Your Values Become Your Destiny

"Your Values Become Your Destiny"

         Note from Diane: Leading with your values in life is a good thing because your values become your destiny. When you are looking for ways to grow your business by attracting more of your ideal clients you will want to set out quite clearly what your values are and align yourself with people…

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The Art Of Positive Thinking

"positive thinking"

         Note from Diane: Positive thinking is an emotive subject for people who think positive thinking is “away with the fairies” or “not living in the real world” or assuming that bad luck, bad situations or bad things must never happen to a positive thinker and that’s why they stay positive all…

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Get Good, Get Better, Be The Best #coachmedaily

"Get Good Get Better Be The Best"

         Note from Diane: For some lucky people incredible self-belief comes at a very young age when they really believe they are the best at what they do. Often great success follows.  Often what you don’t see is that they have already dedicated more time than you would possibly believe training themselves…

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I’m Going To Make You So Proud (Note To Self) #coachmedaily

"Note to self"

         Note from Diane: Why making a “Note To Self” a daily habit can make your results soar. Are you proud of yourself? I know I am. I’ve done lots and lots of wonderful things, traveled to amazing places all over the world, met some simply fantastic people, run my own business, have…

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Don’t You Dare Give Up On Your Dream #coachmedaily

"Monday Motivation #coachmedaily"

Note from Diane:There is nothing like a Monday to get you fired up for the week ahead because don’t you dare give up on your dream, I believe in you! We are all seeking some kind of reassurance that what we do, say or have in life is worth something to someone.  After all making…

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How To Get Your Digital Ducks In A Row

"Digital Ducks In A Row"

Note from Diane: Every day (with very few exceptions) my online marketing funnels (digital ducks) generate leads for my business ventures every day before breakfast. When you set them up, then tweak them, test them and constantly fine tune and update them you too can get have the relaxed feeling that at least you’ve got…

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Best Apps For iPhone For Creating New Habits Lab Rat Style

"Best Apps For iPhone For Wealth And Creating New Habits Lab Rat Style"

Note from Diane: If you are looking for the best apps for your iPhone for trying to create new habits (like drinking water to The Pussycat Dolls every hour) and self-talking yourself into creating more wealth and abundance in your life this blog post is right up your street! Having a busy schedule means you simply…

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