How To Get Your Digital Ducks In A Row

"Digital Ducks In A Row"

Note from Diane: Every day (with very few exceptions) my online marketing funnels (digital ducks) generate leads for my business ventures every day before breakfast. When you set them up, then tweak them, test them and constantly fine tune and update them you too can get have the relaxed feeling that at least you’ve got…

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Best Apps For iPhone For Creating New Habits Lab Rat Style

"Best Apps For iPhone For Wealth And Creating New Habits Lab Rat Style"

Note from Diane: If you are looking for the best apps for your iPhone for trying to create new habits (like drinking water to The Pussycat Dolls every hour) and self-talking yourself into creating more wealth and abundance in your life this blog post is right up your street! Having a busy schedule means you simply…

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Introducing The Creative Content Club

" Creative Content Club"

Note from Diane: If you find creating Motivational Quotes and images for your Facebook page a chore rather than a pleasure, the Creative Content Club is going to be right up your street as a solution to that very problem. There seems to be a never ending debate (and conflicting advice) about how frequently to…

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How To Craft An Irresistible Offer (For Any Product Or Service)

"irresistible offer"

Note from Diane: I recently presented a free mini workshop for all the lovely ladies at Telford & Wrekin WIRE about how to craft your irresistible offer. Whether you have an existing product or service, or a new one finding unique and innovative ways to “get it across” is what marketing is all about.  Imagine…

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Why Develop A Digital Marketing Funnel?

"Digital Marketing Funnel"

Note from Diane: One of my clients recently threw their hands up in the air and asked the question, “Why develop a digital marketing funnel anyway?” She was running a traditional small business that sold coffee, cakes, smoothies (which are utterly delicious by the way), sandwiches and weird and wonderful decadent coffee flavours (the ones…

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12 Top Tools Of 2016 That I Would Class As Tools of Titans

"Tools of Titans"

Note from Diane: Someone recently asked me what tools I recommend to “get everything done” without hiring 10 people to do it all for me, hence I decided to share what have been my top tools of 2016 that I would class as Tools of Titans (in the words of the latest Tim Ferriss best selling…

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Digital Marketing Consultant Services Launched

Note from Diane: I’m thrilled to announce that I have launched my Digital Marketing Consultant Services this week after many months of helping companies “behind the scenes” to develop their online marketing funnel and take their lead generation from a “throw enough mud at something and it will stick approach” to a more sophisticated sharp…

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