7 Keys To Creating A Facebook Page People Will Actually “Like”

"Facebook business pages tips"

Facebook business pages still continue to be one of my top priorities going into 2015. 

If you are still sitting on the fence about Facebook business pages and are weighing up time spent updating your Facebook business page versus your return on investment in terms of sales revenue I totally understand where you are coming from because I used to wonder about that too.

But 2014 was dominated by constant Facebook changes and updates to both their business pages and their advertising options as they prepare for Facebook business pages to become the next search engine.

KEY #1 Create A Well Branded Facebook Cover Photo

Your Facebook Business page in today’s consumer driven economy is just as important as your website (which should be a WordPress website for best SEO results).

The key to building a successful Facebook business profile is to remember that at all times YOU are there FOR THEM (“THEM” being your current, past and future customers plus your army of word of mouth referrals on the most visited website in the world Facebook)

Be warned! Facebook covers cannot be deceptive, misleading, or infringe on anyone else’s copyright. You may not encourage people to upload your cover to their personal timelines. Covers must not include more than 20% text.”

Unlike Facebook’s previous guidelines, however, this does mean you can include text of a call to action, contact details, a domain name and purchasing information about a product in your cover image as long as the combined area of that text does not make up over 20% of your cover image.

It is always worth checking out the latest Facebook guidelines as you will be building a huge part of your business today on this amazing platform so you will want to comply with Facebook rules or face having your page shut down if you don’t.

The Recommended Size For Your Cover Image

Facebook Page Cover Image Dimensions : 851 x 315 pixels



The Recommended Size For Your Profile Image

(The image that sits in the left hand corner of your cover photo and appears next to every post you make on your page)

Facebook Page Profile Image Dimensions : 180 x 180 pixels

If you are a business you might favour a LOGO as your profile image, if you are branding yourself or are the “face of the business” as it were then definitely use yourself.

*Don’t Forget One More Tip About Cover Photos ..

When you upload your cover photo to your Facebook business page and are asked to include a description, make sure you write a short blurb about your company in the comment underneath the picture and include a call to action plus one or two related links either to your Opt In Offer or your website.

Lots of Facebook visitors to your page click on the cover photos for a closer look and this little strategy works like a charm to capture more visitors to your website.

KEY #2 Be Realistic About Your Facebook Business Page

Social Media marketing and particularly Facebook Business Page marketing takes time. It really is not something you can adjust to overnight and it is also something you need to get a feel for yourself. (Or outsource if you want faster results)

Until a few years ago Facebook did not even exist so be comfortable with the fact that the only way to get used to the new world of Social Media is to dive in and learn from people who are getting great results.

Facebook is Facebook and it cannot do your job as a business for you. It is not some enigma that creates customers out of thin air. It is really a set of marketing and promotional tools that can give you an exciting way to reach existing and future potential customers in a very exciting and fun way.

Decide on what you are going to try to achieve by creating your Facebook Business Page before you set about getting fans and likes. You will need to start with a good understanding of what your principle goals are when it comes to developing your Facebook marketing strategy.

For example are you looking to increase sales and profits via Social Media, trying to reach new customers, improve engagement with customers old and new, establishing a core part of your business for the future or perhaps you are repositioning your brand in the marketplace?

Remember this is a Social environment so blasting your link everywhere ten times a day is simply not going to make your business boom. You will want to use Social Media and your Facebook Business Page as a communication tool primarily, be informative and creative with your updates and sprinkle your customer focused offers and promotions lightly but as part of your overall strategy.

You have probably noticed that managing your Social Media takes time and it is important to maintain “your voice” on Social Media so make it your half and hour homework assignment each night.

I find I need a quiet environment to really get creative and broaden updates to more than just me, me me. You will also need to decide whether you are promoting your company, your brand or a product.

Ask yourself these questions as you begin to use Social Media and your Facebook Business Page in your marketing mix.

What specifically is your message:-

  • How will you deliver your message and in what ways?
  • How will you organise your own content and other people’s content so it is easy to access daily?
  • Who is going to be doing the postings of your Social Media updates?
  • How are you going to be using the Facebook Business Page Apps?
  • How many Timeline Covers are you going to produce to keep your branding and your message in focus?
  • What photos are you going to use and how?

Ultimately you will want to act as the editor of what messages and updates go out on behalf of your business every day. A that will do approach or a let’s just get something out there is all too typical. Without a well thought out strategy and campaign in mind you are potentially going to be spending a lot of time getting very little results.

For quantity of updates at the moment Facebook updates from Facebook Business Pages 2-3 times a day seems to be a happy medium, Twitter is a different platform altogether so you may want to avoid Tweeting everything automatically to Facebook.

Ultimately you want to grow your Facebook Business page fast (we all know that) but you also need to grow it naturally or it will quickly lose its message and its appeal. This is a learning curve that should not be rushed or guessed at if you want a page that people love rather than loathe.

