How To Make An Eyecatching Facebook Advert Image With Canva

"facebook advert with canva"

Note from Diane: A graphic designer I am most definitely not but one of the processes involved with everything from designing your blog header to your latest Facebook page cover and everything in between there is most definitely a NEED in today’s business world for constantly producing images as part of your content marketing online and of course on social media too. 

Lots and lots of them.

With Google+, Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more requiring images of all different sizes branding yourself online requires a LOT more images these days than ever before.

By the time you add in eye catching Facebook motivational quotes, meme pictures, video thumbnails, eBook covers, banner adverts and other image related media you could easily find yourself spending hours and hours designing images instead of growing your business.

So when it comes to doing both (and prioritising growing your business as your primary activity) practise creating eye-catching Facebook adverts with the easiest online tool I’ve ever used CANVA and you can have the best of both worlds!


Feature Article: How To Make An Eyecatching Facebook Advert Image With Canva

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1. Head To Canva.Com And Create Your Account (It’s Free), Then Log In is by far the easiest and most comprehensive online image creator I have ever used, if you find you can’t get on with this one .. outsource your images or just use stock royalty free images. 

When you are creating adverts within Facebook you will be given thousands of images to choose from for free from within the Facebook advert manager as you go through the process of creating your first Facebook ad.

But if you want to give it a try Canva makes it super easy by having a pre-selected template size of 1200 x 627 pixels ready for you to use from their selection of sizes available.

"design facebook advert with canva"


2. Select A Layout For Your Images Background

"Facebook advert using canva"

Canva has plenty of images to choose from and they always have plenty of ideas too!

You can use one of the images Canva uses as examples and edit the text if it suits your business and your message.

***TIP*** You need to make sure your advert is for the right purpose and campaign. For example if you are running a campaign for more page likes your Facebook page cover design works really well.

3. Next Drag And Drop Images Into The Template

"facebook advert with canva"

You can upload your own images or use Canva’s for $1.00 each (they supply LOADS of free stuff too) but you won’t find a better value deal than paying a $1.00 for a whole unique image anywhere. 

Think about your advert being as eye-catching as possible (Facebook is a very busy place!).

Appeal to your target market visually.

4. Then Add A Text Box With Your Headline 

"facebook advert with canva"

As with all types of advertising you will want to create something visually eye-catching AND create curiosity (or solve a problem) with either the image or your headline or both.

To add TEXT to your image select the TEXT option within CANVA and look for a text block to edit.

You can easily change the colour of the text block and the shape, style, and colour of the font to make it stand out.

**FACEBOOK RULE** No more than 20% of your image can be text. If you do more your advert will be disapproved.

5 . Examples Of Some Winning Adverts (So Far)

"New Year 100 Day Challenge"

Over the New Year period I ran a campaign for the 100 Day Challenge using 3 different images (sending visitors who clicked the advert to a webpage where they could watch a video about the 100 Day Challenge.

Within your Facebook adverts manager you can monitor which images and which adverts are converting the best and an adaptation of the one above was hands down the winner for that campaign.

It matched the message to the target audience at a time of year where most people are wanting change.

6 . The Current Campaign Winner For Facebook Page Likes …

"facebook advert with canva"

Facebook for business pages have pretty much become a pay for display type of media platform.

The good thing is that it is still fantastic value for money and offers advertisers some of the most powerful marketing demographics ever seen.

Our current winning image for our latest campaign for Contemporary Log Living is the Facebook Cover above.


  1. Whether you are a complete newbie or accomplished graphic designer CANVA is simply a brilliant online editor.
  2. With images playing such an important role in marketing your business it is worth spending time getting to know your way around it, the more you do the better you will get.
  3. Test and measure everything you do, and use more of what people like best! (Even if you don’t like it)
  4. Facebook adverts reach their “sell by” date pretty quickly so refresh them often with new images and new headlines and copy.
  5. Try out everything! Your budget is not going to run away with you on Facebook (unlike Google PPC) so you can test really small at first, find out what works and then roll out your best campaigns with a bigger budget.
  6. Yes it’s fun to create images but it is more fun to make sure you are focusing on your priorities first and generating leads online for your business is at the top of the list! 

To your online marketing success!

"Diane Cossie Creative Online Marketing "

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