How To Create A Facebook Page Cover In Less Than 5 Minutes

Note from Diane: The online world is evolving faster than ever and becoming increasingly more and more visual. We have come a long way from JUST uploading a photo to Facebook. At the moment video creation is the new “buzz” for people creating videos that can go viral and people are beginning to create their own mini movies and mini TV style commercial for their websites as we explore all sorts of new ways with video.

With Facebook aiming to take over as the number one video platform (it is intending to build the type of audiences we see on You Tube over the next few years) your Facebook page has now become an even more dynamic platform for your business.

If you are a small business owner I’m sure you don’t duck behind the counter when someone comes into your store so in this brave new world step out in front of the camera or get creative with video to watch everything on your Facebook page gain more visibility.

It’s a new year so give your Facebook page a brand new look with a new Facebook page cover created in less than 5 minute with

Feature Article:How To Create A Facebook Page Cover In Less Than 5 Minutes

1. Just Like Making A Recipe – Get Prepared 

Find at least 4-6 images you want to use in your Facebook Cover BEFORE you even begin to start creating your new Facebook page cover.

2 of the best value royalty free images places online are:- (available for $1.00 per image you use)

The IDEAL is to create something in pictures that conveys YOU, YOUR BRAND and what YOUR COMPANY is all about. You can also use it for promoting your latest offer and YES you can put your website url on your Facebook cover. You may also want to add your name too.

Make sure that one of the images you are going to be using MATCHES something prospective clients will ALSO see on your BLOG or in your Facebook advertising campaigns.

Stay CONGRUENT on social media, it’s a place where trust is being built.

 2. Choose The Create A Facebook Cover Option In Canva 

Your Facebook cover photo should be 850 x 315 pixels (at the time of creating this post) and have a pre-designed blank layout (with mock profile picture) for you to design around.

For the easiest way to start simply select a GRID and drag and drop some of the photos you are going to use into the pre-prepared grids. (see the video for how to do this)

**If you regularly run any kind of event make sure you update your Facebook cover with a reminder for your next event in the week running up to your event – this is like your SHOP WINDOW. 

 3. Finish Off Your Facebook Cover With Some Text

It doesn’t matter WHERE you put the text as long as you stay away from your profile picture area and the bottom area immediately to the right hand side of your profile photo as this is where Facebook pre-fill details of the type of business page you are.

If you forget – don’t beat yourself up about it – we’ve done it more than once and it didn’t affect the whole look and feel of the cover. We used it anyway.

In the online world there are 2 MAJOR banana skins likely to slow you down or trip you up or even stop you in your tracks completely.

The FIRST ones are all the technical challenges that go along with learning about WordPress or your ecommerce site and the other ones are DESIGN challenges which people make into a much bigger deal than they need to be.

BOTH can be outsourced at freelance sites but my best advice (because you are going to be using images a LOT in the online marketing place) is to spend a little time every week with and start to learn how to do things yourself.

Just spending half an hour a day for the next 30 days and you will be AMAZED at how efficient you become. You will never lose momentum, you won’t spend days waiting for your proof to arrive in your (that I guarantee you will have spent more time writing about how you want it to look than if you had just done the darn thing yourself) and start having FUN with the whole process.

P.S. For More Tips About Starting Up And Using A Facebook Page For Your Business Download Your Free Facebook Cheatsheet & Online Mini Class Today & I’ll Walk You Through The Whole Thing

To your online marketing success!


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