How Long Should You Spend On Social Media Updates Per Day?

"How Long Should You Spend On Social Media Updates Per Day?"

Note from Diane:As a business owner or budding entrepreneur you have to wear many different “hats” on a daily basis, you are typically the sales and marketing department, the HR department, the project management department, IT solution provider, telephone answering service, customer care and the bookkeeper in your spare time.

It’s no wonder people find running a business slightly daunting (not to mention challenging) but if you are a freedom seeking entrepreneur hell-bent on running your own business and creating a lifestyle of your design NOTHING is going to deter you or put you off.

One of the biggest problems you will face as a budding entrepreneur is lack of focus and for a lot of small business owners Social Media is just another un-necessary distraction that is simply a big waste of time.

If you are sitting on the fence about the power of Facebook for your business reading this article may change your mind.

So the burning question is How Long Should You Spend On Social Media For Your Business Per Day?

Feature Article: How Long Should You Spend On Social Media Updates Per Day?

"How Long Should You Spend On Social Media Updates Per Day?"

For Updates Schedule Them In Advance (15 Minutes)

For most types of business 2-4 updates per day on Facebook is plenty to keep your page fresh and pleasing to your target audience. It really depends on the type of business you have and what your target audience expect but whatever you decide KEEP IT UP!

If you decide that you are going to update your Facebook page 3 times a day don’t just do it on some days and not others, it is a commitment to you. your business and for building your brand to maintain a DAILY presence on your Facebook page.

With Twitter you can post updates more frequently (although I would advise NOT going over the top on either platform.)

The very best (and easiest way) to create your daily updates is by using a post scheduler like Hootsuite.

One of the best habits you can get into is setting aside 15 minutes every evening or every morning to schedule up your updates, that way it doesn’t interfere with your business day and you can focus on the next important part of managing social media for your business which is interacting with people who leave comments and likes on your page.

"How Long Should You Spend On Social Media Updates Per Day?"

Interacting With People On Your Page (20 Minutes)

One of the things that will set you apart on your Facebook page is actually BEING there during the day and interacting with people who comment and like your updates.

You will find you actually “get to know people” who are regular visitors to your page and look forward to seeing them every day.

The world is a unique place that has social media connecting like-minded people from all over the world in a way we have never seen before. Of course that brings both positive AND sometimes negative behaviours with it but if you stay on the positives only side of life you will find it an absolute joy to spend 5 minutes 3-4 times a day checking out your Facebook page updates and seeing which ones people liked the best.

The Secret To Staying On Top Of  Your Social Media Is Batching (30 Minutes)

"How Long Should You Spend On Social Media Updates Per Day?"


If you have ever spent a whole Sunday afternoon preparing your meals for the entire week to enjoy the freedom that brings then you will understand that the principle of batching also makes managing your social media updates a piece of cake.

You know when you are in a creative mood everything just flows easily and you get more done so setting aside 30 minutes of your week to prepare images, content and updates ahead of time is 10 times more productive than trying to be unique and fresh every day.

Whether you are using your time productively or not for this is entirely up to you to decide.

For some business owners the idea of spending an hour or so per day on social media is not something they can or want to do themselves and so they will outsource the whole process to companies like Creative Online Marketing(*Our Social Media Done For You Service)

You have to weigh up the TIME it will take to create the images, create the updates and of course create the content (blog posts, articles, offers etc) versus your return on investment of time spent doing other things.

With all the biggest brands in the whole using Facebook business pages to help build their brand today it really is something you should be doing in your business today, whether it is in house or outsourced.

P.S. We also offer content marketing services too (just to help you out even more!)

Yes It Is Perfectly OK To Repost Your Content And Updates Again!

"How Long Should You Spend On Social Media Updates Per Day?"


You would have to have a photographic memory to remember every single tweet and Facebook update you read or see every day and to take the pressure off yourself feel free to re-post popular content over and over again!

Unless you have a marketing department to handle all of this you should create a document on your desktop that you use to record your Facebook page updates in, plan your monthly promotions ahead of time and refer back to when you need inspiration for your next few updates.

I personally use a combination of One Note, a content calendar for blog posts and Pinterest.

Make things easy on yourself and repost your content every month or so with new headlines. One of the best headline creating tools online I have found is the Content Idea Generator.

For example you might write a blog post called “10 Productivity Tips For Stressed Out Entrepreneurs” then in 10 days time you may send out another update that says something like “Are You Feeling Stressed? Check Out These 10 Top Tips To Get More Done In Less Time.

Both updates are for the same blog post but if you use different headlines and times of the day you can repost that same content on a frequent basis for as long as you like without annoying anyone or being spammy.


  1. Pick your main 2 social media platforms and commit to updating them daily.
  2. If you are spending more than an hour a day “doing” social media you are probably doing too much or trying too hard
  3. Yes it is free to use social media but don’t kid yourself into thinking you can build your business 100% for free just by updating your social media every day.
  4. Batching up your images and content saves hours and hours per week.
  5. It is perfectly OK to repost popular images again, or repost your content, just be inventive about it. 
  6. Yes social media is great but it can zap your time and energy. Stay on top of it and it will serve you well.

To your online marketing success!

"Diane Cossie Creative Online Marketing "

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