Dear Diane .. What Am I Doing Wrong?

Note from Diane: August 2013 is underway as I write this post and within the next few weeks I always see people suddenly realise that yet another year is slipping by and they haven’t achieved what they set out to way back in the year when they set their goals out clearly on New Years Day.

If I was to chronicle the challenges I’ve faced this year so far in a one paragraph it would read like the best story line you’ve ever seen in a top soap opera for years .. you simply would NOT believe me it has been THAT bad!

The fact is we all face challenges all the time and it is during these challenging times that character is formed. It is also true that you CAN be making progress but the changes may be so slight you cannot see them for yourself.

So here is my “mock-up” of a typical Dear Diane …. style exchange of common problems we have all faced in the online world and how to get over them.

Feature Article:Dear Diane .. What Am I Doing Wrong?

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“Dear Diane … My Facebook Page Isn’t Getting Any Likes”

Facebook page Likes do not happen by chance, luck or because you spend hours and hours asking people to “Like” your page vis a direct message on Twitter. You have to EARN the right and THEN go to work on engaging people DAILY.

Being committed to growing your Facebook Page community is right up there with your Twitter following, email subscriber list and paying customers. Being “all scheduled up every day” is great but what makes the difference is communicating with the people on your page and getting to actually “know them!”

Facebook adverts are some of the simplest adverts you will ever create and when you use them alongside your commitment to the people who visit your page (taking it VERY seriously) you will see improved engagement and a steadily growing number of “Likes”

“Dear Diane … My Website Isn’t Showing on the Search Engines!”

For Google to start seeing, reading and ranking your website you need to be in WordPress for you to “speak Google” giving Google’s users a great reader’s experience when they put their keywords into the search engine and liking the results they get back.

WordPress is written the way Google likes and will usually out rank every other kind of website for any search term. If you haven’t made the Switch To WordPress yet you should do it right now! (My Ebook will show you how step by step).

The other thing you will need to pay attention to is your content, tags and keywords for each blog post and page your create and write. Good content is still king and structuring your blog posts to suit Google will help you rank for more keyword phrases especially IF people stay on your site and READ your content! 

“Dear Diane … I am not getting any subscribers for my email list!”

Your primary goal online is to build a relationship with people and a great way to do that is with your email subscribers list. It is the ONLY list you will own that CANNOT be taken away from you so treat it with the utmost respect at all times.

You MUST give people a good reason to become a subscriber and that means offering a great free gift of some kind in exchange for your visitors email address. It is up to you to send that subscriber regular valuable content, special offers and invitations to help build the relationship.

It is YOUR JOB to make sure your potential clients and customers REMEMBER you .. not the other way round so take your role seriously and keep sending them valuable content.

Nobody minds an offer or discount off coupon every now and again but make sure you don’t have dollar signs in your eyes every time you send a broadcast.

Also make sure you have several Opt In Offers and ways for people to join your list!

“Dear Diane … I am not making any money”

Get really clear on what you are “selling.” I don’t mean being all salesy and slimey about your products and services or your business opportunity (most of us have one of those right?) by introducing yourself to someone for the first time and then thrusting a link under their noses asking them to “buy your stuff” …

It’s a lot like dating in a way if you are being 100% genuine and true to who you are and what you believe in and stand for in your business people will naturally want to find out more about you and “what you do.”

Facts are facts you need to have something “for sale” to make money and that something has to be ideally a fairly easy “Yes I want one!” I know every network marketer out there thinks their company’s products are “the best” but most people need to know a LOT more before they make the decision to buy.

So check your positioning online, grow your Facebook page community as if your life depended on it and make those connections count!

“Dear Diane … I haven’t got any time to blog or do Social Media”

When I was working a full-time job I would be up at 6.00am and start my day listening to a webinar, training or some personal development while putting on my make-up in the morning.

I would set out to work determined to find the time to write an article during my work day that would double up as a blog post and an article for a high-ranking article directory like

In my lunch hour when everyone went out .. I stayed in with my lunch prepared and did MORE training (taking my iPod headphones to work and plugging them in!)

When I got home it was quality family time first until 7.30pm then more webinars. wake-up calls and syndication of my fresh content to do before midnight or beyond.

DESIRE will fuel you with a passion to succeed and find the time. If you complain about not having enough time you are buying into your own excuses. Entrepreneurs FIND the time and commit to the process of continual personal development as part of the journey.

You should never exclude your quality family time but if you truly want to succeed in changing your life YOU WILL FIND THE TIME to do it.

Successful people and unsuccessful people have the same amount of time every day at their disposal … the difference is how you use it!

To your passive income march success!

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