out of 4 posts and updates should be engaging, enlightening or entertaining.

If you are not posting frequently enough, striking the right balance of content or using social media strategically you will struggle to see any results.

3. Becoming Visible In The Newsfeed

If you were using Facebook for your business back in 2011 / 2012 the organic reach was phenomenal.

If you were using Facebook adverts at that time you may well have reached 70,000 with one advert for minimal expenditure but those days are long gone.

Very few people go on Facebook to find pages to follow. You have to be seen in the Newsfeed to become visible or find a way to promote your page for people to even know it’s there. 

This is almost impossible if you are not actively doing something every day to ENGAGE people.

If you are not doing this, mark your own report card “MUST TRY HARDER.”

4. Some Examples Of What We’ve Done Recently To Achieve More Engagement:-

Spark a little imagination with your audience …. they love getting involved!

"creative content club"

Put a little “WOW!” factor in  …. shares will follow!

Hit the ball out of the park with a motivational quote …. (get images just like this inside the Creative Content Club)

Spread your message on Instagram too – increase your reach!

5. Make It Easy On Yourself With Our Creative Content Club!

We just happen to love creating blog posts, info-products, video tutorials and images, it’s one of our strengths … so

We got our thinking caps on and thought, how can WE help YOU with those Facebook updates?

Introducing the Creative Content Club! 

“Daily Social Media Updates Made Super Easy, Unique And Affordable!”

Each and every month as a member of the Creative Content Content Club you will have 30 brand new images uploaded to your members area for you to start using on your social media profiles.

Every month you stay a member you will be able to build a content library of quotes, affirmations, sayings, business tips, healthy living tips and more that are sure to attract attention on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more making it easier than ever before to keep up to date and way ahead of your competition on your social media platforms.

For just $15.00 a month you will be able to update your social media faster and easier than ever before, using high quality images, quotes, tips and sayings that are designed to gain you more Likes, Comments and Shares that will help you build your audience in the right way using social media.

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So there you have it, the WHY Facebook , WHY bother and HOW TO all rolled into one unique solution.


  • Facebook updates should be a minimum of 2 per day, when you are starting out 2-4 is easy to do and maintain.
  • Remember all social media platforms are relationship platforms not advertising platforms you need to adjust accordingly.
  • Keep a 3 to 1 ratio for variety of posts for best practice.
  • Make everything as easy as possible for yourself by becoming a member of the Creative Content Club and start showing up on social media as you mean to go on.

To your online marketing success!

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