Why Develop A Digital Marketing Funnel?

"Digital Marketing Funnel"

Note from Diane: One of my clients recently threw their hands up in the air and asked the question, “Why develop a digital marketing funnel anyway?”

She was running a traditional small business that sold coffee, cakes, smoothies (which are utterly delicious by the way), sandwiches and weird and wonderful decadent coffee flavours (the ones that you eat with a spoon).

She enjoyed plenty of visitors to her cafe, some of which were local, some were enticed in by her Facebook page activity and promotions and she rarely had a day when the cafe wasn’t at least half full of people, most of which were repeat customers.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

I mean it IS great, she loves it and compared to her hit and miss business before she turned her premises into her cafe, it was glorious.

So when she asked the question “Why develop a digital marketing funnel anyway?” (basically because things were going well, I simply replied with a one word answer: LEVERAGE.

Feature Article :Why Develop A Digital Marketing Funnel?

"Digital Marketing Funnel"

1. You Need Some Component Parts To Develop A Digital Marketing Funnel

1. A self-hosted WordPress platform because it will allow you to operate FULLY in an inspired, structured and creative way.

2. An email autoresponder service because your #1 priority is to build your database and focus on the RELATIONSHIP you have with the PEOPLE on your list.

3. An Opt In Offer because without a way to start a relationship with visitors to your website, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter etc you will stay in a state of frustration and unfulfillment.

4. A Facebook page that is GROWING week by week because it reflects how YOU feel about your business, your message and your mission in life. It’s not necessarily the NUMBERS it’s the lack of growth that people will take notice of. (Learn exactly how to do that *including simple Facebook Like Ads in my Facebook Power Hour Eclass)

2. Are You Like Susie?

"coffee shop digital marketing funnel"

Even if you have never heard of the phrase “marketing funnel” your business HAS ONE. Let’s say SUSIE BAKER opens a Coffee Shop and wants to make sure she gets enough customers every day to turn her ideas and dreams into a profitable business. Her marketing funnel may look something like this:-

Lead generation activities: advertising, referrals, social media etc to attract the eyes of your prospective customers. 

Attractive offers to entice new customers: eg. loyalty card, buy 5 get 6th cup free, free muffin with our super latte coffee on Fridays etc

Provide excellent service (and yummy cakes and coffee) and HOPE some of those customers come back again & again. Susie has no leverage in her business, she has to get up every day, open up the coffee shop, bake the cakes and HOPE the customers come.

3. Or Would You Like To Be More Like Sally?

"Creative Online Marketing "

On the other hand SALLY GREEN has a passion for cooking up healthy delicious food and wants to share her recipes with the world. She has created a RECIPE BOOK and intends to sell video courses that show people how to cook healthy meals from fresh. BUT she wants to build her business online.

Sally’s online marketing funnel may look something like this:-

Lead generation: Social media, video marketing, Facebook adverts, Instagram and Press Releases.

She will have an offer to attract new customers (just like Susie) in the form of a Free Ebook or a Healthy Eating Plan that is delivered automatically using her email autoresponder service. 

She can now send a weekly Newsletter to her growing email list with special offers, new recipes and engaging content (providing EXCELLENT SERVICE). Sally is free to focus on creating new tips and recipes on her Facebook page, You Tube Channel and Instagram to PERPETUALLY ATTRACT more and more people. She has LEVERAGE in her business.


Whether you have a traditional business, retail business or digital business developing your digital marketing funnel is the real key to being able to generate highly qualified leads and clients for your business every day of the week.

Just like everything in business, once you have the basics set up, it is a matter of constantly tending to your digital marketing funnel, testing and measuring it, experimenting with different offers, headlines and advertising campaigns to make it work efficiently, but when it starts generating high quality leads and clients, raving fans of your products and services and a database that you build a great relationship with, it’s magical.

  • You will need to build your digital marketing funnel on a rock solid foundation to work for you. The best platform in the world to do that is with a self-hosted WordPress website.
  • Opt In Offers can be simple coupons or free samples / testers too! Not everyone has digital products and that’s perfectly OK!
  • It will take time to set up your digital marketing funnel and expert guidance and technical help may be needed along the way. (One of the secrets to success is to ASK for help sometimes!)
  • If you would like assistance with any aspect of setting up a digital marketing funnel for your business, check out our virtual assistant services, Eclasses and more in our Creative Online Marketing Store

To your online marketing success!

"creative online marketing"

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