Enemies On Your Plate

Note from Diane: Being part of The Project Lifestyle Club as I call it (people on a mission in life for better health, building wealth and inspiring in other the Can Do philosophy) means making better choices every day to not only pursue your business goals but also your health goals.

There is no point in holding the award as the richest person in the graveyard and if you are already a”40 something” or older …. great HEALTH suddenly becomes far more important than it did when you were young enough to throw caution to the wind and yell mañana!

Having celebrated a milestone birthday myself in the last twelve months whilst at the same time losing two loved ones in the same time frame who were 2 years older and 1 year younger than me respectively means that I am on a serious quest to inspire and share with others my take on #projectlifestyle recipes, tips and information designed to help you make your health goals simple, achievable and delicious!

Feature Article: Enemies On Your Plate

"enemies on your plate"

Enemy #1: White Refined Sugar

I’ve been reading a lot from Jason Vale (he’s British too) and laughing at loud at his style of writing before holding my head in my hands and feeling my jaw drop to the ground about the information gleaned from his Slim for Life book.

It’s not a diet book and neither is this blog post about being thin, slim, stick-like, waif-like or any other ridiculous “image-conscious” diet nonsense .. it’s about your health.

Just like you have a bank account, your body (which let’s face it IS where you live) has a health account. And just as you would like to make more good deposits than withdrawals from your bank account (making you wealthier) you should aim at making as more good deposits into your health account than withdrawals (making you healthier).

The best way to achieve this is not to follow a “diet” but to switch to healthy eating for life and the best part about that is you can switch one thing at a time instead of attempting a restrictive diet that you will probably hate anyway.

The first thing you will want to pay attention to is your intake of white refined sugar.

White refined sugar has NO essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fats or amino acids it simply contains “simple sugars” which distort the natural balance of the body. When you eat “simple sugars” you may feel a slight “energy boost” or “sugar rush” which is insulin entering your bloodstream.

Even if you don’t take sugar in tea or coffee it’s in bread, cereals, cakes, biscuits, nearly all soft drinks, virtually all ready meals, ice creams, burgers, sausages and the list goes on and on and on.

We are also talking about avoiding other foods that do the same thing …. white rice, pasta and bread cereals which all rapidly turn to glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream. And if those were not enough you will also want to avoid anything that says “High Fructose Corn Syrup” on the label too.

There are over 100 million people around the world that have diabetes (it can be avoided) hence…  refined white sugar is enemy #1 on your plate.

Enemy #2: Fat Free Hides The Real Truth 

For many of us brought up on the idea that low-fat or fat-free means lower calories (to help keep you slim) you might want to review the meaning of the words Fat Free.

If I could sell a plastic bottle filled with white refined sugar … I could label it 100% Fat Free!

Would that mean it was then healthy for me? No.

Would it assist me with losing any weight? No.

But the facts are that since we all started decreasing our fat consumption ~ obesity figures have doubled!

These are just marketing words and phrases to tempt you into buying the “stuff” because it says “Less Fat” or “80% Fat Free”

You will also want to look out for Trans Fats in foods such as cookies, crisps, cakes, flapjacks, pastries and many of the “vegetable margarines” because they are used in manufacturing to stop foods going stale.

We live in a world where the food industries money-making is more important to THEM than your  health so you need to switch that equation around and make sure YOUR health is more important to YOU than you giving THEM your money.

Enemy #3: Fast Food Isn’t Food (And It Isn’t Particularly Fast Either)

I have been to the United States many times and before I knew any better (or decided to think differently) about American Fast Food I used to eat it! Not a lot .. not every day but every once in a while especially with my daughter and her friends (those first drive thru’s were such a novelty in the UK).

Anyway deciding that the “burgers in a bun with cheese” looked as appetising as chewy cardboard with a piece of yellow plastic on top, I always opted for the 6 chicken Mc Nuggets and small fries meal (that gut instinct must have been trying to tell me something )

Now I see what has happened to the western world since fast food was introduced I found simply choosing NOT to eat the stuff a much easier option because I don’t find anything good about it.

This kind of “stuff” (it is not food in my book) clogs up your arteries with refined FAT, slowly fills your bloodstream with insulin as a response to excess refined sugar (enemy #1), slowly drains you of your energy, slowly speeds up the aging process and slowly starves the cells in your body .. and I’m probably being conservative here.

The UK spends over £7 million a day on fast food!

If someone compliments me on my skin or hair and asks me what I do? I always tell them #1 I don’t eat fast food and #2 I never drink this ….

Enemy #4: Pepsi Or Coca-Cola? Neither Thanks!

If you have ever put a coin in a glass of these powerhouse brands, after a little while the coin will start to look shiny and new and everything that has built up over the years on the surface of the coin seems to get slowly eroded away. (my plumber also tells me it’s great for unblocking drains!)

So from quite a young age (I’m talking in my late teens and twenties) I thought “If it can do that to a coin .. what the heck is it doing to the inside of me?”

In the UK alone we consume up to 10,000 million litres of the stuff every year!

I like the adverts as much as anyone, but would I recommend drinking the stuff? Nope.

It has typically 6-7 teaspoons of refined sugar in it, highly addictive caffeine and of course that yummy phosphoric acid (the agent that dissolves the dirt off the coin) so you are almost guaranteed to become addicted to it in no amount of time at all.

Again this is an industry we deem to be “safe to drink” or “eat” because surely they wouldn’t be selling us food and drink that can do us any harm would they?

Again MONEY comes before your health and only YOU can make different choices and vote with your dollars or pounds to change the future health of your yourself and your family.

#projectlifestyle Real Fast Food Challenge

I tend to batch cook wholegrain rice (cooked in organic chicken stock for seasoning) and then use it for really fast food recipes like this that are ready in minutes …

Speedy Cajun Prawn Stir Fry
Recipe Type: Lunch or Dinner
Author: Diane Cossie #projectlifestyle
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 1
This is ready to take to work for lunch in minutes, or prepare the night before and reheat in the microwave at work the next day
  • 8 Tiger or King frozen prawns
  • 1-2 spring onions
  • 1 small cupful of chick peas
  • 1 – 2 Teaspoons of dried Cajun spice
  • 1 cup of cooked wholegrain rice
  • 1 – 3 drizzles of Olive Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  1. Defrost the frozen prawns by running them under hot water for about half a minute.
  2. Chop up the spring onions.
  3. Add the first drizzle of Olive Oil to a wok or non stick pan and turn on the heat.
  4. Add the spring onions, prawns, chick peas and cooked rice to the pan.
  5. Sprinkle generously with Cajun spice.
  6. Stir fry for about 5 minutes, adding more Olive Oil as necessary and it is literally ready to go in minutes!

You can add more vegetables and beans to this recipe to bulk out the vegetable content and swap the spice to jerk for another great tasting variation.

To your passive income march success!

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