Are You Embarrassed By Your Facebook Business Page Mistakes Skills? Here’s What To Do

"facebook page mistakes"

Note from Diane: Facebook has been implementing a lot of changes to their advertising platform, News feeds, organic reach and algorithms over the last 12 months. So many in fact that there are all sorts of new and updated courses available right now to help you keep pace. (As an entrepreneur one of your most valuable investments in to invest in yourself each and every month and keep up with the trends, only by doing that will you start to see all sorts of new opportunities for yourself and your business.) 

Facebook has evolved into a unique marketing platform where you can target potential leads, clients and subscribers for your products and services by interest and location, demographic, age etc

This makes it an extremely valuable addition to any business owners or budding entrepreneur’s marketing mix. (The disclaimer on that is you really do need to have a deep understanding of how to execute the online business sales funnel and that is something we will be teaching in next month’s Project Lifestyle Club Monthly Mastermind in detail.)

There is always plenty of opportunity to advertise on Facebook with a small to medium-sized budget and there are also lots of things you can do to give your promotions and offers a boost for very low-cost or even for free.

But it also pays to know what NOT to do, there is always value in that. In today’s blog post find out 5 of the BIGGEST Facebook page mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Feature Article: Are You Embarrassed By Your Facebook Business Page Mistakes Skills? Here’s What To Do 

"facebook page mistakes"

1. Are Your Posts Are Too Self-Promotional?

PROBLEM: If someone lands on your Facebook business page and sees nothing other than links to your products and services, or links to buy your latest T-shirt design, visit your website or join your business opportunity you are probably scaring a lot of people away.

You may also be posting too frequently or not enough, it really does depend on your niche, but the minimum in my experience should be 1-2 postings a day and at least 80% of them should be non promotional.

Facebook is first and foremost a social environment so everything you do should mimic what you would do at a cocktail  party or social occasion. You need to be bright, breezy, entertaining, and sparkle with your light-hearted conversation and occasional banter.

When you get the ratio and tempo right for you and your page a promotional post will never offend or look out-of-place.

SOLUTION: Mix up the type of posts you create to be predominately educational, created for engagement or entertainment. If you start with a ratio of 1 in 3 or 4 being promotional you’ll find a much better overall blend and gather more momentum. (You wouldn’t stand outside a shop on the High Street all day with a sign on your back saying “Buy Something Today!” so try to think of it as more of a window display to entice people to find out more naturally.

2. Are You Using The Boost Button Effectively (Or Too Much)

PROBLEM: Facebook is extremely good at enticing you to “boost” your best posts that they tell you are performing better than all your other posts. They are telling you these posts are popular and inviting you to boost them at every opportunity.

However, using the boost button should be a strategic and part of your Social Media Marketing Campaign and not just a bit of an ego trip, some people find that the boost button becomes slightly addictive.

*Remember the 20% text rule to images also applies to the image for your boosted post so be careful which image you choose to boost with your post.

SOLUTION: Use the Boost button for promotional items or your opt in offers plus an occasional “pillar post” from your website. Pillar posts are the type of posts that took longer than average to create and contain above average value when compared to a standard 450 word blog post. 

An example of a pillar post of our own would be 7 keys To creating A Facebook Page People Actually “Like”

3. Are You Being Yourself?

My “Thought for the day” on my Facebook page the other day was this one … and it says it all when it comes to forgetting what everyone else is doing and just focus on being you …

a flower just blooms quote

PROBLEM: Are you being “real” on your Facebook business page. It’s become a bit of a modern day habit that can be difficult to break (and I’m sure will be the downfall of some relationships) and that is trying to be someone you are not on Facebook.

There was a recent scandal about a highly successful Australian blogger recently that had to admit her story was a lie. It’s not only bad business (not to mention utterly lacking in integrity, honesty and selling people a lie) but ultimately you will inevitably get found out if you are making false claims and being “fake.”

I truly wish people just believed enough in themselves to understand that every one of us (and that includes YOU reading this by the way) has a voice and a message that people will find interesting and inspiring JUST by being yourself.

SOLUTION: In my humble opinion your brand is an extension of you. Whether it is your business, or your journey to greatness, your quest for fitness, financial freedom, joy or tales of being a parent to a young child in this modern-day era .. people WILL follow.

Facebook has 1.4 billion users, you only have one opportunity to put your message in front of a small portion of them every day while Facebook is still evolving. Choose to just dive it and feel your way.

It does take time to really “get in your groove” but somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 Likes (provided you don’t build it too quickly) you will find you suddenly “learn how to drive it!”

4. Are You Talking Back?

PROBLEM:People have taken the time and trouble to Like something, share something or comment on something you have posted please TALK BACK! 

The whole point of your Facebook business page is just like on Twitter when people have the chance to talk to you (obviously there are some circumstances that don’t warrant anything) but in general to stand out all you have to do is actually CARE about them and talk back.

It’s a place where you are being you and if someone says “Good Morning” what would you do?

Say “Good Morning! how ‘s your day?”

Some of the most followed pages and brands have “teams” doing this “for them” and people can really tell that’s why Twitter is considered more valuable in that way than Facebook because you can just tell that’s it really is Will-I–Am or Lord Sugar creating the Tweet.

SOLUTION: Outsource your social media by all means for the first few months as you grow your Facebook page and by all mean outsource your advertising needs for your campaign but never outsource your voice.

5. Are You Trying To Do Everything As Long As It’s Free?

PROBLEM: 4.2 BILLION times a day someone clicks a LIKE button on Facebook.


And when someone tells you that Facebook’s natural reach is down to hardly anything and that they are changing the algorithm (again) and bringing in even more changes and you sit there stamping your feet and crossing your arms in protest because your only choice is to PAY for advertising on the most amazing marketing platform in the world, I say  “get over it and the quicker the better.”

I wasn’t around when Google Adsense was “the thing” to do but I was around when I took the brilliant Urban Cowgirl Cherie Yvette training on Google Adwords and I can tell you that Facebook makes things a whole lot cheaper and easier than Google Adwords ever did.

By the way I think Google Adwords is still a place you want to be advertising but Facebook does have the edge right now). Google even buys advertising space from Facebook with re-targeted ads (the ones that seem to follow you around when you are browsing)

SOLUTION: Start with a small daily budget and target Facebook likes to your page. (There is a LOT of work involved in creating a successful sales funnel online which you will need to create before you start driving traffic to your website and expect people to just “buy what you have.” it doesn’t really work like that.

What is important is to create simple Social Media campaign designed to do a specific task and then roll out more.

(Luckily for Project Lifestyle Club Members we have our first two Monthly Masterminds that tell you how to do exactly that)


  1. Don’t be a pushy salesman or be overly promotional on your Facebook page, it’s a social environment first.
  2. Don’t be over zealous with the BOOST button, use it strategically to build your email list or with a promotion.
  3. The real “secret” is to just be yourself. Trying to fool people will just land you in hot water.
  4. Please TALK BACK!
  5. Don’t complain about advertising on Facebook, use it to your advantage while your competitors turn their backs on it and try to do everything for free.

To your online marketing success!

"Diane Cossie Creative Online Marketing "

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