About Creative Online Marketing

Hi I'm Diane Cossie and I'm the Managing Director of Creative Online Marketing Ltd.

We are a company who focus on creating and developing online and digital marketing training and services to help small business owners and home based entrepreneurs design and develop online marketing funnels for their businesses.

My team here at Creative Online Marketing have a lot of experience with WordPress, search engine optimisation, blogging, content marketing and of course social media and we can provide both technical help and design help via our dedicated team of virtual assistants.

Our main focus is to provide Eclasses and Ecourses that help teach you how to fish" as it were when it comes to digital marketing and social media.

When you are able to take full control of your businesses and are able to use the tools and strategies we share with you the world is your oyster to enjoying massive growth for your business online.

We are also proud creators of the Project Lifestyle Club which is low-cost virtual coaching program and training online club aimed at helping and supporting you in every aspect of growing your business in today's social media and digital marketing economy.

You'll get access to monthly training on one focus topic per month (all in bite size pieces), plus tips, tools and resources to you grow you business online with more clarity, confidence and competence than you ever imagined.


We Help You Get Unstuck And Moving That Progress Needle Forward Again

In addition to our "teach them how to fish" Eclasses and Ecourses, if you are JUST sat there frustrated as heck and just needing to reach out for help along the way we are right here to help you out with our virtual assistant services.

  • Social media done for you incorporating Facebook page like campaigns to guarantee growth for your Facebook page.
  • Social media branding packs to help you achieve the look and feel you want for your business online.
  • Free Report Creation Services to give your business an instant boost for helping you start building your email list.
  • Blogging and article writing to free up more of your time.
  • Powerpoint creation services to help you build a strong brand on the networking circuit.
  • Attractive Instant Social Media Updates Bundles (Images And Tips)
  • Digital Marketing Consultancy Services with yours truly
  • Social Media Power Hour - only the best in town 🙂 

For details of our virtual assistant services, content packages and digital marketing services visit our Creative Online Marketing Store.


Helping small business owners and home based entrepreneurs is what we do best.

Our training programs and eclasses are convenient to access 24/7 so the information is available when you need need for however long you need it.

We also take great care to continually look for new ways in which to support you and help your business grow with social media.

We hope to welcome you as a customer of Creative Online Marketing in the near future and help you to get the results you deserve with your online marketing.

To your online marketing success!


"Creative Online Marketing Ltd"