KEY #3 Add A Facebook “Like” Box To Your Website Or Blog

"Facebook Business Page Tips"

**(I am currently testing and measuring this right now so may not be displaying mine)**

Grab the code (from Facebook) (“Google” Facebook Like box & you will find the right place on Facebook to do this) and then embed this into your blog or website’s sidebar.

With WordPress this is easy within your Widgets section, choose to create a Text box and simply copy & paste the code then add it quite high up on your sidebar.

When you set the box up make sure you check the options to “Show Faces” & you can also opt to “Show Stream.” This will make sure that the Like box shows anyone who sees it the profile photos of any of their friends who already like your page.

In today’s consumer driven economy your social media brand will be 10x stronger when you build a community around your message.

This is where the “little guys” are taking on the big brands and winning.

Nobody wants to be “just another subscriber” or “statistic” people want to be appreciated for taking the time and trouble out of their day to visit your page and fee at ease enough to comment or “like” what you put out there every day!

*At first you might feel you are going against the forces of nature as you get a feel for this new media platform for business but once you get going you’ll be amazed at what comes back to you x 10 … plus it will be FUN!

KEY #4 How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say On Facebook.

As a regular blogger, a Newsletter writer, an Ebook author and more writing and creating content is something I am particularly “at home” with doing but I do understand if it is completely alien to you. *Note that you will find it easier & quicker the MORE you do.

Here are some of favourite ideas to help you stop running out of things to say on Facebook ..

#1 Read Some Popular Articles At Ezine Articles.Com

Taking time out of your schedule to read up for ideas is one of the best ways to keep those ideas and thoughts flowing and ezinearticles.com is one of the best places to start.

Grab a pen and paper or open up Notepad on your computer and get ready to receive DOZENS of new ideas for not only content but headlines too.

Note down at least 20 ideas from here and create a file to refer to often. Then create at least 20 “tweets or Facebook updates around those topics!”

#2 Reformat Old Blog Posts

You have probably heard the phrase “there is nothing new under the sun” because it’s true. But just like some of the best films ever made they began as something else, usually a book.

The internet is organic and ever-changing so if you have blogged for a while look back into the archives and realise two things:-

  1. You have probably got better at blogging along the way
  2. You are just FULL of ideas and you didn’t even know it!

Note down at least 10 more ideas from here and create a file to refer to often. Then create at least 20 “tweets or Facebook updates around those topics!”

#3 Read An Ebook Or 2 Lurking On Your Desktop

If you are anything like me and have been online for a little while now you will have dozens of Ebooks lurking somewhere on your computer or laptop!

[Tweet “Brain Tracy says “Read an hour every day in your chosen field. This works out to about one book per week, 50 books per year, and will guarantee your success.””]

Just give your mind some “food for thought” and I guarantee you will get at least 10 more ideas from this to add to your file. Then create at least 20 “tweets or Facebook updates around those topics!”

#4 Create A Top 10 List Of Something You Find Interesting!

Do a little research if you have to but find a topic in your niche and create a Top 10 Ways To Do Something from it. These are some of the best type of blog posts to create as they are fast to read and quick to share. (hint! hint!)

You will also gain lots and lots more thoughts and ideas from just doing the research plus don’t forget to write down another 20-30 tweets from the process too!

#5 Sign Up To Motivational Newsletters!

I subscribe to people like Denis Waitley, Jim Rohn, Achievement, Success Magazine etc to not only help with constant personal development but also to get some fantastic ideas for tweets and Facebook updates.

I don’t think I have ever gone more than a day without reading something positive that I can implement into my day and these are my number one prompts and resources

P.S. You’ll also find some of the best quotes OF ALL for tweets and Facebook updates within the Achievement Newsletter!

#6 Create A List Of How To Articles To Write In The Future

Some of the easiest ways to create great content is with a How To series of blog posts and articles (*which you can retweet on Facebook and Twitter for all time by the way!).

Whatever your main niche is there will be a hungry audience out there wanting to know “how to do this or that” and by going through all the ideas here you will easily see what people are looking for more information about by the most popular articles and books they are reading and buying.

Note down at least 10 How To ideas from here and add them to your file. Then write down at least 10 questions that you will survey on Facebook to your growing audience about what they would like to know more about!

KEY #5 Make The Decision To Conquer Facebook & Go For It!

"Facebook business pages help"

#2 Create A Word Document Or Excel Document Called “Conquering Facebook” And Enter Every Update From Today Until It Becomes A Habit

I started this process on November 22nd 2012 for both my own page and with our niche market website  Contemporary Log Living business page (I’ll come to the reason one has grown faster than the other in another step) … but first I made the decision, then I made sure I was consistent …

On your Word or Excel document write

  • The Date
  • A Reminder Of What Kind Of Content Mix To Post
  • The Times You Are Going To Schedule Your Posts

It should look something like this:-

Tuesday 27th November 2012

  • Make someone’s day … ENCOURAGE
  • Give people something to do! Steps to .. 1,2,3
  • Ask questions and get feedback
  • Get to know your audience, what they like and what they want to know
  • Post an old blog post relevant to your audience
  • Post a motivational quote / image / family stuff

All you have to focus on is filling in the times with a mixture of content and use Facebook to schedule them all up having connect Facebook posts to Twitter to cover them both.

