Why Develop A Digital Marketing Funnel?

"Digital Marketing Funnel"

Note from Diane: One of my clients recently threw their hands up in the air and asked the question, “Why develop a digital marketing funnel anyway?” She was running a traditional small business that sold coffee, cakes, smoothies (which are utterly delicious by the way), sandwiches and weird and wonderful decadent coffee flavours (the ones…

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12 Top Tools Of 2016 That I Would Class As Tools of Titans

"Tools of Titans"

Note from Diane: Someone recently asked me what tools I recommend to “get everything done” without hiring 10 people to do it all for me, hence I decided to share what have been my top tools of 2016 that I would class as Tools of Titans (in the words of the latest Tim Ferriss best selling…

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Digital Marketing Consultant Services Launched

Note from Diane: I’m thrilled to announce that I have launched my Digital Marketing Consultant Services this week after many months of helping companies “behind the scenes” to develop their online marketing funnel and take their lead generation from a “throw enough mud at something and it will stick approach” to a more sophisticated sharp…

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The Power Of An Instagram Hashtag For Your Business

"Get Your Hashtag On"

Note from Diane: Creating an Instagram hashtag for your business is a very effective way to enhance your brand and start drawing attention to your business, your products and your services.  Having watched, followed and totally bought into the Joe Wicks #leanin15 Instagram hashtag over the last few months. I’ve finally decided to extend my love…

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Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips

"Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips"

Note from Diane: Facebook marketing for small business is very often completely misunderstood and yet it holds keys that can unlock a steady stream of visitors to your website and leads and sales for ANY business.  The online world is constantly changing so it’s always best policy to find mentors and training courses that are up…

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