Facebook Content Marketing Made Easy

Note from Diane: Facebook content marketing is something that affects every small business owner or entrepreneur today as it is currently the best source of traffic to your website, products and services. 

Just a few years ago the only way to advertise online in the same way was with Google Adwords and the learning curve was an extremely difficult one to conquer. It also cost a LOT more money than Facebook currently does, although DO NOT expect everything to stay that way, OPPORTUNITIES come and go.

When you are trying to build your business online – RIDE A TREND! 

It’s an organic media platform that has and always will CHANGE. There will always be the next big thing, the latest social media platform etc, the key thing at this moment in time is to FOCUS on the #1 social media platform in the world and MASTER it for your business.

One of the top tips I could give anyone about creating a Facebook content marketing strategy is to theme your days. I’ll explain why in the video and in the blog post below and if you like the idea, please feel free to leave me a comment below if it helped you.

Feature Article: Facebook Content Marketing Made Easy

Facebook Content Marketing Made Easy!

Tip #1 Theme Your Days

Some of the biggest names in social media today talk about ONE thing, their particular topic or niche but we are ALL multi-faceted dynamic people with INTERESTS that go beyond ONE THING.

Something we did really early on for our Club50Plus niche (having learned from our own mistakes in the past) was to start out by breaking up the content we were going to provide into a variety of topics that would be of interest to the audience and we chose themes for each day to create a content marketing strategy for the Facebook page.

Facebook content marketing is something we are ALL becoming vastly more aware of as it has evolved into something we do EVERY DAY for our businesses if we see social media as an important part of our marketing strategy of course.

We chose this approach as the easiest (and most fun) way to make that page our most successful ever in terms of engagement, likes and shares which is really rewarding and exciting.

We chose themes like Yummy Mondays, Who’s Ageing Well?, Wistful Wednesdays, Workout Wednesdays and Sunday’s trip down memory lane in our mix.

Take out a big piece of paper and a pen and start brainstorming your own theme days. Everyone’s will be different and that’s the beauty of it!

Tip #2 Create A Call To Action At The Top Of Your Facebook Page

Facebook gives you plenty of tools to help promote your business ON YOUR PAGE in addition to the awesome array of advertising options. The call to action button at the top of your Facebook page looks pretty small when you see it on your laptop but view your page on your smart phone and you will see how prominent it is!

This is a golden opportunity to create a compelling call to action that will help you build your email list, send more traffic to your website or simply introduce yourself to your page visitors.

Tip #3 Remember Your Page Is For Your Audience Too

All of your marketing should be designed for what your customer WANTS. It took me YEARS to understand that because like a lot of new to business marketers out there with a business opportunity at the time I simply kept banging on about the company, it’s products and how much money you could make doing this too kind of thing.

You don’t know what you don’t know!

So once I began being around a mentor whose entire multi-million pound info-product business was based around WHAT the CUSTOMER WANTS it changed my perspective on everything.

One of the “secret keys” if you like to unlocking the “how do I get more shares on Facebook question?” is to discover what your audience LIKES and give them more of that!

For example we use our sentimental Saturdays on our Club50Plus page to post something about Grandchildren.


Because one of the most divine gifts you can receive in life is Grandchildren. It’s like falling in love all over again.

So it’s no wonder this kind of thing happens ..

02.03.16 facebook engagement

15,342 people reached


Over 191 Likes

Why? Because it’s about THEM not YOU.

If you liked these tips and you want more just like this you’ll have access to over 60 minutes of Facebook Content Marketing training plus the 30 Day Facebook Challenge when you take my Facebook Power Hour Eclass .


  • Theme your days for more variety on your Facebook pages, it will help YOU and YOUR AUDIENCE.
  • Create a call to action at the top of your Facebook page that leads to your Opt In Offer or some other benefit driven offer that allows your visitors to find out more.
  • Remember to build your business around what your customer wants, that includes on your Facebook page.
  • You can find out more about designing a Facebook content marketing strategy by taking my Facebook Marketing Power Hour Eclass.


To Your Online Marketing Success! 

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