50 Phrases To Add A Little Spice To Your Adverts And Offers

Note from Diane: When I first started out in online marketing I really had no clue about anything to do with the art of copywriting.

Having invested in a couple of those “done for you” type business opportunities in the early days creating headlines and adverts was basically a “copy & paste” task as they had squeeze pages and adverts “done for you” that had already been tested and were known to convert.

Your main task was to drive traffic.

The training that came with those systems was extensive and my training ground for several years although for some reason copywriting was still somewhat “elusive.”

Some people just seem to have “the knack” of being naturally good copywriters (and speakers) others (like me) needed a lot more experience under out belts beforeanything sounded quite natural or not “salesy” or sounding like an elevator pitch.

So once the opportunity in its original format went in a different direction I was soon in search of new mentors (both female and both copywriters).

I also stumbled across several books and resources that anyone can use to help them get to grips with this essential of all online marketing skills .. copywriting.

Feature Article: 50 Phrases To Add A Little Spice To Your Adverts And Offers


Money-Making Niche

  • A golden opportunity …
  • Make money the easy way…
  • Cash in on …
  • Tax-free earnings…
  • Your commissions will multiply ..
  • Run a successful ___________  business in your spare time.
  • Turn your free time into profits.
  • Earn a comfortable living without the hassle of a 9-to-5 job.
  • Over ___________ million sold!
  • A smart investment ….

Money-Saving Niche

  • Huge discounts …
  • A $ ______ value – now only $ _________
  • Guaranteed lowest prices …
  • Prices slashed …
  • Bargain-priced …
  • At a fraction of the cost ….
  • Saves you time and money …
  • Imagine being able to get a _______ for only $ ______
  • Below wholesale prices …
  • The best deal in town

Appealing Phrases

  • You’ll never forget …
  • A winning combination of ….
  • You’ll fall in love with ….
  • Just the right touch of ….
  • Unforgettable

The Competitive Edge

  • Never lets up …
  • Outperforms …
  • Blows away the competition.
  • The ______ challenge
  • We’re not afraid to ….
  • We’re passionate about winning.
  • We consistently beat them at their own game.
  • No other _______ comes close.
  • Consistently outperforms the competition.
  • Lean and mean.


Headlines And Slogans

  • Success starts with …
  • The truth about your ______ could shock you.
  • How our _______ stacks up against theirs.
  • Don’t settle for ______ when you can choose _______.
  • The smart choice.
  • Success tool.
  • What they never tell you about ________.
  • Welcome to the ______ age.
  • Give your children the _______ they deserve.
  • All the ______ you need to succeed.
  • Let’s be honest about __________.
  • The startling truth about __________.
  • The only ______ you’ll ever need.
  • America’s #1 ___________________.
  • The best-kept secret in _______________.

Plus Two “Must-Haves” For Your Bookshelf

Web Copy That Sells by Maria Veloso is a brilliant first book if you have never either been introduced or even begin to understand the first thing about copywriting.

Lucky for us we can all learn to “get better” at copywriting (writing regular blog posts, adverts and sales pages is a very hands on way to gain actual experience) or you can simply study books and courses that will help you structure everything better.

The best style of copywriting is conversational and of course writing with your reader in mind.

No BS Direct Marketing by the great Dan Kennedy is another of my “must-haves.” When you start an online (or offline) business and you want to get a compelling message or offer out to your customers nobody does it better than this guy.

Packed full of real live case studies of simple but effective strategies that have been used in real case scenarios with exceptional results will inspire you to think up dozens for your own business.

You’ll also find Dan Kennedy to be one of the world’s best copywriters so you’ll be in excellent hands as he guides you through the art of Direct Marketing in today’s world.

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