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Welcome to Creative Online Marketing, I'm Diane Cossie and if you are looking for someone who can share with you everything you need to know about building your business online in plain English, you are in the right place. We specialise in helping you with:-

  • Online Marketing For Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
  • Social Media Training & Done For Your Services
  • Facebook Page Marketing Training & Done For You Services
  • WordPress Set-Up, Coaching & Training
  • Branding, Images & Virtual Assistant Services
  • Setting Up An Automated Marketing Funnel For Your Business
  • Blogging & Other Content Marketing Services

We aim to take on the complex, jargon filled, frustrating world of online marketing for your business and makes it simple, easy and fun!

How I hear you ask?

Well, we've noticed most small business owners either get stuck with some kind of technical "how the heck do I do this?" kind of thing, or they sit there waiting for their creative juices to flow and getting stuck when it comes to designing adverts, blog images, Facebook updates and content creation.

That's why we design unique Project Lifestyle Seekers Ecourses, Eclasses & Membership Programs (all at very affordable prices) to help you learn all the "how-to" stuff at a time that's convenient and easy for you because they are all virtual.

And because we are unbelievably helpful if you are still stuck help is on hand via our virtual assistant services. We guarantee to get you "unstuck" and moving forward again creating your own Project Lifestyle business.

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur that is left completely bamboozled by all the internet jargon out there and you don't know your Twitter handle from your Facebook vanity URL rest assured you are definitely NOT alone, and the good news is that we can help!

We live in an era where the internet is an every day part of our lives. The Facebook LIKE button gets clicked 4.2 BILLION times a day, we are in LOVE with what the internet can do to connect with us everything, from our friends and family to like-minded people from around the world who share a passion for what I like to call #projectlifestyle.
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Virtual Assistants At Your Service

Your one-stop shop for online marketing Eclasses, Ecourses and Vitrual Assistant Services designed to help you build your dream business online.

Our Virtual Assistant Services currently include:-

Social Media Done For You Services (which includes Facebook page likes ads), Social Medis Branding Packs (to make your profiles stand out), Facebook business pages (completely set up or completely refreshed), Content marketing services (blogging and article writing), Free Reports (designed for you for instant Opt In Offers and Lead Magnets), Worksheets, planners and more.

Our Eclasses and Ecourses currently include:- Facebook Marketing Power Hour Class (which includes the 30 Day Facebook Challenge with Facebook Group support) and How To Create A Perpetual Online Marketing Funnel For Your Business 

Check out all our virtual assistant services inside our Creative Online Marketing Store.


High Quality Instant Facebook Page Updates With Our New Creative Content Club

Struggling With Creating Fresh Daily Updates For Your Social Media Profiles?

Daily Social Media Updates Made Super Easy, Unique And Affordable

Introducing Our Creative Content Club!

Make it easy to create fresh content every day for social media using our Creative Content Content Club. Bundles of 30 unique images in a variety of engaging topics for you to start using on your social media profiles.

Every month we'll help you build a content library of quotes, affirmations, sayings, business tips, healthy living tips and more that are sure to attract attention on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more making it easier than ever before to keep up to date and way ahead of your competition on your social media platforms.

Each bundle costs just £9.95 making it ultra easy and affordable to update your social media faster and easier than ever before, using high quality images, quotes, tips and sayings that are designed to gain you more Likes, Comments and Shares that will help you build your audience in the right way using social media.


Free 30 Day Facebook And Instagram Marketing Challenge

"Refreshingly Practical Daily Tips To Make Facebook Marketing Work Best For Your Business"

During This 30 Day Challenge You'll Learn ...

  • How To Use Facebook In A Productive Way For Your Business
  • Helpful Real-Life Examples & Results Businesses Have Achieved
  • The Easiest Way To Get Started And Stay Committed To The Process
  • *Includes My Exclusive Facebook Marketing Tool Kit Comprising Of 1 Workbook, 4 Video Tutorials Plus 6 Free Images To Get Your Started
  • ALL This Information Is Going To Be Delivered By Group Coaching Style Daily Tips By Email And Inside Our Designated Facebook Group Where You Will Also Get A Chance To Have Your Questions About Facebook Business Pages Answered By Yours Truly!
  • There Has Never Been An Easier Way To Get Started Using Facebook And Instagram Marketing For Your Business.
Get Started Now

Coaching You Daily To More Leads, Clients And Profits Online With The Project Lifestyle Club

We Are Reinventing The Members Club! A Brilliant New Way To Learn All About Generating Leads Online For Your Business Using My Unique Tried And Tested, Step-By-Step Virtual Coaching Style Formula

www.projectlifestyleclub.com For Project Lifestyle Seekers

If You Are Seriously Interested In Creating Your Dream Business Online, Travelling The World, Living As Healthily As Possible, Are Passionate About Personal Development, Love Mastering New Skills and Having Fun then you are what I call a Project Lifestyle Seeker.


The internet has changed small business forever, more and more of us are using the internet to generate more leads, more clients and more profits by leveraging it's incredible resources and integrating them into our marketing mix.

WordPress + content marketing + social media are the new essential tools and we can help you use them!

The Result Is Nothing Short of a Transformation For Your Business


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