Don’t You Dare Give Up On Your Dream #coachmedaily

"Monday Motivation #coachmedaily"

Note from Diane:There is nothing like a Monday to get you fired up for the week ahead because don’t you dare give up on your dream, I believe in you! We are all seeking some kind of reassurance that what we do, say or have in life is worth something to someone. 

After all making someone’s day go just that little bit better is an every day part of being an entrepreneur on a mission and lifting people up is far better for everyone concerned that shouting at them for doing something wrong.

So if you feel life is simply passing you by and your goals are a distant memory find a quiet place for yourself for an hour today and dare to dream big again.

Feature Article : Don’t You Dare Give Up On Your Dream #coachmedaily

"Monday Motivation Don't You Dare Give Up On Your Dream"

1. You Are So Much More Than You Think 

If you are a woman reading this I’m going to ask you to give yourself a break from the constant and never ending To Do List in your head for a moment and reflect on what you have actually accomplished in the last few years. It is going to be much more than you think and you need to stop being quite so hard on yourself.

You probably get inspired by Wonderwoman or love to think of yourself as Superwoman at times but if you are settling for anything less than you dared to once dream about you are giving up on those dreams you once told yourself you would reach.

Don’t you dare give up on your dream I believe in you!

2. Life May Be Like Spinning Plates (It Is For All Of Us) 

In general we are all constantly striving to achieve a work/life balance and for most of us (me included) managing your time effectively whilst trying to achieve your goals is something that can cause constant and continual stress. You can categorize the key areas you are managing on a day to day basis like this:-

1) Health
2) Career/Success
3) Money
4) Relationships
5) Romance
6) Community
7) Family
8) Time
9) Relationship with Self
10) Home
11) Learning
12) Fun & Adventure
13) Spirituality
14) Body Image
How would you rate yourself in these areas on a 1 to 10 basis? ( 1 being poor, 10 being tickety boo fantastic?)

3. Focus On Your Dreams And They Will Start To Come True 

Managing your time in life better can be the single most important factor in whether or not you allow yourself the indulgence of time to focus on building your dreams.

People (especially women) fight against what appears to be being considered “selfish” or “self-indulgent” but in reality you deserve the best of everything just like anybody else.

What did you dream about at the start of 2017?

Remember that feeling of stomach churning excitement of that HOPE that filled every cell in your body.

You had the TENACITY to do anything and everything you needed to do and more.

Revisit the goals you set yourself.

Remember the dreams you once dreamed.

Feel the excitement all over again.

But don’t you dare give up on your dream. I believe in you!

 Disney Couture have this wonderful necklace if you need something beautiful to remind yourself often to dream bigger!


  • 1. Turn your can’t into your cans and your dreams into plans but don’t you dare give up on your dreams!
  • 2. Managing your life can be a complicated stressful mess or a series of organised events on your calendar. One dominates your time, the  other frees it up.
  • 3 You don’t need to become Superwoman you already are by default, raising children will see to that.
  • 5. You need to remind yourself DAILY, throughout the day that you deserve the indulgence of time to work on turning your dreams into plans.

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