3 Steps To A Successful Online Business Sales Funnel (Workshop)

"3 Steps To A Successful Online Sales Funnel"

Note from Diane: Whether you have a retail store, a traditional bricks and mortar business, a craft business, a profession, an online store, you will generate more highly targeted leads and sales when you set up a simple online marketing or sales funnel.

If you haven’t got a clue how to do that, or are confused by the processes involved or how to set it all up if you live near Telford in Shropshire we are hosting a workshop on Thursday May 26th 2016 where you can receive hands on training about setting up a simple online sales funnel for your business.

There are a lot of great online marketing training classes out there that you can buy and download to learn about this kind of information but we find that even WITH great training most small business owners benefit hugely from having someone in the room that they can ask to explain something or show them where everything is and goes to make everything work together.

Feature Article: 3 Steps To A Successful Online Business Sales Funnel (Workshop)

"3 Steps To A Successful Online Sales Funnel"

Step #1 Is A Self-Hosted WordPress Blog 

80% of small business owners have got a WordPress website or blog (even if they don’t know it) but the vast majority of them are not using it to its full potential as they have never been shown how.

One of the organisers of the event (Helen Leathers) has over 20,000 visitors to her blog every month. That’s FREE organic traffic by the way, not paid.

So I would pay good money (and the tickets for the event are a SNIP at £40 – £47) for what she might be able to tell me about how she does that.

Having a WordPress website is great, because it’s the script Google prefers and understands (which is why it ranks so much higher on the search engines) but only IF you know how to configure it correctly.

Even getting confident with your WordPress dashboard is going to give you lots of tips, tricks and tools that you had no idea you even had and that have the potential to actually start earning you residual income every month

But this is step #1 to having a piece of real estate that becomes your virtual home on the web.

Step 2 Is An Email Autoresponder Service

If you have given over complete control of your website to a website designer you may be left with a big problem because changing your blog or website is now going to be a big hassle.

It may be that up until this point you were grateful JUST to have a website going and perhaps you didn’t realise the importance of being able to access it and make changes to it as and when you needed to.

For me I have always thought of my self-hosted WordPress websites as being like a shop window outside Harvey Nichols or Harrods because I would want to put different things in the window, change with the seasons, dress it up for Christmas and sale periods so it became more and more important as my business grew.

Putting an opt in offer on the side bar of your website is not a big deal (again when you know how – which is why we are hosting this event) but for someone who doesn’t know where to start it can be pretty tricky.

The reason that you will want to have an autoresponder like AWEBER for example is because it makes it super easy to communicate with your subscribers (who let’s face it may be potential customers of yours in the short, medium or long-term) and deliver automated emails in what we call a follow-up series which can lead to more sales.

There is no offline equivalent to this amazing service and for around £20 / $30 a month it really is the most amazing value for money your business can own in addition to your domain name and hosting of course.

Step 3 Create A Simple Opt In Offer

"opt in offer"

In this workshop we will help you come up with and create an Opt in Offer to start your email list or database. This works because it is by far the easiest way for you (the website and business owner) to be able to start a relationship with the PEOPLE on your email list.

Ideally it needs to be something that is easily read and delivered (like a PDF Free Report) so that people can download and scan through the information quickly.

If it gets your reader a result even better.

Your Opt In Offer or Lead Magnet is something that allows you to make a significant shift in your business from sitting behind your computer WONDERING why your business isn’t growing to understanding more about what your potential customers and ideal clients actually want.

So what better way to kick-start your business this Spring than to book yourself a place at our workshop where we’ll be in the room with you to help you set everything up!



  • You are going to need at least these 3 “must haves” to be able to build your business online (the 4th is a Facebook page that grows every week – but that’s for another workshop) 
  • Just having a WordPress website sin’t enough, you need to know how it works to get the results you are looking for from a business because we all want more leads and sales right?
  • You also need an autoresponder because it gives you such flexibility and control of your database (your most valuable asset)
  • And you will need to create and deliver (with your autoresponder) an Opt In Offer.
  • You have a rare opportunity to tap into the skills of all 3 organisers at or special event where we will be on hand to help you and answer any technical questions or design related questions (that’s where Gemma comes in) that you have.


To Your Online Marketing Success! 

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