Best Apps For iPhone For Creating New Habits Lab Rat Style

"Best Apps For iPhone For Wealth And Creating New Habits Lab Rat Style"

Note from Diane: If you are looking for the best apps for your iPhone for trying to create new habits (like drinking water to The Pussycat Dolls every hour) and self-talking yourself into creating more wealth and abundance in your life this blog post is right up your street! Having a busy schedule means you simply…

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Introducing The Creative Content Club

" Creative Content Club"

Note from Diane: If you find creating Motivational Quotes and images for your Facebook page a chore rather than a pleasure, the Creative Content Club is going to be right up your street as a solution to that very problem. There seems to be a never ending debate (and conflicting advice) about how frequently to…

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How To Craft An Irresistible Offer (For Any Product Or Service)

"irresistible offer"

Note from Diane: I recently presented a free mini workshop for all the lovely ladies at Telford & Wrekin WIRE about how to craft your irresistible offer. Whether you have an existing product or service, or a new one finding unique and innovative ways to “get it across” is what marketing is all about.  Imagine…

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Why Develop A Digital Marketing Funnel?

"Digital Marketing Funnel"

Note from Diane: One of my clients recently threw their hands up in the air and asked the question, “Why develop a digital marketing funnel anyway?” She was running a traditional small business that sold coffee, cakes, smoothies (which are utterly delicious by the way), sandwiches and weird and wonderful decadent coffee flavours (the ones…

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12 Top Tools Of 2016 That I Would Class As Tools of Titans

"Tools of Titans"

Note from Diane: Someone recently asked me what tools I recommend to “get everything done” without hiring 10 people to do it all for me, hence I decided to share what have been my top tools of 2016 that I would class as Tools of Titans (in the words of the latest Tim Ferriss best selling…

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Digital Marketing Consultant Services Launched

Note from Diane: I’m thrilled to announce that I have launched my Digital Marketing Consultant Services this week after many months of helping companies “behind the scenes” to develop their online marketing funnel and take their lead generation from a “throw enough mud at something and it will stick approach” to a more sophisticated sharp…

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The Power Of An Instagram Hashtag For Your Business

"Get Your Hashtag On"

Note from Diane: Creating an Instagram hashtag for your business is a very effective way to enhance your brand and start drawing attention to your business, your products and your services.  Having watched, followed and totally bought into the Joe Wicks #leanin15 Instagram hashtag over the last few months. I’ve finally decided to extend my love…

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