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I Believe Everything You Are Seeking Right Now Is What I Call #projectlifestyle

Hello and welcome to Creative Online Marketing, I'm Diane Cossie and if you are looking for someone who can share with you everything your need to know about building your busines online in plain English, you are in the right place.

We aim to take on the complex, jargon filled, frustrating world of online marketing for your business and makes it simple, easy and fun! How I hear you ask? Well, we've noticed most small business owners either get stuck with some kind of technical "how the heck do I do this?" kind of thing, or they sit there waiting for their creative juices to start flowing when it comes to designing, Facebook updates or content creation. That's why we've come up with a unique solution called The Project Lifestyle Club.

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur that is left completely bamboozled by all the internet jargon out there and you don't know your Twitter handle from your Facebook vanity URL rest assured you are definitely NOT alone, and the good news is that we can help!

We live in an era where the internet is an every day part of our live, that Facebook LIKE button gets clicked on 4.2 BILLION times a day, we are in LOVE with what the internet can do to connect with us everything, from our friends and family to like-minded people from around the world who share a passion for what I like to call your Project Lifestyle.

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We Love Sharing What We Know Because it Helps You So Much!

Creative Online Marketing is something that has evolved from a hobby that turned into an absolute passion that I just LOVE sharing with others. When I am out and about meeting new people and potential clients I often say things like "I speak Google & Facebook for business" when they ask me "what I do?"

I describe myself in networking circles as a WHIZZ at WORDPRESS, a bit of a GEEK when it comes to GOOGLE and I'm absolutely FABULOUS at FACEBOOK! It gets a giggle, even though I'm deadly serious about what I do, I LOVE seeing people suddenly able to do things they never knew they could until someone like me showed them how.

Our approach at Creative Online Marketing is a little bit UNIQUE because we love to "teach people how to fish" as it were with our exclusive online marketing members club, The Project Lifestyle Club but we ALSO offer virtual services to help you GET over the technical, design and marketing funnel problems that are holding you back from achieving what you want to do.

What's The Project Lifestyle Club All About?

Basically it's a place I invented to share what I've learned & what I know, what I'm learning now and what you need to know to be able to build your business online. (That means generating leads, growing your email list and your Facebook page etc).

We've reinvented the traditional "members club" and made it multi-dimensional with foundational training, (the basics), current strategy thinking that focuses you on one business building topic per month, plus complete back up, Q&A's and more inside my exclusive Facebook Group Coaching program.

AND if you need to simply get the "darn thing" just done and dusted you get 25% off ANY of our services for as long as you stay a member of the Project Lifestyle Club. 

We think it's pretty awesome & we hope you will too! Plus it's new so it's a snip at just $30 a month, how cool is that? I know, I know you want me to run that by you again ...

Foundational Training Area Which We Will Always Be Adding To “aka the basics”

25% Off All Our Virtual Assistant Services When You Just Need Help With “that bit”

We Will Focus On One Business Building Topic Per Month Together So You Really “get it”

Exclusive Facebook Group Coaching And Guess What I’ll Be In There!