Best Apps For iPhone For Creating New Habits Lab Rat Style

"Best Apps For iPhone For Wealth And Creating New Habits Lab Rat Style"

Note from Diane: If you are looking for the best apps for your iPhone for trying to create new habits (like drinking water to The Pussycat Dolls every hour) and self-talking yourself into creating more wealth and abundance in your life this blog post is right up your street!

Having a busy schedule means you simply have to get organised and stay on top of things. If you don’t you will end up losing hours and hours every day trying to “catch up” and never feel like you are in control of doing that all important task of growing your business every day.

As I write and create images etc a lot in my day to day life as a digital marketer I like using a desktop PC which I love so much I would send it flowers every day if I could.

And just like you I start every day with every good intention to go through “my mantra” and set myself up for the day’s tasks, eat healthily, move more and drink more water for clarity of mind and focus.

And by lunchtime I’ve got so engrossed in what I’m doing I haven’t moved a muscle and I’ve managed to drink one glass of water.

If you want to know a different way that has worked so well for me in the last month, read on for the best apps for your iPhone when it comes to productivity, wealth mindset creation and using your favourite music to train your new habits lab rat style.

Feature Article : Best Apps For iPhone For Creating New Habits Lab Rat Style

"Best Apps For iPhone For Wealth And Creating New Habits Lab Rat Style"

1. So Why Lab Rat Style?

I was watching a Brendon Burchard video about setting up TRIGGERS to sustain new habits and behaviours that you are trying to make part of you so that you do them automatically as the sub-conscious mind adopts them and I just got one of the biggest “Aha!” moments ever!

He talks about trying to set your goals, complete your morning mantra and set up your tasks for the day but then out of the blue he throws in one of his high level training tips that is simply awesome.

He uses relationships as an example where you tell yourself you are going to be nice and treat your partner really well every day and by day 4 you are being a complete jerk!

So by setting up REMINDERS on your iPHONE using the best iPhone apps to do the job you can remind yourself SEVERAL TIMES a DAY as a TRIGGER to get yourself back on track.

I am like “why of course! That’s why as the day’s momentum starts to fade you start to slip back into old habits and try again tomorrow.”

Sound familiar?

Good .. here’s the video

Then I got to thinking it’s a bit like a lab rat being in a maze and pushing a blue button to get food and a red button to get water. It becomes a natural instinct if you repeatedly do something over and over again (good or bad) so I went out on a quest to find the best iPhone apps to help me create multiple reminders through the day and continuously prompt me to stay on track.

2. Best App For iPhone For Multiple Reminders Through The Day

I tried (and failed) to use the built reminder app on my iPhone 7 but a few Google’s and I found this delightful app called AIDAREMINDER – it has an updated version too but I’m in love with it.

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So I was wanting an app that would remind me of something (like drinking a glass of water every hour x 8) EVERY DAY and this one delivered a whole new lovely surprise which is that you can not only select an image of your choice as your reminder’s image but you can also select a sound or one of your favourite songs to play every time your reminder goes off.

What fun! 

So I have maintained my new habit over 80% of the time already since using this brilliant little app and I now associate the start of the Pussycat Dolls to drinking water!

Obviously there are times and places where the sound alerts should be switched off 🙂

But creating new habits to music makes you feel good and if it feels good you are more likely to keep doing it.

3. How About A Personal Assistant App?

Just like all the top executives who run their businesses I now have a personal assistant who tells me at 9am what my agenda is for the day, what tasks I need to complete, what meetings I have and what appointments I have today and coming up later in the week.

It’s just like a start of morning meeting you would have with a personal assistant who is organizing your life!

So what did I find as the best app for iPhone for keeping you focused and on track with your work / life balance?


"best apps for iPhone 24me"Once you set up your Events, Tasks, Notes Financials And Social Networks on this genius little app life will simply never be the same.

It also syncs with Google Calendar so if you are a fan don’t worry it will just make everything you are doing BETTER.

P.S. It even suggested I have room in my calendar to complete the two tasks from yesterday! 

3. Could You “Spend” £1,000 A Day?

If the though has never crossed your mind or you simply shrug your shoulders and “Yeah right!” you need to think about getting this final app and expand your mindset to think more abundantly. Just like the conecpt of training the lab rat to do “tricks” you can also “trick” your mind to create a sense of having more wealth and abundance in your life right now.

Easily the best $4.99 app I’ve spent money on that is a delight to use daily, again not once but SEVERAL times a day. is The Secret Money App from those lovely people who set the world alight with The Secret and The Law of Attraction.

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This is a great fun little app that lets you set your desires, provides your with daily inspirations and affirmations and deposits virtual cheques into your bank account for you to “spend.”

I wonder what amount you will find difficult to manage? (shoot me a comment on my Facebook page and let me know)

One of the best features of this app is that it will remind you DAILY to read your affirmations and revisit your desires so that you are building up a new habit that is making you feel more abundant right now, and in doing so you are positioning yourself to receive more. 


  • 1. These are the best apps for iPhones that I have found to help layer new habits on old ones, it’s one of the most valuable I’ve ever written.
  • 2. Setting up TRIGGERS for reaching your goals or creating new habits is such a super smart strategy thank your Brendon Burchard for sharing!
  • AIDAREMINDER is fantastic fun and a brilliant app for multiple reminders several times a day.
  • 4. You owe it to yourself to take a look at 24me because it’s simply awesome (and I’m still finding new ways to make it do even more)
  • 5. You should also give  The Secret Money App a real try for the next 30 days to see if you manifest money you never knew you could!

To your online marketing success!

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