3 Ways To Make Social Media Management Easy And Fun

If you are in business today and you are not on Social Media you are not only missing out on a whole new way to connect with your ideal clients and potential and existing customers, you are also missing out on a whole lot of fun too!

Overcoming any new media platform for your business is going to feel a little strange at first but if you think it will take hours and hours out of your day check out these 3 simple but effective ways of making your new daily social media update easy and fun to do.

#1. Keep Everything Simple

If you can outsource writing articles, creating images and content for your Social Media marketing then that will save you a huge chunk of time. (We offer a Social Media Done For You Service) which is designed to help you get started and up and running on Social Media without all those “what do I say” blank moments, or “what if I do it wrong?” worries.

Most home based entrepreneurs who are used to doing everything themselves will bolt this on to their normal day and just run with the punches.

If you are a regular blogger and you have kept a record of your content in a list format by topics and links you can easily send out a blog post every other day in the fresh content mix.

There are as many top performing Social Media experts that share other relevant content as there are those that only ever create the content themselves.

When you are starting out, it’s fine to do a mix of both.

There are a lot of motivational quotes on Facebook because people LIKE reading and sharing them and Facebook is one of those happy more motivational places that people are craving right now.

(An oasis from all the doom and gloom of the news.)

Aim to post 3-5 times per day and make it as varied, informative and interesting as possible.

2. Use Tools To Speed Everything Up

Hootsuite is probably the #1 platform to use to manage your Social Media publishing. It’s easy to get the hang of and doubles up for posting to Twitter and to your Facebook page in one scheduled or live post.

With all sorts of neat tools, like the built in link shortening software and character counter you can easily spend less than 15 minutes scheduling up your posts for Twitter and Facebook for the whole day.

Don’t just schedule and forget it though!

Engagement is vitally important to creating the kind of Facebook page that gains loyal fans and potential customers.

If people see that others enjoy your content they will be 10x more likely to share it with others.

Facebook pages also have a scheduling facility that you can link up your Twitter account but you’ll notice that it can be hit and miss compared to Hootsuite’s ability to post to both Twitter and your Facebook page.

Another tool you may want to think about is Pagemodo which is a brilliant piece of software that creates those Facebook page apps.

But it also has some amazingly creative built in features that find related articles and content for your page.

Plus there are some great photos that you can edit that allow you to frame some of your quotes , tips and ideas in a very professional way that will make you stand out.

3. Don’t Play It Too Safe But Stay On The Positive Side For Everything

Unless you like having stand up fights on your Facebook page, and want to attract controversy for the sake of it you should always try and stay on the positive side of everything.

As one of the major escape routes from “the real world” in our every day, the last thing most people want is to find themselves reminded of their “average day.”

Motivational tips and what I call “snippets of brilliance” are designed to do one thing .. MAKE SOMEONE’S DAY go better!

Making someone smile, laugh or feel motivated that they can do something is the best way to keep your Facebook page fan base happy and allows them to feel part of what is a very special community you are building live on Facebook.

Pictures or words?

It doesn’t matter.

The key thing is to add value to people’s day by sharing and creating great content.

A great free tool for creating motivational quotes and images for Facebook is PicMonkey.

I like Techsmith Snagit tool which is my #1 tool for pretty much everything image orientated.

For added fun, throw in some jokes and stories that people can relate to and you will soon find yourself relaxed and whizzing through your Social Media for the day.

PS If someone leaves a comment .. thank them and talk back!

To your passive income march success!

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Diane Cossie is the CEO of Creative Online Marketing and the creator of The Project Lifestyle Club. "I want to inspire in others positive things that can do today to reshape their tomorrows." #projectlifestyle