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Helpful Advice, Guidance And Strategic Input Into Developing An Online Sales Funnel for Your Business (In Plain English)


Do You Want To Know The Easiest Way To Design And Build An Online Marketing Funnel For Your Business?

Talk to an expert.

As a small business owner today you have a lot going on in your business every day so the LAST thing you need is more "things to do!"  Let me tell you that I know EXACTLY what that is like because I ran a traditional small business for 15 years.

But that all changed in 2008 when I took on a whole new challenge and that was to become an expert in online marketing. Today I am what you would call a Digital Marketing Strategist who loves nothing more than helping small business owners just like you wake up to a steady stream of highly targeted leads in your inbox every day. 

We take the stress out of trying to figure the whole process out and offer everything from hourly and monthly consultancy services to a complete turnkey service where we help you design every element of your online sales funnel, piece it all together for you leaving you free to figure out how you are going to make the most of all those extra, highly targeted leads you'll be getting every day.


Leverage our online marketing experience and transform your business forever.

This Little Opt In Offer Has A 35% Conversion Rate And Is Responsible For £1,000,000 Pounds In Sales Revenue

Whatever your niche is, YOU and your business will benefit from having an Opt In Offer designed to speak directly to your ideal clients or customers.

Your Opt In Offer should ideally solve a problem your customer is having, educate them by giving them valuable information or act as a pre-selling tool for a product or service that you offer.

And people get themselves tied up in knots trying to create one. We can help you side-step that bit and the learning curve and get you up and running in just a few weeks from today.


Adding More Opt In Offers Can Double Or Triple Your Enquiries And Serve Different Market Sectors Within Your Niche

We've run all types of Opt In Offers (from 30 Day Challenges and 7 Day Learning Curves to Free Reports, Checklists and Ebrochures).

Right now in 2017 people tend to be busier than ever before so it's the shorter (grab and go) ones that are currently performing better by giving people information fast and to the point (which they like).

This gives you the power to potentially double or triple your enquiries by creating different Opt In Offers for different types of customers. (It's all a win/win)


Would You Like Someone To Talk To About All Of This "Online Marketing Stuff?" And Help Set You Up With An Online Sales Funnel And Social Media Plan To Follow?

Setting up an online marketing funnel for your business is not something most small business owners are equipped to do (and that often means outsourcing the whole task to a website company) .

The only problem is website designers, well, they design websites whereas digital marketers design sales funnels.

The basics of an online marketing funnel include :- 

A Special Free Report Designed For Your Business To Use As An Opt In Offer

An Opt In Offer Form On Your Website Giving Your Free Report Away

A Designated Landing Page (Using Leadpages) For Your Offer And Promoting It

A Designated Thank You / Download Page 

A 4 Part Email Follow Up Series

Designated Images For Use On Social Media And Facebook 

Then when you have all the elements gathered together you THEN have to work out which bit goes where and how they all work together.

The good news is that we offer a complete turn-key service to help you do all that which you can find out more about by clicking here.


If You Would Like To Add A Digital Marketing Assistant To Your Team For A Few Hours Per Month, Then I Can Help

Digital Marketing Is Easy When You Speak To The Right Person

I've created over 1,000 blog posts in the last few years that have generated 1,000's of leads for various businesses in many different niche markets.

I've also created Facebook pages that have cumulatively over 30,000 "Likes" and enjoy lots of engagement, shares and comments but most importantly BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with people which help drive leads and increase conversions.

Leading with relationship driven marketing today is the ESSENTIAL ingredient that most small business owners miss and social media is the perfect way to do it.

We have developed online marketing funnels, blogs and social media pages that have generated sales in excess of £1,700,000 to date.

Imagine what the right content and the right online marketing funnel can do for your business. 


1/2 Day (3 hours) - £ 175.00 + Vat @ 20%

1 Full Day ( 6 hours) - £ 350.00 + Vat @ 20%

Monthly ongoing digital & social media marketing consultancy (to a planned schedule, including weekly meetings, updates and ongoing support)  - £ 3000.00 + Vat @ 20%

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Helping small business owners and entrepreneurs is what we do best.

Our training programs and classes are convenient to access 24/7 so the information is available when you need need for however long you need it.

We also take great care to combine step-by-step tutorials, worksheets and workbooks, little-known techniques and a private Faceboook Group for added assistance, training and support.

We hope to welcome you as a customer of Creative Online Marketing or as a member of our signature program (the Project Lifestyle Club) in the near future and help you to get the results you deserve with your online marketing.

To your online marketing success!

"Creative Online Marketing Ltd"