Digital Marketing Consultant Services Launched

Note from Diane: I’m thrilled to announce that I have launched my Digital Marketing Consultant Services this week after many months of helping companies “behind the scenes” to develop their online marketing funnel and take their lead generation from a “throw enough mud at something and it will stick approach” to a more sophisticated sharp shooting strategy aimed at generating more highly targeted leads for their business.

So many businesses focus on lead generation and in today’s social media driven economy you have a whole arsenal of traffic sources available to you at much less than your would expect to pay in offline publications or TV advertising.

Traffic to your website is NOT in short supply IF you are willing to pay Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc to send it to you but in reality you will soon find out that without essential elements like lead capture pages, opt in offers and follow email campaigns you will find yourself wasting a ton of money expecting amazing results that turn out to be more like a damp firework that a glorious display of explosive action.

Feature Article :Digital Marketing Consultant Services Launched

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So I recently met a small business owner with an online shop who asked “How can I get more traffic to my website?”

I said, “It’s quite simple really, you set up an advertising campaign on Facebook or Google, set a budget, send it live and you are all set to start driving traffic to your website.”

I then asked, “Can I ask why you want more traffic?”

She said “Well, I get 1,000 people coming to my website every month and they don’t buy anything from my shop!”

I then asked, “Why do you think more traffic is the answer?”

She said because the more people I get to come to my website, the more likely some of them will buy my stuff right?”

Now I didn’t want to dampen her enthusiasm or crush her hopes here so I simply asked, “Out of interest, what have you got in place to build a relationship with visitors to your website?”

She looked at me blankly, then smiled and said, “Oh! I’ve got a sign up for my Newsletter box.”

And that is fairly typical of a huge amount of small business owners, home based business owners and entrepreneurs who do not appreciate the brilliance (and the difference to their business) that having a well designed online marketing funnel would have.

Luckily she was very open minded and we’re working on a great new online product for 2017 together having spent the last few months putting several key things into place on her website first.

Driving Traffic Without A Well Designed Marketing Funnel Is A Pretty Ineffective Way To Build Your Business Online

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When you next start reaching for your credit card to pay for your advertising, (or spend the next entire day posting things on Facebook) ask yourself these 3 simple questions FIRST.

  1. Do I have at least one Opt In Offer clearly visible on my website that offers something useful for free in exchange for a visitors email address? (Tough love here – a Newsletter simply won’t cut it)
  2. Do I have a way of following up any leads I do generate with a short series of emails explaining more about my company and how we can help people in a variety of different ways.
  3. Do I have a strong social media presence to help build relationships with people on a daily basis in addition to my website?

Today’s best performing companies have ALL of the above and that’s exactly what I can help you develop for your business with my Digital Marketing Consultancy Service.

Half-Day, Full Day or Ongoing Digital Marketing Consultancy Services Available.

Some people like to work though Ecourses and Eclasses online at a pace and time to suit them, I completely understand that because that is my preference too.

It’s how I’ve learned 50% of everything I know and I continue to top up my skills on a regular basis and stay up to date using some of the best of them in the world.

However what I’ve found since I started networking in particular is that small business owners are WAY too BUSY to do all that.

They don’t have time to become a digital marketer, they need to outsource that to someone who can help them do it.

They are looking for help and assistance on either a monthly or ongoing basis and that’s where I believe I can help.

With a half-day Digital Marketing Consultancy appointment costing only £175.00 + vat @ 20% per 3 hours session, I guarantee I will help you plug up some of the leaks in your online marketing funnel, make suggestions that will ultimately make a huge difference to your conversion rates and help you grow your business more effectively with social media.


Whenever you find yourself thinking that you need more traffic take a moment to step back think about what the end consumer might be thinking when they land on your website. Chances are “where’s the stuff I can buy is way down the list!”

  • Digital Marketing is a simply a way of using all the media tools available to small business owners and entrepreneurs today to help them build their brand and their business online.
  • Social media is the most effective way we’ve ever seen to be able to build relationships with customers past present and future.
  • Relationship driven marketing will propel your business 10x faster than traditional advertising ever will today.
  • Setting up an effective online marketing funnel for your business is something we specialise in and can help you with either a few hours a month or ongoing with our Digital Marketing Consultancy Services.
  • Leave a comment below or use our Contact Us page for your enquiry and we’ll be happy to help.

To your online marketing success!

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