Cooking Up A Storm With Sabrina Zeif

"Cooking Up A Storm With Sabrina Zeif "

Note from Diane: Sabrina Zeif is a culinary personality here in Shropshire, she has rubbed shoulders with The Hairy Bikers and Tom Kerridge in the last few months, is featured on Simply Good Food TV, entertains people with her pop-up bistro Cajun-Caribbean food, has several business awards and a PR portfolio that anyone would give their left arm for and wants to take more of her business online.

How could I refuse?

Now, she has never written a blog before, she knows nothing about WordPress, she’s phenomenal at the front end of her business (she should write an eBook about PR) and her food is utterly delicious.

So as part of my mission to enlighten as many small business owners (like Sabrina) about how their business can transform with digital marketing, info-products, social media etc we have teamed up inside the **all new** Project Lifestyle Club where I am going to virtually coach her (and others who wish to join in the fun.

Read on to see if you resonate with Sabrina when it comes to being a business owner offline and wondering what to do next.

Feature Article :Cooking Up A Storm With Sabrina Zeif

"Cooking Up A Storm With Sabrina Zeif "

Sabrina and I met last year at a networking meeting with my favourite group of ladies at Telford and Wrekin WIRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) and we got on famously straight away.

It turns out we are both Chinese astrology Tigers and so there is plenty of fire in her belly (which has nothing to do with her love of spicy food).

Like a lot of small business owners, home based business owners and solopreneurs trying to get LEADS for their business is tough.

Sabrina runs a very successful pop-up bistro in Shrewsbury in Shropshire where you can sample her delightful food in a very unique way. (You can find out more about her Cajun-Caribbean Supper Clubs by clicking here.)

She also attends festivals, food events and was recently up on stage at Car Fest North cooking up a storm.

Like many small business owners I meet, Sabrina has unique skills and talents that would translate well to the online marketing world where she could create info-products or a membership program around her passion but doesn’t know how or where to start.

If that sounds like you, then I would like to help you.

1.Where To Start? 

Brendon Burchard wrote a brilliant book called the Millionaire Messenger all about creating a career out of your expertise. (If you haven’t grabbed a copy from Amazon yet, I would highly recommend it)

You will see quite quickly that although in principle the idea of creating info-products based on your expertise sound SIMPLE to do in reality they aren’t for the vast majority of people.

And you may think that lead generation for your business is hard or costs too much money but with a carefully positioned and well thought out WordPress blog as a foundation you can quickly add some plug-ins and elements to start generating leads automatically whether you are advertising or not.

And in October 2016, I’m going to show Project Lifestyle Club members (like Sabrina) the  best way to do exactly that.

What About Piecing The Whole Online Marketing Funnel Together? I Get Very Confused!

The Project Lifestyle Club launches in October 2016 and it’s something I will be focused on growing throughout the next 12 months as it is being designed with a specific goal in mind.

Over the next 12 months I’m going to covering everything you need to build a REAL business online from START to FINISH. 

That’s creating a WordPress website from scratch, adding the design elements, creating blogs and pages, setting up social media profiles and managing them all the way through to setting up a SHOPIFY ecommerce store of your own and driving traffic.

The format will be a virtual coaching program with weekly video tutorials, worksheets, Q&A sessions inside the Facebook Group plus pretty much daily updates from me from INSIDE the FB Group. Making myself available is I believe an essential aspect to online marketing today.

I love webinars, eClases and eCourses like everyone but I believe virtual coaching will get you where you need to go.

And Creating Info-Products?

Before you jump ahead there are a few fundamentals that you need to be in place so that you maximise every visitor to your blog. You also need to be patient and do lots of research in your niche to find out what people WANT  before you create an info-product. 

The only real way to do that is to:

ASK as many people as possible what they need help with.

It’s the most overlooked part of any small business, it’s never about the products or services really it’s about the SOLUTIONS to PROBLEMS that sell.

Here’s what we’ll be covering over the next 12 months inside the Project Lifestyle Club

  • How to be a WHIZZ with WORDPRESS – discover how to own and manage your own piece of virtual real estate
  • All about IMAGES – from blog headers to banner ads, social media updates and branding
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – set up and current best practises for these 4 major free traffic sources
  • Autoresponders and Email Marketing – creating a follow up email series, broadcasts and other ways to increase sales for your business with email
  • Opt In Offers and content upgrades – start attracting attention to your business and building your email list
  • Goal setting, Quickbooks and Daily Method of Operation – increase productivity / decrease distraction and manage your business effectively
  • Setting up your own Shopify store – start creating sales for your business with your own online shop
  • Blogging, content marketing and syndication – creating content is only half the story, promote, promote promote!
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest – how to leverage the power of these platforms to increase traffic to your website
  • Direct Response Marketing – the real “secret sauce” to increasing sales online
  • Creating an info-product from start to finish – the right tools, the best platform, planning it out
  • Webinars and video marketing – create “little sales systems” that work hard for you 24/7


Now you could spend the next few months writing out your business plan, thinking up new ideas for info-products and memberships, trying to figure out what kind of advertising you should be doing, how to leverage Facebook for business, create an opt in offer, set up a SHOPIFY ecommerce store and more all by yourself.

OR you can let me help you set up a rock solid foundation for your business online, share in the knowledge that allows me to wake up to highly targeted leads in my inbox every day before breakfast and build a strong brand online as a member of the Project Lifestyle Club

  • Weekly Virtual Coaching Style Tips, Videos, Tools and Resources On One Topic Per Month
  • Accountability – I’m Running Right Alongside You Every Day
  • Private Facebook Group For Additional Support, Training and; Q and;A Sessions
  • Focus On One Business Building Topic Each And Every Month That Build Into A Real Online Business Over The Next 12 Months
  • Become A Member For Just A Few Dollars A Day
  • Or Commit To 12 Months Membership For The Best Bang For Your Buck
  • Special Members Only Discounts On All Virtual Assistant Services

To your online marketing success!

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