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Welcome to Creative Online Marketing, I'm Diane Cossie and if you are looking for someone who can share with you everything you need to know about building your business online in plain English, you are in the right place. We specialise in helping you with:-

  • Online Marketing For Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
  • Social Media Training & Done For Your Services
  • Facebook Page Marketing Training & Done For You Services
  • WordPress Set-Up, Coaching & Training
  • Branding, Images & Virtual Assistant Services
  • Setting Up An Automated Marketing Funnel For Your Business
  • Blogging & Other Content Marketing Services

We aim to take on the complex, jargon filled, frustrating world of online marketing for your business and makes it simple, easy and fun!

How I hear you ask?

Well, we've noticed most small business owners either get stuck with some kind of technical "how the heck do I do this?" kind of thing, or they sit there waiting for their creative juices to flow and getting stuck when it comes to designing adverts, blog images, Facebook updates and content creation.

That's why we design unique Project Lifestyle Seekers Ecourses and Eclasses (all at very affordable prices) to help you learn all the "how-to" stuff at a time that's convenient and easy for you because they are all virtual.

And because we are unbelievably helpful if you are still stuck help is on hand via our virtual assistant services. We guarantee to get you "unstuck" and moving forward again creating your own Project Lifestyle business.

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur that is left completely bamboozled by all the internet jargon out there and you don't know your Twitter handle from your Facebook vanity URL rest assured you are definitely NOT alone, and the good news is that we can help!

We live in an era where the internet is an every day part of our lives. The Facebook LIKE button gets clicked 4.2 BILLION times a day, we are in LOVE with what the internet can do to connect with us everything, from our friends and family to like-minded people from around the world who share a passion for what I like to call #projectlifestyle.
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Your one-stop shop for online marketing Eclasses, Ecourses and Vitrual Assistant Services designed to help you build your dream business online.

Our Virtual Assistant Services currently include:-

Social Media Done For You Services (which includes Facebook page likes ads), Social Medis Branding Packs (to make your profiles stand out), Facebook business pages (completely set up or completely refreshed), Content marketing services (blogging and article writing), Free Reports (designed for you for instant Opt In Offers and Lead Magnets), Worksheets, planners and more.

Our Eclasses and Ecourses currently include:- Facebook Marketing Power Hour Class (which includes the 30 Day Facebook Challenge with Facebook Group support) and How To Create A Perpetual Online Marketing Funnel For Your Business 

Check out all our virtual assistant services inside our Creative Online Marketing Store.


The 30 Day Facebook Marketing Challenge is a unique and dynamic way to FOCUS you on getting comfortable with posting more of the RIGHT type of content. (that's more of the "stuff" your audience will be more likely to SHARE and CONNECT with). When you really get what Facebook can do for your business it really is a BEAUTIFUL thing. The 30 Day Facebook Challenge is FREE with every Facebook Marketing Power Hour Eclass 

How To Be More Fabulous On Facebook

Free Report Reveals The Best Facebook Page Content Advice
You've Never Heard

"10 Minute Facebook Routine To A Page You Can Manage In Minutes Per Day"

If You've Not "Got" Facebook Marketing For Your Business Before Don't Worry There Is No Danger Of This Information Going Straight Over Your Head!

To get instant access to this valuable 14 page Free Report, simply click the orange DOWNLOAD NOW button & I will send you the link to download your Free Report Instantly. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

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Are You An Entrepreneur Who Likes A Challenge??

If You Are Seriously Interested In Creating Your Dream Business Online, Travelling The World, Living As Healthily As Possible, Are Passionate About Personal Development, Love Mastering New Skills and Having Fun then you are what I call a Project Lifestyle Seeker.

Introducing A Brilliant New Way To Learn All About Generating Leads Online For Your Business Using My Unique Tried And Tested, Step-By-Step Virtual Coaching Style Formula For Project Lifestyle Seekers


How To Put Lead Generation On Autopilot For Any Business

  • 1. A self-hosted WordPress platform because it will allow you to operate FULLY in an inspired, structured and creative way
  • 2. An email autoresponder service because your #1 priority is to build your database and focus on the RELATIONSHIP you have with the PEOPLE on your list.
  • 3. An Opt In Offer because without a way to start a relationship with visitors to your website, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter etc you will stay in a state of frustration and unfulfillment
  • 4. A Facebook page that is GROWING week by week because it reflects how YOU feel about your business, your message and your mission in life. It's not necessarily the NUMBERS it's the lack of growth that people will take notice of.

What Exactly Is A Marketing Funnel & Why Do I Need One?

Even if you have never heard of the phrase "marketing funnel" your business HAS ONE. Let's say SUSIE BAKER opens a Coffee Shop and wants to make sure she gets enough customers every day to turn her ideas and dreams into a profitable business. Her marketing funnel may look something like this:-

"creative online marketing"

Lead generation activities: advertising, referrals, social media etc to attract the eyes of your prospective customers. 

Attractive offers to entice new customers: eg. loyalty card, buy 5 get 6th cup free, free muffin with our super latte coffee on Fridays etc

Provide excellent service (and yummy cakes and coffee) and HOPE some of those customers come back again & again. Susie has no leverage in her business, she has to get up every day, open up the coffee shop, bake the cakes and HOPE the customers come.

Then There Is The Perpetual Online Marketing Funnel

On the other hand SALLY GREEN has a passion for cooking up healthy delicious food and "Creative Online Marketing "wants to share her recipes with the world. She has created a RECIPE BOOK and intends to sell video courses that show people how to cook healthy meals from fresh. BUT she wants to build her business online.

Sally's online marketing funnel may look something like this:-

Lead generation: Social media, video marketing, Facebook adverts, Instagram and Press Releases.

She will have an offer to attract new customers (just like Susie) in the form of a Free Ebook or a Healthy Eating Plan that is delivered automatically using her email autoresponder service. 

She can now send a weekly Newsletter to her growing email list with special offers, new recipes and engaging content (providing EXCELLENT SERVICE). Sally is free to focus on creating new tips and recipes on her Facebook page, You Tube Channel and Instagram to PERPETUALLY ATTRACT more and more people. She has LEVERAGE in her business.


Susie HOPES she gets enough customers / Sally wonders how many more she can get! Which one would you like to be?


New Ecourse Coming Soon

We are currently putting the finishing touches to a brand new Ecourse that will SHOW you step-by-step exactly how to put an online marketing funnel together for YOUR business. That's ALL the technical how-to actually DO IT (without getting stuck or lost) so that you emerge from taking this Ecourse with a PERPETUAL ONLINE MARKETING FUNNEL for your business.


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