The Power Of An Instagram Hashtag For Your Business

"Get Your Hashtag On"

Note from Diane: Creating an Instagram hashtag for your business is a very effective way to enhance your brand and start drawing attention to your business, your products and your services. 

Having watched, followed and totally bought into the Joe Wicks #leanin15 Instagram hashtag over the last few months. I’ve finally decided to extend my love of all things Facebook to include Instagram.

Go easy on yourself if you are already finding it very difficult to squeeze in yet another social media platform just because everyone else seems to be doing it, you can sometimes find yourself spending too much of your time posting “stuff” without any strategy. 

The idea for any business today is to learn how to attract a following and increase the number of people who “buy” into your brand and your ethos FIRST.

It’s the essence of relationship marketing and Instagram is probably one of the easiest platforms to use right now, especially if you are a small business owner or someone with a low advertising budget as Facebook has become primarily a pay to play platform.

Feature Article :The Power Of An Instagram Hashtag For Your Business

Create A Hashtag That Is Unique To Your Business 


I have to take my hat off to people like Joe Wicks #leanin15 for coming up with a simple concept that works like a charm. When you score a hit with your hashtag you can expect it to start cropping up in everyday conversations.

It is the number one way in which people filter their very busy feeds on Instagram and Twitter to find information they want quickly and you will always gain extra visibility by following what is trending.

For the purpose of drawing attention to my virtual coaching program (aka Project Lifestyle Club) and my love of positivity and inspiring people I have decided to use #coachmedaily as a hashtag on Instagram and so far I am seeing 6x the amount of Likes on Instagram than I would on Facebook.

Interesting or what? 

Paying Attention To Brand Building 

Instagram is often considered more “up close and personal” than Facebook as a social media platform sharing more “behind the scenes” snippets and candid photographs of your business, yourself and your brand than on other platforms.

People like Instagram because it is so mobile friendly as the entire feed is simply gorgeous to scroll through.

Creating content every day is pretty much EXPECTED nowadays and thanks to amazing platforms like Picmonkey and Canva you can quite quickly get things going.

Start by thinking about a message that is UNIQUE to you, your business or your brand and build an Instagram hashtag with one of those in mind.

Make it snappy and easy to remember as others are likely to emerge quite quickly as yours grows.

Tips On Creating Your First Hashtag For Your Business

  1. Start with a product / service / brand you want to build and think how you can convey it VISUALLY.
  2. Commit to creating new content DAILY if you can to start the trend growing and keep the demand and anticipation of what is coming next high.
  3. Keep it simple, get it started first as you can always add to it later.
  4. Spend some time thinking about what is popular now and bring your own flair to it.
  5. If someone else is doing something similar think about reworking it YOUR WAY, that way you are being authentic and unique.
  6. Keep it positive, inspiring and useful – your role is always to make someone else’s day go just a little bit better.
  7. Brainstorm how you can use images and short videos to build out your business and your brand on Instagram, there is a window of opportunity right now where Instagram may well be the easiest way to get the kind of reach you used to be able to get with Facebook before it became more of a pay to play platform.


Whatever you do in your marketing in 2017 make sure you are using Instagram for promoting your business, your brand and your message. Hashtags are a unique way (and opportunity) to build a highly targeted audience using social media – resistance is futile 🙂

  • Creating a hashtag for your brand is ultimately a very powerful and smart way to build a buzz about your products and services.
  • Instagram is very mobile friendly and although it probably won’t stay that way, it’s incredibly viral and the reach potential is incredible.
  • Creating unique content for your business using images and video will only ever serve you better the more you do, the more you will stand out from your competition.
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To your online marketing success!

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