A Typical Day Managing A Facebook Page

Note from Diane: So at the moment I am totally FASCINATED with those “what I eat in a day” You Tube videos because it high-lights to me why someone IS actually a size 8 and super slim rather better than any fad diet or crazy super food. It seems to me that you can easily SEE for yourself that you are indeed what you eat.

So as I’m in the online marketing niche (and manage several Facebook pages for myself and some clients) I decided to create a blog post about “What I Do On Social Media In A Typical Day).

Before I get into what I do, here’s quickly what I DON’T do:-

  1. I typically do not spend more than 1 hour a day on Facebook.
  2. I do not spend a whole lot of time in Facebook Groups.
  3. I do not spend a whole lot of time on my personal profile.

So with that all said and done what you need to be aware of is GUARDING your TIME and working effectively. Word to the wise here is that IN THE BEGINNING it took me a whole lot LONGER than that hour a day but I soon figured out ways to make sure my engagement stays up and page likes keep growing plus have a whole lot of FUN along the way too!

There are no right or wrong ways to do this, your business is as unique as you are but here goes on a “behind the scenes” look at how I manage a typical day on a Facebook page.

Feature Article: A Typical Day Managing A Facebook Page

1. Stock Up On Content  

Set aside (and put on your appointment diary) an hour or so every week to do some research on Google, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs and websites for both IDEAS and CONTENT you can share on your page.

You need to start thinking of yourself as a bit of an Editor of a daily “mini magazine” and to keep things FRESH you need to bring a bit of uniqueness and flair to about 30% of your posts.

One of the ways you can do this is by creating your own branded quotes or tips.


If you missed my recent video on creating a unique Tip for the Day here it is again..

 2. Use Schedulers! 

There are some amazing tools out there that make everything a whole lot easier when it comes to scheduling up your Facebook pages for the day (or 2) ahead.

If you can get into the habit of doing this THE EVENING BEFORE (sacrifice some of that personal profile time) your life will literally transform!

For scheduling ahead of time I use a blend of:-

Facebook page scheduler on your Facebook page.


Sprout Social  

 My favourite at the moment is Sprout Social as you can independently post something to Twitter and your Facebook pages and the scheduler in Sprout Social is just awesome.

 3. Come Back To Your Pages And Talk Back To People!

Just like you do when you are in a social situation (Facebook is a platform that is based on RELATIONSHIPS) the essential thing to do ON YOUR FB PAGE is to talk back!

If you have ever tried contacting a major supplier of phones or a bank recently you will KNOW just how utterly frustrating it can be to have a system that is so AUTOMATED you might as well be talking to a robot.

In most instances (especially if someone has a question or needs help or guidance or motivation) they actually want to TALK & INTERACT with a fellow human being. Facebook is no different, in fact that is it’s magic.

So every hour or two check your Facebook pages on your SMART PHONE (much easier – just download the APP) and check the latest notifications.

Respond to them right there and then.

Like what people have said

Comment back if required

Make them know you are there .. some of these people will become the best referrals for your business you could ever hope for, even if they do not buy a thing! 

P.S. For More Tips About Starting Up And Using A Facebook Page For Your Business Download Your Free Facebook Cheatsheet & Online Mini Class Today & I’ll Walk You Through The Whole Thing

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