*Any days you simply cannot think of anything to post look back at your document to the previous month and re-post some of the content again!

KEY #6 Even If It Is £10 A Day PLEASE Build Your Reach & Page Likes With Facebook Adverts

The one single reason our Contemporary Log Living Facebook page has 9,000+ Likes (at the time of writing this) and my own Facebook Page has 1,989 is simple …. two words … Facebook Adverts.

When you successfully identify your ideal clients and your target market by demographic in the offline Newspapers and Magazines world you are not going to get anything like the results you would get for a fraction of the price by putting that budget into targeted Facebook adverts using interests and locations on Facebook.

Just as when you “get it” that lead generation online isn’t difficult … when you “get it” that getting more Facebook Likes isn’t difficult either you will have two of the most confidence boosting moments in your business that when you put them into action you will seriously never look back.

Word to the wise! Just getting “Likes” is only half the story … you will easily lose them again if you do not spend time thinking about your audience, making them feel that you appreciate them and engaging them with great content and surprises that they actually LIKE!!

Facebook adverts today are like Google Adwords back in the days before Social Media was even invented. (And that is NOT that long ago by the way in fact I was there!)

What has happened since Facebook, Twitter and You Tube in particular started to be embraced by the entire world is that we all decided to become a global community, sharing things with each other, showing friends and family our latest family photos, weight loss efforts or jokes and generally enjoying platforms that enable to world to talk and comment about events in a way we have never seen before. It’s also somewhere extremely positive to hang out at the end of the day.

And as a business owner YOU should be as excited about the possibility of what Social Media can do for your business as you would be if you could afford to advertise on TV or a football ground.

If you feel by this point that all this simply isn’t for you, or you have no idea how you are going to fit Social Media into your day you might want to let us do it for you for a few months ..

Social Media Done For You Service

If however you think you are ready for the final key to more Facebook business page success ..

Read on ..

KEY #7 Facebook Page Likes Will Give You The Opportunity To Connect

"Facebook Business Pages how to"

Unlike any other media platform of any kind (with the possible exception of You Tube) Facebook Page Likes will give you the opportunity to connect, engage and inspire your audience and build a community of like-minded people around the culture of your business.

So many online marketers in the past have relied heavily on generating traffic, writing great sales copy and converting a percentage to sales that social media and especially Facebook have remained a complete mystery to them.

Social “skills” are vital to engaging people and in my opinion women have the upper hand on this IF they believe in themselves enough to just be themselves and be very real.

When your Facebook Page Likes reach 2,000 – 3,000 you WILL see a lot more engagement, a lot more comments and a lot more shares IF your content and ideas are inspiring of course.

Facebook Adverts Are The New Google Adwords And More

I love Google Adwords no question but the learning curve is MASSIVE compared to Facebook Ads. But be careful …. the two are extremely different to each other and for most businesses using BOTH is still recommended.

However what you can do with Facebook Adverts is something Google Adwords simply cannot compete with and that is the accelerated GROWTH that can occur within the Facebook Ads reach.

Nothing can compare to the power of growing your business via Social Media and especially Facebook IF you are prepared to commit to the process and learn everything you can about it.

You will not learn how to “do this” from an article or an Ebook or even a course of any kind the ONLY WAY is to make the decision to CONQUER Facebook marketing for your business and go out there and do it DAILY until you get into your groove and start to feel comfortable with it and have fun!

Facebook Business Pages Are An Extension Of Your Blog Or Website

Even if you have great search engine optimisation and your website or blog receives thousands and thousands of visitors every day you will NEVER be able to replicate on your website what happens on Social Media every day.

You become REAL! And very quickly ...

You also become a leader, a friend and someone with the potential to inspire and have an impact on other people’s lives EVERY SINGLE DAY you choose to.

Unlike JUST having a website or blog and products and services that people can “buy” through Social Media you have an unlimited potential to grow an audience that only TV compares to in terms of reach.

And it really IS happening … all via Social Media


Practical Things You Can Do Right Now On Your Facebook Business Page

  • Decide you are going to CONQUER FACEBOOK and commit to the process.
  • Create your first Facebook advert if you haven’t already and get something going.
  • Set aside at least an hour of your day to engage with people on your Facebook page.
  • Schedule up 3-4 Facebook updates a day and make them as original as possible.
  • Poll your Facebook followers with questions on a regular basis to find out what they like and what they want more of.
  • LISTEN to the feedback your Facebook page is providing you and implement it!
  • Add a Facebook Like box to your website.
  • Invite your email list to Like your page by giving them 5 compelling reasons to join your community there!

To Your Online Marketing Success! 

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