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Introducing Top Gun & Complete Maverick of Creative Online Marketing – Diane Cossie

Diane Cossie is the owner of Creative Online Marketing is a certified internet marketer specialising in content marketing, blogging, social media management and in particular helping people take their business online with a WordPress website, ace creative marketing strategies and monthly support over at the Project Lifestyle Club

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A self-confessed internet fanatic .. “I admit there is hardly ever a day that I am not learning and researching new lead generation, social media, search engine optimisation or pay per click strategies so that I can share the best of the best with our clients and members of the Project Lifestyle Club.

Having spent over a decade building our previous offline business using just the “old school” ways, of local newspaper advertising, Yellow Pages and local magazines, it was always word of mouth referrals that were by far the strongest way to gain new business. That is what makes Social Media so exciting! Some people refer to it as “world of mouth.”

Building your business around a WordPress Blog website instead of boring old static website will add a whole new dimension to everything you do, as you can see they can still look every inch a website but that’s where the similarities end and the power to build your business begins.

And when you add a Facebook page to your marketing mix suddenly you can start thinking global sales! 

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Since learning new internet marketing skills with an amazing online marketing education community in 2008, life has literally never been quite the same. Marketing is the ONE thing that will make the biggest difference to your business, whatever your business is and online or Internet Marketing is the killer strategy that can help you generate unlimited  targeted leads, directly to your website and explode your profits.

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Diane Cossie, Creative Online Marketing