10 Highly Effective Ways To Get More Done In Less Time

"10 Ways To Get More Done in Less Time"

If You Are Trying To Build A Lifestyle Business In Part-Time Hours You Are Going To Need To Get Organised About It.

1. You must take some time out each and every week to plan your week ahead.

Make sure the bulk of your activities involve taking steps towards your goals instead of pushing them further away. If you find yourself waking up each and every morning with a million “To Do’s” in your head then you will need to learn how to control your day and time more effectively with a To Do List.

2. You’ve heard the saying failing to plan is planning to fail for good reason, it happens to be right. If the alarm goes on in the morning and you stumble out of bed, grab a cup of coffee before the car keys and then hit the road without spending a little quality time to plan your day you will find the day just dwindles by without you being productive. It’s all about taking small steps every day but always moving forward.

If you have a full-time job, use the commute time as training time by listening to CD’s MP3’s and downloads from iTunes in your car, it will help focus your mind the whole day. Write articles, blog posts and Ebooks in your lunch hour if you have one and use the drive home as time to allow yourself to be inspired about your future life! There is nothing like a traffic jam to make you think “was this really Plan A in life?”

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3. Get on top of all your paperwork and stay on top of it for feeling calm, relaxed and totally in control. If you can’t put your finger tips on your latest tax return, bank statement or expenses report in less than 30 seconds you need to spend time creating a new home filing system. Start with 10 Lever Arch files from your local stationery store and create a file for everything from bank statements and credit cards to life insurance, pensions and savings accounts.

For your business you will also need to create a filing system and have accountancy software such as QuickBooks Pro 2014 – 1 User (PC)
up and running so that you can track all your sales and expenditure, analyse your Profit & Loss accounts monthly and find out all the key figures when it comes to running your business.

4. De-clutter your home office so it looks like something that would grace Ideal Home Magazine! Your environment really matters and having an untidy desk area will make you feel unproductive and uncreative.

If you spend most of your precious hours available each week clearing your desk and shuffling pieces of paper you will not find your business moving forward as fast as you want. It’s not about the amount of time you have available, it’s what you do with out that counts. 

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As Tony Robbins always says, “When someone says but I work 9 to 5pm, I say great what do you do every day 6pm until 12pm?”

5. Handle a piece of paper once whenever possible. If you start as you mean to go on, grab 3 bins and head to the front door (or wherever your mail/post comes in) wait for today’s post and decide FILE IT, TRASH/RECYCLE IT or DEAL WITH IT NOW. 

Once you have established the urgency to deal with as much “stuff” that heads you way every day in the same way, tackle every piece of paper your find in your house in the same way.

Now that you are on top of all your paperwork, you will have more time to focus on other things.

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6. Your email inbox / Facebook profile page / Newspapers and breakfast TV are all distractions that you don’t need to do or see first thing in the morning.

Drink a glass of water, take yourself off into a quiet corner of the house or garden and use the time to plan your day without anyone or anything interfering with your thoughts.

Only when you have attended to managing your To Do List and planned your day should you even think about electronic interference from the internet or TV, all it takes is one email, one Facebook update or one new item to grab your attention and you will lose some of your most valuable and productive time of your day.

7. Simplify simplify, simplify! It’s a golden rule in T Harv Eker’s Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind: Think rich to get rich
but whether it is your family home life, school life, work life or money management the golden rule is to simplify it wherever possible.

For example the lower your living expenses are per month, the less passive income you will need to become financially free.

If you are always trying to do everything yourself (an entrepreneur’s trait) but finding you do not have enough time to get everything done .. delegate some of the tasks to a virtual assistant and focus on productive activities instead.

8. Choose to live your healthiest lifestyle possible to make sure you work efficiently (and at top momentum) in the time that you have every day. 

For example if you have young children around you will often find you can only grab a few hours here and there, plus a few half hours in between.

If you are working a full time job, then early mornings, late nights and weekends are the best time to schedule in some focused hours dedicated to building your business.

9. To be able to get more done in the time you have available, you may need to simply find more time in your day. If you truly want the lifestyle business of your dreams to become a reality you will need to sacrifice some hobbies, activities or sports that are taking up valuable hours in your week and put that time to better use.

(I used to watch quite a bit of football / soccer a few years ago, so it was quite easy to find an extra 6 hours (2 football matches a week) to be able to learn a new skill. If you cannot make the sacrifice you need to revisit your reason WHY you started your business in the first place.

10. Use tools and software to help you get more done in less time (with fewer distractions).

Whether you use your smart phone, notepad, post it notes, a Filofax or a calendar or page a day diary the real key to getting more done in less time lies in diligently maintaining and managing your goals and your To Do List.

Some of our recommendations are:-




As it says “Your life in sync” and it really is a simple but effective To Do List tool that as a free download is great for personal use, but it also has business potential too for team and project management.

Sticky To Do Post It Notes

sticky post it notes


Available from Amazon Cavallini – Tin of Sticky Post It Notes – To Do (start your day surrounded by sticky post it notes full of your MUST DO tasks TODAY and feel empowered as you do them one by one.)

Just Not Getting On With The Smart Phone Apps? 



Go back to the trusty (number one personal organiser in the world and my personal choice for carrying my goals with me everywhere I go)

Filofax Finsbury Personal Organiser Leather Rambling Grain Personal Raspberry Ref 025305

You can always check out sites such as Pinterest & Etsy stores for some great printables too! 

For Keeping Your Business On Track …



Simple to get started and stay on top of all your business expenses and reports to help you understand and grow your business. The support is fantastic and it’s a tax-deductible expense too! QuickBooks Pro 2014 – 1 User (PC)

Take On The Ultimate 100 Day Challenge!

Sometimes something really good comes along that you wonder “is it worth it?” … when it comes to Gary Ryan Blair’s 100 Day Challenge it most definitely IS worth every dollar.

Having taken my first 100 Day Challenge at the end of the year (September 22nd is 100 days from the end of the year) I found myself fuelled up and ready to finish the year strong by taking this super series of inspiring daily emails, resources, lessons, worksheets, tools and recordings that will not only challenge you to set some BIG goals for yourself but will also help you reach them.

This is a small sample of what to expect should you are serious about taking the next 100 Day Challenge yourself:-


There are lots of ways to choose how you manage your goals and time but success lies in the execution of it. Having tested every piece of software over the last few year myself I always find myself coming back to the ones mentioned above as being the easiest to use and the ones that have made me able to get more done in less time.

To your project lifestyle success!




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