How To Get Your Digital Ducks In A Row

"Digital Ducks In A Row"

Note from Diane: Every day (with very few exceptions) my online marketing funnels (digital ducks) generate leads for my business ventures every day before breakfast. When you set them up, then tweak them, test them and constantly fine tune and update them you too can get have the relaxed feeling that at least you’ve got something positive to start your every day with. 

 I recently did a guest speaker talk with the lovely ladies at Telford and Wrekin WIRE about this very topic and the feedback was great.

As always this topic is on the surface very simple but there are so many complex and technical elements involved there is no way I’m going to cover them all in one presentation or indeed one blog post, so I thought I’d share some of my top tips about what I call “getting your digital ducks in a row” when it comes to creating your own online marketing sales funnel.

Feature Article : How To Get Your Digital Ducks In A Row

"Digital Ducks In A Row"


1. Your First Digital Duck?

There is a lot of conflicting advice online about what to focus on first when it comes to developing your business online but for me it’s always been the first question you need to ask yourself is “What am I selling?”

If you think about it as if you were setting up a retail store on the high street, you would first need to put “things” inside the store for people to buy.

The online world is no different.

Your first digital duck to get in place are your products and services.

"Digital Ducks in a row"

If you are a service based business this part is easier because you all you will need to do is create pages on your website for each of your services.

(We’ve done this both on our website and in our Shopify Store)

This can take quite some time to get organised about (and you may well find that you need to frequently update them to suit your clients.)

If you are looking to add digital products, eclasses and ecourses these can trip you up by taking months and months to set up so you might want to strike a balance between the two at first. 

2. Your Second Digital Duck Is Your Lead Magnet 

By way of introducing yourself to your potential clients you need to create a LEAD MAGNET.

Your second digital duck has to be extremely attractive to your visitors (or be seen as very attractive on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc when you promote it) and should be a genuine information based free giveaway in exchange for your visitors email address.

My best advice on this is KEEP IT SIMPLE at first. You’ll naturally develop into and add to if required depending on your niche.

In our annexe niche we use a Free Downloadable Ebrochure and a 4 Part Email Follow Up Series (you can see this on the website by clicking here)

"digital duck 2 lead magnet"

3. Your Third Digital Duck Is Your Thank You Page 

When you first decide to build a business online, it all looks pretty simple and I’m going to be straight with you and tell you it is!

But only when you know how.

What trips people up is the all the technical “stuff” that goes on behind the scenes as it were.

All these digital ducks need to know how to communicate with each other to provide a smooth delivery of your Lead Magnet and that is not quite so simple.

Your third digital duck needs to be a little bit dynamic, friendly and memorable as he / she delivers your Lead Magnet to your potential client / prospect.

"digital duck 3"

As with all things digital if you have never done anything like this yourself before KEEP IT SIMPLE, boost your confidence and don’t over complicate it. You can always add to it and improve on it later. 

 To find out what the other digital ducks are I’ll be adding a link here on May 1st 2017 when it will be available as a free webinar. 


  • 1. Start creating your online marketing funnel by getting your products and services sorted out and ready to go. This is your first digital duck.
  • 2. Before you get carried away promoting yourself on social media and driving traffic to your blog, get your digital marketing funnel set up and working hard for you on the back end of your business.
  • 3 Your second digital duck is your Lead Magnet, make him or her as attractive as possible!
  • 4. Your third digital duck needs to be a dynamic, memorable delivery of your Lead Magnet, he / she needs to make a big splash.
  • 5. There are a few more digital ducks to complete the picture that I am going to share with you digitally in an up and coming online webinar.

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