About Creative Online Marketing

Diane Cossie is the CEO and MD of Creative Online Marketing Ltd. It's a company that focuses on online and digital marketing training and helping small business owners design and develop online marketing funnels for targeted lead generation.

The team at Creative Online Marketing have a lot of experience with WordPress, search engine optimisation, blogging and content marketing, Facebook marketing and can provide both technical help and design help via it's team of virtual assistants.

Our main focus is to provide Eclasses and Ecourses that teach entrepreneurs and small business owners "how to fish" as it were because it allows them to take full control of their businesses and gives them the tools to grow their business online.


We Help You Get Unstuck And Moving That Progress Needle Again

In addition to our "teach them how to fish" Eclasses and Ecourses, if you are JUST frustrated as heck and need to reach out for help along the way we are right here to help you out with our virtual assistant services.

  • Social media done for you.
  • Social media branding packs.
  • Design packages for your blog.
  • WordPress set-up and coaching.
  • Facebook Like Advert Campaigns.
  • Free Report Creation Services.
  • Blogging and article writing.

Plus if there are any parts of creating your online marketing funnel (We Call It A Perpetual Online Marketing Funnel) just tell us what you need to do and we'll give you a solution.

Eclasses and Ecourses to learn WITH us or virtual services to outsource TO us. It's a win/win

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Check Out What We Can Do For You With Facebook

The first Facebook page we grew was in the self-build niche with Contemporary Log Living. It enjoys over 13,000 Likes at this current moment and produces an income of around £500,000 per year in sales turnover.

We do the exact SAME things we did to create income streams in other niches that we did when we grew Contemporary Log Living from zero to where it is today.

And the intriguing part is that we bootstrapped it! We built it with a weekly Newsletter, a WordPress blog, a Facebook page and our Perpetual Online Marketing Funnel system.

Follow our proven track record strategies in our Eclasses and Ecourses 


Helping small business owners and entrepreneurs is what we do best.

Our training programs and classes are convenient to access 24/7 so the information is available when you need need for however long you need it.

We also take great care to combine step-by-step tutorials, worksheets and workbooks, little-known techniques and a private Faceboook Group for added assistance, training and support.

We hope to welcome you as a customer of Creative Online Marketing in the near future and help you to get the results you deserve with your online marketing.

To your online marketing success!

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