Cooking Up A Storm With Sabrina Zeif

"Cooking Up A Storm With Sabrina Zeif "

Note from Diane: Sabrina Zeif is a culinary personality here in Shropshire, she has rubbed shoulders with The Hairy Bikers and Tom Kerridge in the last few months, is featured on Simply Good Food TV, entertains people with her pop-up bistro Cajun-Caribbean food, has several business awards and a PR portfolio that anyone would give…

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Digital Virtual Assistant Wanted Services Launched

"virtual assistants wanted"

Note from Diane: Learning all aspects of digital marketing is an insurmountable task for most small business owners I meet, the learning curve is steep and the organic nature of the media platform is so vast it is impossible to learn it all. And the moment you think Facebook or Linked In is the way…

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Blogging To Make Money

"Blogging To Make Money"

Note from Diane: Blogging to make money, blogging for your business, blogging strategically and just blogging are very different strategies that you need to think about when it comes to sharpening your saw on lead generation for your business.  If you are a business owner in today’s social media driven economy CONTENT is king. If…

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5 Facebook Content Marketing Examples That Work And Why

" Facebook Content Marketing Examples"

Note from Diane: Facebook content marketing has quite honestly given me countless hours of entertainment, forged new virtual friends for life and developed my business in ways that can only be described as totally enchanting.  I take delight from delighting people with Facebook content that makes them smile, laugh and helps their day go just…

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Increase Your Sales With These 6 Key Areas to Selling Like A Pro

"Increase Your Sales"

Note from Diane: Increase your sales and selling more products and services are sometimes seen as provocative words in the small business world. But without sales or selling your products and services you’re simply not going to make any money. My personal view on sales is this, ” Sales is fun, critically important to scaling…

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10 Tweet Me Happy Twitter Tips 2016

"Twitter Tips 2016"

Note from Diane: When we were first getting introduced to social media a few years ago it was ALL about Twitter and Facebook (in that order.) Twitter is still a very powerful and useful tool for your business for latest stories and News, Press Releases,  Announcements, Articles, connections and conversation. At the heart o Twitter…

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Why Should I Keep Blogging When It Seems Like I’m Wasting My Time?

"Why Should I Keep Blogging When It Seems Like I'm Wasting My Time?"

Note from Diane: I get asked about blogging quite a lot when I’m out and about and how it has helped me build my business ventures because when you have written a few blog posts and nothing seems to happening in your business it can be something people give up on way too soon. The…

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