3 Easy Ways To Create An Opt In Offer For Any Business

"3 Easy Ways To Create An Opt In Offer"

Note from Diane: Your Opt In Offer or Lead Magnet is the first step in creating your online marketing funnel. Without it in place you literally have NO WAY to start building your email list, you have NO WAY for people to engage with you and you have no FREE GIFT for people who visit your website and want to know more about you.

Even  if you are a service based business (like Contemporary Log Living) an Opt In Offer is a critical element to introducing people to your products and services in a completely unique way.

Ideally if you are a service based provider you will want to create a Free Report that answers some of the most frequently asked questions about your services.

As your potential customer (or lead) reads through your Free Report (which should ideally answer a pressing and urgent problem) they will become 10x more likely to either:-

  1. Ask further questions about the service they are interested in.
  2. Become a customer of yours in the future.

So why do most small businesses still insist on an outdated website approach and wonder why they don’t get pre-qualified prospects popping up into their inbox every day?

Because they do not prioritise the IMPORTANCE of having an Opt In Offer, or maybe they don’t know how to create one (or what to put in it) or perhaps they have no idea how to get the Free Report Opt In form on their website or how to deliver it.

Let’s investigate 3 easy ways to create an Opt In Offer to eliminate that one first.

Feature Article: 3 Easy Ways To Create An Opt In Offer For Any Business

"3 Easy Ways To Create An Opt In Offer"


1. Create It In Microsoft Word

If you have writing skills and design skills there is no way creating an Opt In Offer should defeat you. Keep it short, (like a checklist or a complete mini how-to do something in a specific timescale or address a problem someone has in your niche.)

Things like “Lose 7lbs In The Next 14 Days Meal Plan”

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**talking of the last one, this is my current Opt In Offer which will sit at the top of marketing funnel for the next 3 months. I created it using a combination of Microsoft Publisher (which is like Microsoft Word only a little easier on the design front and my number 2 recommendation which is Canva.com.

Having offered a 30 Day Facebook Challenge back in April I took the information within the 30 Day Challenge and found out what the biggest problem were from what people found difficult to sustain.

Content ideas, types of content and blend of promotions and types of content were all a bit of a puzzle (which we solved inside the Facebook Challenge for those that saw it  through and applied consistent and persistent action of course) so I devised a way of creating a Facebook Content Map that you spend about half an hour thinking about, 20 minutes putting it all together and saving hours and hours a day forever when it comes to your Facebook page social media scheduling.

"facebook content map"

Sketch an outline of the content you are going to include, set aside some time to create the content in your chosen Word, Publisher or Google Docs (anything that you can save as a PDF and create a 12-15 page document that becomes your Opt In Offer.

2. Canva.com Has Some Amazing Design Templates

If design work is just not your thing, or you feel that everything you create is simply not good enough STOP selling yourself short and focus on delivering great CONTENT instead.

My own design capabilities fall somewhere in the “oh that’s nice to the isn’t that pretty bracket.”

A graphic designer is always going to produce something better than me but I’m all about SPEED of IMPLEMENTATION.

For my latest Opt In Offer I used some of Canva’s amazing Magazine templates to create some pages that look like this:-

12.06.16 canva design pages

This is about as far away from my first efforts as it gets. Can it be improved? Sure! Am I going to spend the next 3 months tweaking it until it’s perfect? No!

If you really cannot get your head around how the heck you are going to get this thing done take option number 3 and outsource it.

3. Outsource It 

If you are a part-time entrepreneur working a 9 to 5 job you will almost certainly have to outsource this task.

If you are creatively or technically challenged or just “not good at writing “stuff” – outsource this task and focus on some other element of growing your business.

You can use services like Fivver.com  and find someone who can do the research for you and create your Free Report and an Ecover to promote your Opt In Offer on your blog or on social media.

And if you would like us here at Creative Online Marketing to get you up and running, we offer a Free Report Creation Service for just £250.00 which includes a 3D Free Report Cover and a Facebook friendly image for the Facebook boost post feature or Facebook adverts.



  • Don’t wait for something to perfect with your Opt In Offer, get the ball rolling as soon as possible, you will be typically creating new ones every 90 days as you grow your business.
  • Use Microsoft Word, Google Docs or Microsoft Publisher to create a Free Report that you can save as a PDF to be able to deliver it easily.
  • Ideally your Free Report needs to solve a problem / gain the reader a result.
  • Use Canva for design ideas and if all else fails – outsource it!  

To Your Online Marketing Success! 

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