Be Yourself! Then Nobody Can Say You Are Doing It Wrong

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Note from Diane: One of the things that will ultimately differentiate you from your competitors (even in a crowded niche) is just BEING YOURSELF.

Quite frankly you would be unstoppable if all you put out there was yourself, the way you walk & talk, the way you laugh about the most inappropriate things, your crazy hobbies, the places you’ve been, the experience you’ve had, just sharing with the world wonderful. wonderful YOU.

I usually find what stops people the most from launching themselves into their online business is this amazing FEAR of doing something WRONG.

Here’s the thing, if you are just being yourself, then NOBODY can say you are doing it wrong!

"be yourself personal development"


Transparency Is Today’s Most Valuable Currency

You will hear the phrase “just be authentic” or “just be yourself” all the time but most of us have a hard time even contemplating doing that because for whatever reason (maybe it’s just CONFIDENCE) you feel just being yourself isn’t good enough.

Having run two offline businesses for over 20 years I can assure you that when you have your own business there is nowhere to run and hide.

If you had a retail store on the high steet and you opened the doors and a customer walked in would you be in the slightest bit worried about what they might think of you?

You haven’t got time for all that soul searching, you are there to serve the customer in the best way you can.

There is also absolutely no point in telling a potential client or customer that everything with their purchase is going to be PERFECT!


Every one of us is a work in progress, no matter who you are.

I Joined A Business That Carbon Copied The Pros!

So there I was back in 2009 feeling like I knew nothing about online marketing (which was true) and needing to find a way to market my products online.

Along came the super slick and simply quite amazing CarbonCopyPro business opportunity that seemed to have it all. I didn’t have to worry about the copywriting (an expert had already done that bit)

No need to create landing pages, follow up emails or even information products, all done for me.

For a while it worked liked a charm for a lot of people who achieved a lot of success with the opportunity until it was taken in a new direction.

The intention of the opportunity was to carbon copy what the professional online marketers DID not just think the world had been handed to you on a plate. 

It was an opportunity to learn from the pros (which I loved) and come out of the experience with the confidence to go out there and build something of you own.

In 2011 that online marketing training gave me EXACTLY what I needed to build Contemporary Log Living from scratch using nothing other than search engine optimisation, a weekly blog and a Facebook page.

It’s UNIQUENESS (driven by our authenticity) however is what turns our customers into friends and helps us stay a market leader in our niche. 

So if you ever feel you are not good enough or your competitors are better than you, THINK AGAIN, go over to a mirror and take a look in the mirror and marvel at how unique you are.

Then come back and bring more of THAT into your business!

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To Your Project Lifestyle Success!

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